1. Looking at the history of the country, they have a good solution for every health issue, even for ptsd. They'll just forbid doctors to diagnose it, problem fixed no more ptsd exists.

  2. I’ve made a few comments a year or so ago fearing what modern warfare would be drones. It’s even worse than i ever imagined.

  3. It will get way worse than this. These are just built on carage from commercial drones,imagine what its like when US military infustrial complex has a factory pumping 30 000 purpose built ones per yeae with swarm flight and who knows what.

  4. Just wait when theres 1000s of little swarm drones in the air for days that automatically detect and fly at human targets and blow them up at 100 mph+. They already exist and they will get better optimized and stay up longer and fly faster etc, it will be hell.

  5. This is just the very tip of the beginning. Drones will dominate every aspect of every theatre of war by the 22nd century

  6. Yes there was a video yesterday of a group of russian invaders hiding in a small shell crater and a drone drops a grenade directly on them

  7. Except that guy at the bottom right. He ran like hell and I bet he even had heavy pants at that moment.

  8. I'm constantly amazed by the Ukrainians ability to use random civilian drones to bomb the Russians with such precision.

  9. Those Ukrainians are getting better and better at dropping those grenades. Incredible footage. Surreal tbfh.

  10. You don't hear these drones during the day and even if you look up with sun this high, you won't see it unless you actually looking for one.

  11. If it has a paint job more than 300 feet in the air, you simply can’t see the thing. And judging by the free fall time with the ordinance , this is about 420 feet in the air.

  12. Quadcopter drones are hard to spot. I have a hard time finding my drone at 100 meters up and I have the advantage of knowing which area of the sky to look at. The model I have can fly as high as 500 meters, you won't hear or see at that this altitude. But unguided free falling munitions will be very inaccurate at 500m, this video looks like its at 100m. If the drone could paint a laser straight down and munition's fins would react based on a X,Y distance difference, that would be the next step in commercial drone warfare, you'll have pinpoint accuracy at any altitude.

  13. Accurate. But hey shouldn't it be more fatal? I thought there'd be like 4-5 instant dead but many of them still managed to run away, injured or whatever. Is this less fatal than hand grenades?

  14. Luck of the draw. Shrapnel isn’t sent out in a perfect radius, and there’s only so much of it inside a grenade. It’s bound to miss sometimes.

  15. I shoot a lot of wild boar: They are known for their tenacity. You can literally turn both lungs and heart into mush with a single well-placed shot, and still have to track them 20meters or so.

  16. Body bag might have shielded them a bit. The guys towards the top right corner seemed ok ish. Might have still caught some pieces in the legs.

  17. The drone camera makes them look bigger than they are. Most of the time it's a modified VOG. People think they are dropping whole mortar rounds, that's not the case

  18. Even if some of the soldiers that ran off survive, if they're put out of action from wounds then it's done its job.

  19. At this point in history how do you not look up? Especially when you know your enemy is defending their homes, repelling ignorant invaders, and actually technically capable?

  20. Just asking out of curiosity, is there any footage of Ukrainian soldiers being blown up by russian drones like this?

  21. I ve seen few strikes with a military Kub drones. If we are talking about commercial drones - only few separatists video with a grenade in the cup. Not comparable with amount of UA drone strikes.

  22. Are these drones hard to see from the ground? I'm wondering why it isn't SOP to have a man watching the sky directly overhead any time they step outside. Maybe it's just not feasible?

  23. The drone is quite small, and if its sunny, probably looking up you won't see shit, I'm just guessing though

  24. That’s a helluva drop guys…one of the “best” I’ve seen.The sheer mutilation these people witnessed it will impact the world for generations.

  25. Those are clearly soldiers, their ammo even cooks off, proving they were armed. Fair game legally. So how would that be a war crime?

  26. I remember seeing an interview with a hardass looking American veteran that tucked tail after one month who was complaining about how Ukrainians and Russians leave their dead. This is part of the reason why. A dead body is a point of reference, and a point of interest, for any observant foe. Where men push once, they will eventually push again.

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