1. They've disabled comments on their Instagram post because they were getting so many negative comments from disgruntled exstaff and current customers. And not about the fact that they're closing on Mondays....

  2. We used to be annual pass holders and went at least a couple times a week. At the time, the management was really good but stretched thin and that was pre-covid.

  3. Pretty much the same thing happened with us. I actually think I was there the day this happened too. It used to be such a fun place to but I really don't see us ever going back.

  4. My question… where is the owner? The owner dictates how the business is run and managed. I’ve been going to the park for three years, regularly, and I’ve only seen him there one time. That’s very odd to me. It’s not a place he even wants to visit or hang out in? He knows none of the patrons and none of the dogs, from what I can see. Is that weird to anyone else??

  5. I hate to hear this. When I joined I really loved the staff and how much they loved my pup. The energy has definitely been off lately, both among the staff and regular patrons. There are still some staff there I really like, but lots of our favorites are gone 😢

  6. So disappointing. Sounds like they need a complete overhaul. Or a sale, because given the same owners it would be easy to wind up with the same results.

  7. As a current employee I can assure you that Nicole is not the problem. Nicole is a great manager who cares deeply about her employees and has only made Play Wash Pint better.

  8. As a former employee, the paying rate doesn’t necessarily matter. They have an extremely high turnover rate due to bad management. You will want to stay away. There are many other bar/restaurant jobs that are hiring where you can make the same or more, without having to stand outside in all weather conditions and babysit people’s pets that aren’t trained.

  9. I hope they get their shit sorted out. I’ve been a regular since they opened a few years ago, and one of the best things about PWP was how caring, attentive and loving the staff was. I can’t blame any of them for quitting now. The newer employees are doing their best but it’s clear the working environment isn’t what it used to be.

  10. I'm not surprised, a lot of their former staff is really disgruntled. My furball and I stopped going after I saw the manager berate an employee who wasn't even on the clock.

  11. The only place you'll find AstroTurf is Heaven & Ale Southside. I'd not recommend letting your dog off leash though. Looks like there is a new place opening in the fall called Go Dog HQ that you might want to check out!

  12. Anyone know of another dogpark that has astroturf instead of grass? My dog has a grass allergy, so PWP was great, but I'd rather not support them now.

  13. I gotta say, I’ve been going to Play Wash for 3 years now, and I love everything about it. The people there are kind and really care. New and old staff alike. It is incredibly sad to me that this thread seems to be a vendetta that a handful of people have. I hate to say it, but there are tons of people who still love going to the park, including myself, so I’m unsure what the fuss is still about. If you want to come then do, but I’d you don’t then don’t. This seems like a super immature thread. Lots of young privilege.

  14. idk my dog and i have only had great experiences and several of my friends agree. the staff is nice, management seems organized and genuine. idk what all the hate is abt. this seems like the case of a few employees that got burned and have an agenda but again, idk.

  15. Form what I’ve seen at the park, my dog isn’t going to lose her favorite place in the world anytime soon. All of you trying to stir up sh** up who used to work there and feel entitled to “have your favorite place back”…I’ve got news for you: I bet no one took it away from you other than yourselves. You try balancing animals with primal instincts on top of crazy-ass entitled humans who are under the influence of alcohol and tell me it’s easy. I bet each and every one of you petty ass previous-who-evers couldn’t last a day running this show. Don’t doubt that for a second in my mind. Get a life.

  16. I’ve lived in Chattanooga all my life and this horrible attitude is something that I have been watching spread for years. There’s almost nowhere I enjoy going anymore because of staff and sometimes patrons. It’s such a clique-y, narrow-minded city

  17. You guys are just as entitled to your opinion as anyone else, but I hope you understand how malicious you and your little friend group are being. You’re creating all this uproar over a dog park. It’s a dog park! If you don’t want to attend, don’t attend—that’s your choice! But don’t ruin it for the rest of us and take our choice away. Stop being so cruel and go put your energy into something healing, not degrading.

  18. Exactly - it’s a dog park. Where a lot of things can go wrong if it’s not managed or staffed properly. And a lot of long time members like myself and clearly former staff recognize the issues and want change to be made. Before people or dogs get hurt due to negligence. No one is ruining anything for anyone by simply stating opinions and recognizing the issues PWP clearly has. If management handled the response to bad feedback on Instagram properly in the first place instead of lashing out, getting defensive, and then deleting everything, this wouldn’t be happening in the first place.

  19. Genuinely asking, isn't it the park that's removing the option to go on Mondays, not the people on this thread? What is the reason they are not able to retain enough employees to say open 7 days a week? I'm not an insider, I want the park to survive and thrive! It is my dog's favorite place in the world and him being safe and happy is my number one priority. But he does tend to do better with staff who know him well and I've noticed lots of staff turnover lately. A lot of regular patrons don't seem to be coming anymore either. I just bought another yearly pass, so I'm literally financially invested in the park's success. But there are questions to be asked.

  20. Based on your comment history it seems as if you are/were affiliated with the park and were earlier calling out former employees by name on reddit. Ironic that you are now saying to put your energy into healing and not degrading.

  21. Agreed! This is a tough time for small businesses, and if you really care about Play Wash Pint and want to see it improve, this is not the way to make that happen.

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