1. I’d look at your brakes. Sounds like something hitting the backing plate. Jack up that side and spin the wheel, see if it makes a noise.

  2. 2x that on brake squel. Find a bit of road where you can slalom left to right across road, parking lot will work also. If the squel gets louder/play through steering wheel on right hand turn then it is most likely front left component and fice versa for other side. By the sounds of it it could be a wheel bearing also, but I'd lean more towards it being a brake issue.

  3. either brakes or wheel bearing. Jack up the front axle and spin the wheel by hand see where the noise is coming from.

  4. Sorry for the wind. Squeaking began after a long road trip. U joints look fine. It’s coming from either under the hood or behind drivers side wheel somewhere. Gets faster with mph, NOT rpm’s. It is rhythmic with the tires rotating, when I go very slow you can hear it going with the speed of the tire. When I turn it gets slightly quieter. It’s been about 1 month of this, and there have been 2 days where there is no sound at all. Outdoor temperature was the same as always on those days. I can’t figure it out!! Hard to look and figure it when it only happens while moving. Losing my mind over here!

  5. Well I have to go with the others on this about the brakes; dust shield something in that area. I had once a wheel center cap on a Jeep (sounds crazy I know) was my culprit. Also had a rock in the dust shield stuck that made a noise like this too. I’d pull the wheel off and look it over. Look also where the axle u joints are and where the axle enters the tube. Good luck with it. If all fails duck tape a friend to the hood with their head hanging over the fender and see if they can pinpoint it. Best of luck

  6. My TJ did the same thing found out it was the u joint at the transfer case packed it full of grease never had a issue again

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