1. He's just living life to the fullest! "What they doing? CURTAINS!!! Gotta look good. We never did answer the question of what they doing..."

  2. Gotta ask if this is OC bc I'm obsessed with learning to juggle four — I can juggle three of almost any object, but four...

  3. Did you know? Edward Lear, author of "The Owl and the Pussycat", is said to have had his new house in San Remo built to exactly the same specification as his previous residence, so that his much-loved tabby, Foss, would immediately feel at home.

  4. Is it weird to say that a person who juggles for their cat seems like somebody I want to be friends with?

  5. I think it takes a couple seconds to switch from hunt mode to cuddle mode. Cat sees the hand coming towards it and tries to decide if it's:

  6. Maybe, maybe not. My cat will shy away from being pet sometimes, but she's really just saying "not now." She'll let me groom her and hold her most of the time, so I'm pretty sure she trusts me.

  7. This looks a lot like an enslaved human trying to entertain its cat master. It’s the kind of throne the cat is in and the expressionless juggling face.

  8. Sorry tuxedo cat you’re gorgeous and supposed to be the main character but then your fellow appeared and I was hooked to him

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