1. Loosen your strings a bit and then adjust the bridge to where it stands tall. Then make an appointment with your nearest luthier to have a new bridge cut and fitted. Do not continue playing until it gets fixed.

  2. Good advice already posted. In addition - run some pencil graphite along the string notches. It keeps the string from hanging up on the bridge while tuning. Also can preserve already used strings when cycling the tension. Also you string action is a mile high.

  3. Loosen one string, take out groove, colour groove in with pencil, tighten string, but about a fourth lower, repeat with the other strings.

  4. That bridge is warped; as you can see there is a curve in it. Contrary to what some people are saying, this is not a fixable issue, a warped bridge is quite serious. Try and get the feet of the bridge flush with the body with some force and loosened strings. After that, take it to a luthier and get a new one fitted.

  5. That bridge is screwed, but if you're on a budget you could try boiling it and pressing it out with an iron or stack of weights. But earnestly, you need a luthier.

  6. I would advice take all the tension off the instrument so the bridge won't crack under pressure and take it to a luthier. Very surely needs a new bridge

  7. This exact same thing happened to me, and the action was so high for so long. My luthier had also made the cello years ago so he supplied me with a loaner and fixed it for free. Sending good vibes your way.

  8. Also, it appears your A string may be unwinding at the bridge? I'm not sure if that's just the cello version of the bridge sleeve, but it looks like metal windings unfortunately :(

  9. Don’t take it to whomever put that bridge on it, that is pretty much junk. You should take it to a professional luthier and have them check out the instrument and make a proper bridge and post, and anything else that is reasonable to address (open seams, dead strings, etc.). Good luck!

  10. Stand the cello up. Look straight down at the bridge , put both hands fingers at the top of the bridge and gently push it till it’s straight.

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