1. Well they don't have dvd players so they're acting like the late 80s early 90s action films. Considering their target audience. People who also haven't seen anything past the early 90s VHS they might think they're winning.

  2. When you’ve only ever played CoD and then end up in a shooting war. Yeah… this is someone who has zero training.

  3. Totaly Not for TikTok. Totaly in fight with enemy Combatants. Probably Ent (those Tree Monsters of Lords of the Ring)

  4. There are other videos from these goofs where they do equally idiotic things in actual combat. Only way you can tell its not real is just the lack of return fire, everything else they really are stupid enough to do.

  5. Give these men a break they don't even have dvd players. All they have are old Rambo and Schwarzenegger movies to emulate.

  6. Waiting for a video where it cuts immediately after they take a bullet to the head. Hello I’m a Chechen and this is jackass…splat They’d probably still upload it

  7. Many of them are sent there by for example threatening to lose their job or asking all the salary they made from their government. So many of these guys just go there, have some fun pretending like they are fighting and come back.

  8. The same dudes that posted a photo of them sexually assaulting random Ukrainian housewifes and smiling about it? The same guys that rape and murder their own people on a daily basis for a modern day hitler? Yeah they don’t care

  9. At least they stopped shooting around corners on civilian buildings and traffic lights. There is less of a risk of a stray bullet to a civilian if they shoot in the wood. They could do that at home too.

  10. im chechen, but these kadyrovtsi have just flushed our reputation of being somewhat capable fighters down the toilet.

  11. We haven't seen (any?) combat footage from the Dzhokhar Dudayev battalion or Sheikh Mansur battalion, fighting for Ukraine.

  12. Given their extreme funds its impressive how bad their propaganda vids are, esp compared to the stuff Azov (the Ukrainian PR Masters put out). Putin prob regrets letting them keep their mobile phones at this point.

  13. The Chechens that are fighting for Ukraine are better at not being clowns. The footage they have posted online is pretty good.

  14. are they actually filming some kind B action movie at this point? they have enough clown footages, can probably sell to Bollywood.

  15. This would be pretty far down on the list of war crimes Russia has committed in Ukraine. I don't think the Hague is going to get around to this one.

  16. I swear Kadyrov is like the bootlicker's booklicker - a true master of the form. He & his goons have firsthand experience being on the receiving end of something they are now actively participating in seeing as their own country (or breakaway province, I guess) was ground up twice by the Russians 20ish years ago. I know there are Chechens fighting on the side of Ukraine but for the most part these Rumplestiltskiny-looking TicToc bandits are eye-rollingly ridiculous.

  17. Better to remain silent and thought a fool than pick up 2 AKs, shoot them wildly in the woods and remove all doubt

  18. It feels like when a kid is asking you to watch them do something really cool, but they’re a kid so nothing they do will be that cool.

  19. Seems wildly ineffective. Common sense would dictate shooting from one properly supported platform and then swapping to the other. Even Call of Duty knows that swapping to your secondary is faster.

  20. I had it on mute when I watched it, I’m guessing he threw in an allah akbar while duel wielding AKs with that stellar aim

  21. The last Chechen survivor in the Battle of the Trees. Surrounded, almost out of ammo, with the rest of his squad suffering arse splinters from close combat tree-shooting, this brave Kadyrite is going to go down guns blazing, surrounded by the NAZI trees.

  22. Wow this is so real. I can’t believe I saw such amazing footage of a fierce fire fight like this.

  23. Even though Chechnya has been largely disconnected from middle eastern for quite some time, ever since Russia took caucuses region from Iran and Ottoman, they have been under Russian Influence, but still after over a century I guess some habits never change, they still fight exactly like middle eastern Jihadis

  24. Aw come on, ya'all are so blind by your pro-Ukraine biases you forgot that this potatoe is just emulating Zelenskyy, who dual-wielded some machine-pistols in an epic 360-noscope spawn-camping pwn of Parliament! And after this Volodymir teabagged them all, throwing shade into chat.

  25. Imagine fucking dying and they go to your family like "we have one last recording of him before he passed, would you like to see it?"

  26. Ukrainian forces: Using drones to coordinate precision artillery strikes in real time against enemy armor and artillery

  27. Love how he wastes all of his ammo and once he gets to the point where he’s actually aiming down sights he’s out of ammo... it’s hard to believe this was taken on or near the frontlines.

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