1. Can't verify 100% but looks like he's dangling by one leg. His missing leg bled him out so bad that his hand turned pasty white.

  2. This whole fucking scene is insane. First, the scorched bodies and blown up tanks, barely recognizable. Body parts strewn all about. Then contrasted by the lone and intact Russian soldier, dead in the street with armband visible. Then the dude hanging out of the BDM upside down, while it's splattered in his blood. Finally, in the last shot you can see more scorched bodies down the street, and in the distance, another destroyed BDM, which appears to have run up on some sort of barrier and sits there like a perfectly posed movie prop.

  3. Yeah, its bad. These are BMD-4s. They are air droppable IFVs for the Russian Airborne (VDV). These things are tin cans. They have incredibly thin armor, and are made out of an aluminum/magnesium alloy. Much less effective at protection than traditional armor plate.

  4. Flash burned, didn't even get 6ft from their burning vehicle. One of the worst ways to die is being burned alive, right up there with drowning. At least it was quick.

  5. Tanks offer such a false sense if security. They aren't as thick as people imagine but are really hard to get out of, and most weapons used against the ensure you'll be fireballed and pressure cooked to death. Not to mention how bad they are for urban areas with so much cover around for infantry.

  6. We’ve seen a lot of wars on the internet but this is the only one that’s given me WW2 vibes. And it only gets worse.

  7. I think that's the difference between civil/proxy wars like we've been used to past decades and full scale war between two actual armies.

  8. Served in Afghan , we’ve all seen videos like this before. It’s not the sight of shit for me but it’s the smell that gets you. It’s still freezing cold there too wait till it heats up and these blokes bloat up in less than 24 hours.

  9. I can see russians really retaliate, getting more aggressive. I think Klausewitz wrote about it, war has the tendency to escalate in violence. On the other hand, i don't really see the average russian soldier really having that final spirit or will to go there, that's where the sanctions come in.

  10. It's so strange, the guy hanging out of the tank looks like something straight out of a movie scene. Fucking Hollywood has desensitized me so much that I barely had any emotions watching this. Then seeing pictures of dead Syrians/Iraqis/Afghans etc over the years added to my numbness.

  11. I think being numb to this is actually helpful. I would assume that if you get into some horrific situation like this, you will be less shocked and you can think more straight. On the other hand witnessing something through video is one thing, but being there is something entirely different... It kinda shows you the side of life that we don't encounter in modern times, corpses, death and destruction. Reminds you to value life more because it's not for granted, and can be take from you in a blink of an eye.

  12. Expect this sub to be like this for the next year. That's what alot of intelligence is saying how long this war is gonna be, minimum.

  13. It's amazing that one man's decision has decided the final fate of so many other. End this war Putin. Stop the bloodshed.

  14. Which is fucking dumb cuz Russia sucks at nightvision equipment and Ukrainians likely have better tech from the west.

  15. The body hanging off the BMP is completely horrific, dude spent the last seconds of his life trying to run away to cover only to get caught up on his vehicle

  16. They're all young men that would have had their whole lives ahead of them. They could have been so many things. Instead they're dead in some intersection in Ukraine because Putin wanted some natural gas deposits and didn't want to pay pipeline tariffs.

  17. I thought it was just going to be a video of a destroyed IFV with a couple dead but no. Every time he turned the camera there were either more bodies or chucks of people.

  18. That dude hanging off the tank and the body parts mixed in with the mechanical debris everywhere really makes it look like a wwii movie

  19. Not cocksuckers, he’s using a shortened version of підарас (pidaras), підер (pider), which means f*g.

  20. There are different bodies on the ground at points. I don't want to start making screenshots and zooming in because this stuff is nsfl, but not all of these casualties were from yesterday.

  21. It is Ukraine fighting for their right to be free of Russia. Terrible? Yes. Could it have been avoided? Yes. Pointless? No.

  22. Not pointless, if these are Russian. This needs to happen to a large number of Russian forces, if we want this war to end this year.

  23. I know videos like this arent considered acceptable for normal viewing at home and by kids and such. But, do you think if the realities of war, like this were shown more often, people would be less hawkish about starting or getting involved in conflicts?

  24. The people starting wars don't give a shit about videos like this. It's all about money and power. A few dead bodies are nothing to them.

  25. the opposite. Children can't comprehend this kind of footage and become desensitized to it. They wont understand the gravity of it you would try to be instilling.

  26. As someone who has been interested in war since 5th grade, I think every politician ought to have at least one child in active military duty in a front line post position, especially those in the US.

  27. I think similar happened with Covid. People couldn't see the realities of people dying, struggling to breathe. Wars are similar in that they are far away things and we usually only see a few explosions and hear numbers. There is a complete disconnect.

  28. Jesus Christ, I've been on best gore and so on for a while but goddam this is gruesome. Just bodies frozen in time from the moment they were killed, gives me a weird feeling I don't know how to describe. Like, footage like this is something I've never seen before.

  29. This makes me very sad. I wish this could somehow be watched by everyone that supports Putin.

  30. The 3rd fallen soldier seems to be one from the Chechen forces. Notice the reflective silver armband he has, as well as his gear. Guess there will be more where that came from, fighting a madman's war operation

  31. I've seen some shit, man. But this war.. this is a whole new level. And these fucking VDV guys, man; they've been getting hammered since H-hour. How many jumped into Hostomel, Antonov, and Boryspil and got cut to fucking piece? For fucks sake they did three seperate drops on Vasylkiv and they all failed. No wonder the Airborne CO said no more drops. He's probably out of dudes. I'm Pro-Ukraine.. but man can't help but to feel some pity for these guys.

  32. Its the first war with cellphone video camera wildly dispersed amongst the population, wars always been brutal like this, but due to the limits of media it doesnt get broadcast to the general public. We're gonna get a first hand look at how the sausage is made so to speak, in HD, for the first time.

  33. The VDV are basically Putin's stromtroopers. I wouldn't feel too bad for them. Now those draftees who got pulled from Donetsk/Luhansk or are being used as cannon fodder to protect supply convoys in the north, I do feel sorry for them.

  34. There is really no side to this. It’s one man playing invasion war and threatening the world with nukes if they intervene.

  35. Vdv have only had 3 operational drops, and twice were to prevent uprisings. They aren't so much shock troops as protest busters. Exaggerated riot cops

  36. Fuck em. They didn’t have to follow orders into this shit show but they did. Ukraine wanted no part of this but Putin forced their hand. Russia is the aggressor here

  37. War footage needs to be shown unedited on TV news. Hiding censoring it is deluding the public.

  38. This sub says Ukrainians are fabricating and inflating death numbers but there's no way there's not thousands of dead russians already, just in Kiev suburbs i think we might have 1000 dead.

  39. The US suggested that 280 tanks have been blown up so far. If there’s 3 people per tank, that’s already 1k dead alone.

  40. I just don't understand how they keep fucking up this badly. Like forget the Chechen war, they've seen enough this conflict already to change up their game-plan. rolling armor into towns/cities just isn't going to work yet they keep thrusting these long ass columns through on narrow roads and they get funneled up and fucked from all sides. All's I see really is trashed Russian columns. Fuck at this rate im surprised they haven't run out of vehicles. Plus, with all the abandoned tanks and vehicles that Ukr forces keep coming up on, they might end up with more hardware than they started this conflict with lol.

  41. pretty common in most conflicts so its kind of obvious, we are not going to be getting super accurate numbers period so they can fudge them a little to make themselves look better

  42. He can hide massive losses for a long time. Russia is a huge country and even with a few hundred deaths a day, scattered across the vastness of Russia, it might mean every 6th town or village has lost one kid. It's when the cities like Moscow have hundreds of funerals that the population may start taking notice. I'm going to take a flying guess and say they're not committing Muscovite (or other large city) troop regiments too early for that very reason.

  43. Because Putin is old and angry his dick dont work anymore so he's trying to rekindle the boner he had for the USSR

  44. One guy was just bone at the legs having no flesh left at all. Looks like zombie apocalypse. Honestly very few things I would ever put myself in that much danger for. These guys are doing it because Putin said so

  45. You can see a pool of silver liquid on the ground...the tank metal literally melted. Imagine how high that heat was, hope that guy died before he can feel the pain.

  46. Tack on an extra 3000-5000 wounded I reckon easily too , probably 500 ish captured. Russians are going to be approaching 10000 total casualties real quick.

  47. White bands (Russians wear Red or white. Ukrainians wear yellow or blue). V/Z markings on the vehicles. Dead Rooskies. The Ukrainians made a big push for Hostomel last night. I'm not gonna cry over dead Russians the way i wouldnt cry over dead Germans in 1944, but putin sent these guys to die for nothing but a vanity project in a country that wants nothing to do with Russia. In other words, they died for nothing except Putin's ego and small dick energy. I can only imagine what their families will think, and I hope these crimes catch up to Putin very soon

  48. These people will be psychologically wounded for generations. I witnessed one murder irl and it fucked me up for so long and changed my entire outlook on life. Idk how anyone can process death and destruction at this scale god damn. I don't even know what to say.

  49. They look like rag dolls. It is so fucking eerie to think that all these lifeless bodies were once living, and they had their families, friends etc.

  50. Feels strange how desensitized I've become to this. A week ago my stomach would've turned over, and now I just see lives ended too soon, and sons wholl never come home.

  51. The one hanging from the BTR at the end of the video, has the adidas stripe on his gear, that looks like Chechen gear in other videos!

  52. I feel like the one video that should be circulating in russia is the one where father, son and his dog are found dead with the surviving dog staying by their side. Even typing that broke me.

  53. Putin is throwing his people into a literal meat grinder and he's sitting in the Kremlin with a smile on his face. He's responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians at this point.

  54. Of all the videos I've seen so far, this one and the one of Russian soldiers burned to death next to BMP are the most horrific.

  55. Oh god, Russia really does not care about casualties. They are getting slaughtered by the hundred there.

  56. Yeah, I'm going to hell. I'm too desensitized and immediately went to trying to ident the unit via markings and gear, not processing the fact that I was looking at real humans who died gruesome deaths.

  57. Reports say Putin estimated he would lose 50,000 solider taking Ukraine. That was before he invaded, he is willing to take much greater losses now. He will not blink an eye if 50,000 or 100,000 young men die like this.

  58. Pretty sure it was, it’s a frigging massacre, most of them didn’t have time to move out or off their vehicles. I’d be interested to know what they were hit with. Tank rounds, anti tank rockets…..

  59. Hostomel has been contested since morning of day 1 of the invasion. First by Russian special forces, then the Chechens. This is where that Chechen general (Magomed Tushayev) was killed on Saturday.

  60. Imagine you are in the next Russian column that drives down this road and are greeted by that sight....wow.

  61. This is literally unreal. Like..it looks like a movie set or museum display. It's crazy to see that this is exactly how war is. I used to always look at firefight videos of the war in Afghanistan and it was always just videos of guys firing at a far off mountain ridge at some faceless unseen enemy. I never saw them, never saw the effects of the weapons. It just looked like guys firing at rocks, A10s firing at rocks. Guys shooting mortars to nowhere. But this war is high Def real as it gets video. I saw one video with a guys face blown off. I thought war movies did that for exagerration.War is hell.

  62. Fucking Kids. Alive one day, dead the next. Putin doesn't care about his people. We are about to see the convoy look like this now that more weapons have been delivered.

  63. It's so fucked up sitting here all comfy in my sofa and seing this hell fold out in real time on my phone. God damn I hope this war comes to a quick end and Russia can fre themselves of their madman and the Ukrainian people can be free. Fuck Putin.

  64. I’ve been following not just this sub but a few other that are constantly updating as well as funker and despite all the brutal things I’ve seen I think this is the worst. Holy fucking shit. This is so fucked. If this video doesn’t put how brutal modern day war can be into perspective then I don’t know what possibly could.

  65. Looks like the same one to me , can see the bodies laying out the front of the APC in the first video your talking about. Probably burnt out overnight.

  66. Not yet as far as I am aware, but they have driven the Russians back out of multiple suburbs in the area. Hostomel airport seems to be one of the most advanced Russian positions now.

  67. I hate that all of these videos show the burned up corpses outside of the tanks. It makes me realize that these "men" (kids) have the time to realize theyre burning alive.

  68. This is what war looks like. Not precise air strikes and satellite footage. Just sons losing lives for no purpose at all.

  69. So apparently what war movies get wrong is not enough halfway burned corpses and dead civilians (not based on this one). Holy fucking shit.

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