1. Maybe I’m stupid, but isn’t there a risk of those missiles - fired so close together in both time and space - locking on to one another?

  2. No, the target could be obscured from the missile for a second but they’re not gonna lock onto each other. The FOV of the seeker head is actually incredibly small on purpose. Super small “eye” that scans a large area of the sky rapidly in a pattern. That way if there’s another heat signature nearby, it knows it’s different from the target because it’s in a different region of the sky. This has a bunch of other benefits too, but short answer is no.

  3. Anecdotally I've seen missiles in DCS lock onto other missiles instead of stealth aircrafts because they have a larger radar signature. (I know the MANPADS are IR guided btw)

  4. Can we get some description on what happened? They say two shot down, but was it actually from this footage? Find it hard to believe two MANPADS fired at the same time found two planes (looked more like "let's fire two to make it more probable") but that's just my uninformed view.

  5. The video description says that two planes were downed in two days by their brigade and that this video shows the downing of one of them.

  6. How do they avoid shooting friendly planes? Do Manpads have a IFF system? Also having seen some video from western volunteers on the ground i kinda feel that the comms on the ground aren't good enough for every unit to be aware of friendly air assets being active.

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