1. They just didn’t know what to do with Pontiac. It was supposed to be their performance brand and instead they built an ugly ass crossover and a minivan for some reason. Chevy, GMC, and Buick all serve the same purpose so there’s no real reason for Buick to still be around.

  2. I really hate this one. What about the daughter asking to stop for because they need to get snacks for the team. like we’re already late and didn’t you know about this beforehand so we didn’t have to stop at the store before the game…gdam

  3. Every time it comes on I’m like please get hit by a rocket or drive off a cliff, I wish they would put it in one of those spoof movies like they used to 😆

  4. Dress up a Buick however you want, it will always be a grandpa car. My grandparents loved theirs. These ads are insufferable.

  5. Another example of the kids and the wife being smarter than the asshole, idiot husband. This has become typical for commercials.

  6. As far as cars go they last forever lol... maybe they should just stick to the Mr Pratical and grandpa crowd thats kept them in business forever...instead of the dozen people this appeals to

  7. Buick and Oldsmobile were cool in the 1980s. The Cutlass, Hurst Olds, 442, Regal T-Type, Grand National and GNX. Now Olds is dead and Buick is front wheel drive Chinese "luxury".

  8. Can't even describe how much I *HATE* this commercial!! I used to have to go find a belt for Dad to use to spank me... Kids are "to be seen, not heard!" What happened to having nice, quiet kids? Not on THIS commercial!!

  9. It was usually mom making me go find a switch ( a whispy branch of some variety) and hoping dad didn't hear about it later on that day. Lol, good times.

  10. They really should try to make it a little less obvious that they're desperately trying to make it seem like anybody under the age of 80 drives a Buick.

  11. I am not sure what you all think is stylish, but the Pontiac and Oldsmobile brands were some of the ugliest cars on the road right before their demise. Who would want an Aztec or an Olero, wtf people. Its as if they ran out of ideas. Yes, I would agree that Buick is for older people but they at least have some style to them. Just my opinion.

  12. Two points: I had two Pontiac Vibes and loved their practically and reliability. I currently own a 2019 Buick LaCrosse and love it. (And I’m in my 50s not 80’s. Lol)

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