1. Im a west coast person who doesn’t care about ACC or duke but for some reason I was already excited to watch duke v Maryland matchups. I was really surprised when they gave that up.

  2. I enjoy watching Wyoming's offense because I love watching the Point Guard and the Center each attempt 15 post hooks a game!

  3. NC State athletics is a constant source of joy in my life and better for my health than any medicine. After a long stressful day at work it's nice to come home and turn on an NC State basketball game to relax.

  4. Grayson Allen is my favorite player of all time. The way he has Captivated me with his Locked in defense, the way he TIES up people to put them in jumpball situations they cannot Escape from. My hands are tied when is comes to this guy. I want to exercise Constraint, though he is good, but he is no Houdini. I also like Jason Kidd, naps on my couch from time to time.

  5. Their football team is doing very well. Reported my grandpa and uncle got drunk watching the home game against Alabama. lol

  6. Matt Doherty is the greatest coach that Carolina has ever had. Both an effective courtside presence and nice person.

  7. You could have just said Matt Doherty is the greatest and left it at that. We'd have all known something was wrong, friend or not lol

  8. I respect Mike Woodson and Quinn Buckner more than any two guys to ever touch the court at Indiana and they love him. I hate the guy. It’s a very weird dynamic for the fan base for sure.

  9. Mike Krzyzewski is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life. And he's never taught flopping.

  10. Illinois could be considered a toxic fan base if PSU and OSU football, MSU basketball, and Maryland everything didn’t exist.

  11. Hey now hog bro. All of BBN was pulling for you all in the west in football for the first half the year. And this is how you repay us?!?!?!

  12. I really hope the Big Ten gets another 9 bids this season, because the one thing the tourney really needs more of is 15-13 teams with losing conference records.

  13. I believe that the Wisconsin and UVA basketball systems make for entertaining and well paced games that are enjoyable to watch.

  14. Anything along the lines of Arkansas gets the benefit of the doubt on calls from the officials in all sports. Also, Muss isn’t that great of a recruiter.

  15. It’s time to fire Tony Bennett, UVA basketball is boring & ultimately unsuccessful (with one notable exception). If we played & recruited more like the larger Blue Bloods, everyone would be much happier!

  16. I’ve actually seen people say this. So maybe, “Tony Bennett is not a handsome man” or “Brogdon sucks, SEND HELP in the form of sharpshooter Evan Nolte”.

  17. I wish we had Sean Miller back. His teams always knew how to respond to a zone defense. His March games vs Wisconsin are fond memories to look back at. Also, Sabatino Chen definitely didn’t get his game ending shot off in 2013 and the Refs made an absolutely fair call.

  18. "It's perfectly fine for P6 schools to schedule soft outside of conference, since their tough conference schedules should more than make up the difference. Who cares about those irrelevant mid-majors anyway? Those conferences suck."

  19. Jim Boeheim has got to be considered coach of the year. God I love a good zone defense! I don’t even care that he is always picking his nose.

  20. Virginia basketball is the most fun thing to watch. Games that look like they were played before the shot clock era really get my hoops juices flowing

  21. Zion Williamson made the right choice in falling for Coach K’s “come become part of the brotherhood” gimmick instead of blazing a trail at Clemson.

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