1. These look like those "O" units, Russian but with red bands. Everyone has optics. The only markings I see are Soviet Union flag badges.

  2. It's rather embarrassing I was actually surprised they weren't just using iron sights like many of the Russians seem to. Seemed like they all had different types though so did they loot them?

  3. These guys seem kinda like special forces or something, correct me if I'm wrong. The guys gun has camo painted on it and a holo sight with maybe a magnifier too

  4. Just for comparison pretty much every marine corps grunt unit has been doing this to their rifles but all the optics are acogs by trijicon and a pec 15 i think but theres a big difference in funding between us and Russian infantry it seems like

  5. A lot of recent footage from this Telegram channel seems to be Spetsnaz guys. It's no surprise seeing a lot of actual kit in these videos.

  6. That's what I was wondering. Could just be my brain connecting dots that don't exist, but I thought that camo on the gun looked like it might have been some worn desert camo.

  7. I always think that this is a very small percentage of RU forces. They're not going to win the war for RU as well as they fight on tape.

  8. Pretty lackadaisical to be "special forces" in my opinion, compared to western SOFs. Standing straight up in the open, no apparent side security or weapons ready. They're so amused by a dead body while the enemy is still in their AO, probably. Acting like that in a combat zone gets you kicked out of a western military.

  9. They are combat veterans. Volunteers from URAL. they released some videos a while ago.. I'm not sure if it's allowed to share telegram links here, I can send you if you are interested

  10. Definately. The guy with the gopro seems to be a squad leader. He dishes out orders and his unit listens. They keep good spacing in the forest as well. Definitely not rookies

  11. Both sides now using multicam with just armbands to tell apart? With spring on its way and nature in bloom camo is starting to play more part than during the winter, when green flora grunts were sticking out on brown mud and dead nature and snow like soar thumbs.

  12. Not “both sides” but more “specific units on both sides”. The Russians in particular have always shown pretty wide variance in gear quality between their elite and conscript units.

  13. Most of Russians wear their "ratnik" gear camo. Most of Ukranians wear their brown/greenish version of old US army ACU. Spetcnaz on both sides likes the multicam.

  14. Ukraine forces uses camo similar to the U.S it looks like it was made for desert fights while Russia has like 24 different uniforms for different units, the ones that wear white armbands wear dark green uniforms gru has like brown color and hoodies. Etc. Shits weird.

  15. The propaganda that Russia is completely incompetent has been very convincing, but that's the problem with Russia- they have so much manpower to draw on, and eventually they will learn (even if it costs them dearly).

  16. For those wondering, the dead are obviously of Ukranian affiliation if not UKR military. They are all wearing MM14 uniforms and kaska-1m which is a helmet they developed when the war started in 2014, also exclusive to them is the Corsair vest made by Temp3000.

  17. If its realy lyman the assault seen is from the east from the dicretion of Jampil . The area to the north is not wooded and west and south of Lyman there are no reports of russian troops

  18. Just hypothesizing - the first guy looks like he's wearing the same uniform as the rest of the Russians, with the arm bands ripped off, but you can see a red colored something on the bottom left. The next 2 don't seem to be wearing Ukranian uniforms, so could be volunteers or foreign fighters for Ukraine, OR could also be Russian casualties (none of them are wearing Ukrainian armbands). One of the soldiers walking around is also just wearing a tactical vest without a uniform, and the 3rd guy is wearing the same camo pants as the Russians.

  19. Yes, but this video is highly edited. Who knows if the Russians took any casualties during this assault. It may have been edited to show the action. It may have been edited to withhold images of their own losses. Either way, neither side is really willing to present to the world their own casualties.

  20. I'm always amazed at the trees that grow with a Curved trunk. There is one towards the end of the video..

  21. The curve of the tree in the video would be called Druckholz in german wich translates to pressure wood it occures when the ground is sloping or just not firm.

  22. They’re sometimes called signal trees when intentionally bent like that, typically they grow like that because of some sort of blockage making them Grow around, or occasionally because of something like attempting to reach sunlight.

  23. I was a professional tree planter. In the lumber industry, you plant year old seedlings, and if you plant a “J root” (the root is shaped like a J, not straight up and down, the rest of the tree tends to grow like this.

  24. The tree broke or was cut, likely when it was small and a new limb grew, it's offset and the old portion of the trunk ends up curving under the weight. I've played around with bonsai and pruning trees a bit but no idea if there is a name.

  25. Can anyone explain the uniforms here? They look quite different from what I've seen Russians wear during this war.

  26. Fuck man, it's sad seeing such a waste of human life. Grunts vs grunts all for the fuck wits in charge. I really should stop watching this shit.

  27. Grunt vs elites man, the Ukrainians are really doing a number on the Russians. They’re nothing like the Halo grunts.

  28. One was wearing a chest rig instead of a plate carrier. Not sure it would have made a difference in his case, but damn, it takes courage to go on a fight without proper armor.

  29. My guess is that's the point. Russian side must've taken armbands off of their own casualties to make it seem like it's enemy casualties. Wrote more of my reasoning for that guess in this comment:

  30. Anyone know the reason why some russian troops have the digital ratnik gear while other have a more U.S looking camo uniform?

  31. Ratnik/digital EMR is for the regulars. These guys wearing MultiCam are Russian SOF for sure, I've seen images of them wearing A-TACS FG camouflage too. MultiCam is widely available commercially and used around the world (hell, just go to your local airsoft field lmao), so I'm not surprised that its a popular camo pattern with elite Russian units too.

  32. On FLAGS , I think the color Red often stands for 'Authoritarian Populism'. And I think White represents something like 'Purity of Arms'. And I think Blue often represents 'Liberty'.

  33. Damn Russians have been releasing the most combatfootage freely videos recently. Is that a silenced gun? Who are these soldiers are they special forces?

  34. Based on their kits, Spetsnaz. Seems like in some parts, Russia used their conscripts to help make way for their actual professional soldiers. It would be the same idea, for example.. of the US using basic infantry to take the initial blow and the Rangers to come in after and mop up or fight a weaker enemy.

  35. Part of the Wagner troops recently deployed? It was widely reported Putin pulled some of them e.g. from Libya into Ukraine.

  36. in my opinion noone is, its just another tuned up proxy war, with a huge possibility of dragging on since now everyone is climbing aboard the money train.

  37. What do you want them to do? They're still in an active combat situation. It's not like they can bring those guys back to life. Best option is to finish the fight, then safely remove the bodies afterwards

  38. That shooting isn't as close as you think. No snaps, so they are not being shot at. You hear a snap in the air followed by a shot, that's when you are getting shot at.

  39. Remember, there are so much more russian victims. And yes, this is WAR. Sure we will see dead Ukraines.

  40. You don't really know about the victims but this is what happens, the MSM choose to side with the west obviously so when the Russians kill or destroy Ukrainian hardware/positions they're like 'yeah that's Tuesday, it happens every day no news here' but when Ukrainians destroy Russian hardware they're like 'See! Ukraine is crushing Russia!'. To be fair I used to believe Ukraine was really crushing Russia until I started following channels on Telegram.

  41. Is it just me, or does this seem staged? They seem very casual after discovering the bodies, and the last guy is laying in a recently burned area, but he had not burned.

  42. They're fucking soldiers for goodness sake. Do you want them to collapse to their knees and cry whilst still in the middle of an active combat situation? Get a grip

  43. Buddy, remind me what the soviet army was also known as? It’s almost like colors have different meanings depending on the culture and politics of a region…

  44. Must suck to be russian, become a higher tier soldier and the best optics they have to give you are trash compared to what civilians use in the US.

  45. I mean sure but as far as unmagnified optics go its a fucking dot on a peice of glass. if your talking lpvo type shit then yeah

  46. I don't know why, but the corpses seems fake as fuk. First off you can't hear a single incoming round. The KIA has no visable armbands or any form of identifying means. The first guy (0:30) have something red lying by his left which is exactly the same red as the RUs red color. You can definitely see the last guy (1:14) move before the camera cuts to the close up.

  47. Why should Russia or Ukraine stage videos, they could use the time and Ammo somewhere else. We see a lot of Propaganda on both sides but it's very unlikely that they coordinate about 15 soliders to stage a battle in some forest.

  48. There are plenty of videos of Ukrainian not using color bands, Ukrainian uniforms/camo look very different for these Russian. Don't really see the guy move @1:14, but it is possible he is still alive?

  49. Yeah I thought he was moving too... maybe not quite fell asleep yet. The first corpse look like a casualty? I mean I cannot tell the camouflage is not so different...

  50. Dunno why people downvoting you. Not saying Russians don't kill, but none of those 3 guys had armbands. Or maybe we can't just see it.

  51. There has been a lot of incredibly bizarre videos coming out with Misinfo, mislabeled, misdated, some are not even from Ukraine showing all kinds of negligence on both sides. This video is one of the least offensive.

  52. Or they're Russian SOF fighting Ukrainian conscripts. Professional Ukrainians can mince poorly trained Russians just as much as Russian SOF can mince poorly trained Ukrainians. Just an unfortunate reality.

  53. Any chance these are wagner embedded with the DPR troops? The red suggests DPR, butnthe kit suggests spetznaz or.. wagner maybe. Anyone with actual knowledge able to shed more light?

  54. Wagner this Wagner that, it seems like people on the internet seems to spot "Wagner" as much as Putin thinks every Ukrainian is "Azov" More likely than anything no, Its likely regular troops however it may be embedded with separatist forces. Wagner is a small part of this war, probably less than 1% of the troops and I don't believe they are in front line action, more like "advisors"

  55. Those are Ukranian brains but good you don't have a problem seeing them, they show up a lot in the telegram groups.

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