1. I remember my 10 year old sister taking better aim in a waterfight when we were kids. Is using the sights "haram"? Not that I care really I am glad these idiots are bad fighters.

  2. Apparently this is an inherited "technique" from middle east bros. They fire one hundred mags and never hit even the building they're aiming at.

  3. Its funny first shot is misfire, cameraman goes "осечька" which means misfire, thats why only a single shot.

  4. Agreed. Fuck the Chechens, especially any who willingly fight for Putin, their fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew their sons were acting as pawns to a nation that massacred thousands of their people only two decades ago.

  5. they are happy because it was a bait.now they know someone is there and they can bring in the tank behind them. the video poster afterward confirms it

  6. Way to stick the muzzle in the dirt, fuckhead. These are the guys we're supposed to be worried about? Dudes wearing athleisure shoes and the other is mag dumping without looking.

  7. Tbh trainers are probably more agile than milspec boots. Sucks if you roll an ankle while running over rough ground though

  8. Ukrainian successful videos used for propaganda with high quality fighting and trained troop still have the same thing happening.

  9. It's memed because for weeks they were releasing videos of themselves geolocated to nowhere near the the fighting, while supposedly being in Kyiv and Mariupol.

  10. beside all the memes. it looks like the Chechen are the one making the deeper push in Mariupol at least from the videos we get.

  11. I think it might be Sharip Delimkhanov (not sure if they are related), no way Adam would risk his neck, both him and Ramzan, are dumb, but not brave and dumb enough to go to warzone. Its already proven that Ramzan was never in the Ukraine to begin with.

  12. You hear returning fire. This is modern combat bro, not some action movie breach and clear kill all the russians john wick mode

  13. Clowns have no idea what they are doing. Look how many spent shell casings are discarded where they are standing. They've been standing there and hitting nothing for probably hours. Also, who puts their muzzle on the concrete and puts their weight on it?!?

  14. I know Russia fought the Chechens many years ago. Can someone please explain a brief history of why Chechens are now fighting alongside the same Russian army that fought them previously? Are there anti-Russian and pro-Russian Chechens or something? Thanks for educating me.

  15. They just stand nearby as one of them is blindly shooting around that corner. If the other side had any launchers with frag ammo these guys would have had a bad day.

  16. there is zero fighting going on here just like all their other videos. shooting at empty buildings in the rear still makes them bitches

  17. They’re trying to draw fire to figure out the enemy’s specific location. You can hear return fire aimed at them at the end of the video and they’re smiling because it worked.

  18. In the history of the world has shooting around the corner on full auto without looking ever hit anyone?

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