1. This isn’t directly rapper related but Sosa Had white Niggas wearing polo shirts rocking true religions dropping Ls😂 Bro literally influenced a whole generation

  2. Bald niggas just be lookin alike... Peep Gillie IG, that nigga posted like 200 random bald lightskin niggas that look like him and Wallo

  3. Bottom line is what niggas saying It aint No Drill music or Influence from Drill if it wasn’t for Sosa , from the beats to the dissing to the flows even how niggas use to Move in they Videos . He brung that why yall niggas tryna discredit So when yall kno that’s the truth , Hell y’all wouldn’t even kno bout half the Chicago Rappers & They Scene if it wasn’t for Sosa , Cmon Be real 😴 but when he gone niggas gone be Saying this & that , Nah that’s fu

  4. Charlamane is a fuckin goofy ass mf. More racist then any black man. Thinks hes so smart I actually hate him. He reminds me of racist ass chris rock gay ass.

  5. Uzi looks up to keef he had a talk with adin Ross about how’s their no uzi without keef carti and tecca look up to him to and their not drill rappers

  6. You would literally have to know nothing about music to say Keef isn’t influential worldwide when there’s so many forms of drill music all around. We can argue who STARTED drill all day but we can never deny who took it where it is today, Sosa impact so strong that French niggas are the some of the most fanned out mtfs in drill music

  7. Durk and von dick riders mad rn. Ya coming up wit any excuse to say keef didn’t influence todays rappers lol. “He only inspired drill rappers”

  8. Wats this got to do with von and durk yall obsessed 😂... we can all have our own opinion. Me personally I say sosa influential he just not as influential as the 4 charlemagne listed and that's cool

  9. Bruh that's literally O.T.F.'s DJ commenting on it and Lil Durk performs Faneto pretty much every show they know and respect it. Durk has taken off but Keef will always be remembered and still has a solid fan base let them boys all win they all deserve it

  10. The way y’all talk about it keef is the same way y’all’s parents talked about the music from the 80s. Without keef, music would’ve kept going. Hip hop, Rap and gangster rap were both very much alive and booming before him. They were after. Y’all steady repping this dude who put out 3 hot songs and ran from his people and hood. Meanwhile almost everyone who makes it now takes their crew with em. How tf is he da goat? Where’s the records? The numbers? The sales? How many of his people did he help make it like they helped him make it to shows and stay safe while doing it? Anything more than people who don’t listen to him saying they love his music? No. Shits wild. Chief Keef is always gonna be the most popular flop in all of drill music. You can’t put him bar for bar or song for song with anyone. Shit, LA Capone damn near could beat him with Play for Keeps by itself.

  11. He also wasn’t sliding in the street or putting in any kind of actual street work besides smoking blunts with gang members. How is he the goat of drill when he didn’t even live his rap or keep a career going?

  12. Who the fuck is listening to rap from Spain out here?? Lol who the fuck cares what niggas from Spain is saying 😂 🤣 I'm not trying hear niggas rap about slidin on bulls 😂 🤣

  13. Amongst this generation, Kanye, Wayne, kid cudi, drake, Gucci Mane, Chief Sosa, thug, uzi very the most influential. Then you got rappers who are influential from a city/coast standpoint (ATL=Dro/Key!)

  14. Chief Keef responsible for drill going global. He really changed the landscape of rap more than people give him credit for. I’ll never forget folks dropped don’t like, us ft. Reese and Hate being sober back to back to back when I was in high school whole summer was bussin

  15. I didn’t even know who this man was until last week 😂 everything is about perspective frfr like if you don’t listen to that style, it’s easy to say CTG is right. If you know the inner workings of modern rap (seems like many here do), it’s easy to say he’s wrong. I’d be hard pressed to find anyone I know who know who this artist is. But at the end of the day, we are arguing about one shitty man’s opinion when we really don’t need to be giving him any more attention.

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