1. More time with your child, depending on how you feel about that (my wife's friends are always complaining about when their kids are home, we prefer it when they're here) it's a blessing or a curse.

  2. This is the first Father's Day I've not been able to celebrate as the old boy pased away earlier this year. So I just want to wish everyone else the absolute best and hope you have a great day doing something special.

  3. First fathers day as one of us. Little 2 month old allegedly told mum what to write in the card... it tracks, but I have my doubts. The cat didn't sign the card and I've been "fathering" that ungrateful mog for a few years now.

  4. We don't have kids, but I'm tempted to get my husband a card today write it from one of the cats, and give it to him, I think that might make him sick in his mouth a little bit, my husband, not the cat. Yes that would be very funny. I'll do it if tesco have cards for under a pound, this gag isn't worth more than that.

  5. This is the fifth Father's Day since my dad died, and it also would have been his birthday today. Feeling a bit.... Well I dunno how I'm feeling really, it's just weird. The grief has softened but I don't think I'll ever get used to the idea.

  6. I sent my dad, an ardent Wales supporter, a special edition England FC card. He's told me he's placed it in pride of place in the bin. What a wonderful day!

  7. Dad thinks Mother's Day is a commercial farce so he gets nothing for Father's day. But reading other people's comments about losing their dad's makes me think I should give the old codger a ring later on.

  8. To all single dad's or other fathers holding down teaching the next generation how to be treated or how to treat their kids future partners, I know you feel worthless in modern society but as research shows any home with a father in it be it biological or not always shows greater outcomes men and women are 2 sides or the same coin and every child needs a rounded upbringing!

  9. Single mothers and households with two women are perfectly capable of raising well rounded and well treated kids, mate..

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