1. I started physical therapy this week to hopefully relieve some bad pain in my back and hips. So far it’s going great and I’m really optimistic about it. It’s really reassuring to know that there’s good things coming

  2. Wishing you the best with physio! I hope everything turns out amazing for you. I actually start physio for my hands next month and I was worried about it not working so it’s comforting to hear how well it’s going for you. Sending positive energy for your current health and your future ❤️

  3. That’s amazing, I hope you enjoy it! Where will you be going? I’m going to Portugal with my family in two weeks but I’ve never solo travelled before.

  4. Congratulations!!!! I’m genuinely so happy for you because I find out if I get into university on Thursday so hopefully it’s something I will relate to. I really hope you have an amazing time at uni and I’m really proud of you 💕

  5. Congratulations!!!! I’m very proud of you and I’m wishing you the best driving experience. I hope you have many more successful things to come ❤️

  6. Congrats! When i took mine years ago i was so stressed about the maneuverability portion that when i passed that bit i was just astounded when she said "okay, now continue to the road."

  7. Hi OP I hope you’re ok. In the UK we just had our first rain in weeks and the temperature has finally gone down. I know it’s not much but it’s something for me to be happy about.

  8. Very jealous lol, it’s not raining in Manchester and we’re supposed to be the rainy city 😭 with that said the weather is a lot more bearable today and we haven’t suffered a drought like other cities.

  9. It's raining in Nottinghamshire too, our Asda is flooding. Edit : it's so lovely to have rain again though and the temp has gone down too thank goodness.

  10. I’m not sure it counts as “news”, but something positive happening for me right now is that I have little seedlings growing in my bedroom and they have sprouted a considerable handful of true leaves. :) My husband got me a hydroponic garden for my birthday and it has been fun watching these little green things grow.

  11. I’m get ready for a road trip from VA to NYC with my teenage daughters ( 13 and 16) . We’ll stay till Monday. Harry Styles concert at MSG on Sunday night.

  12. Good on you for having that kind of relationship with your teenaged daughters. Inhope it can be like that when my daughter is a teen.

  13. How wonderful! I hope you have a great time. Make memories. Be careful. Who is Harry Styles? (never mind I'll look him up)

  14. I used to write as a hobby but I always scaped my projects pretty quickly because I struggle to get the words down in a way I liked. I definitely hide behind my world building and planning obsession so I can never bring myself to write something down. I know how difficult writing is so I’m so happy your story is working out for you! Wishing you nothing but positivity and success 🤍

  15. Wow I've imagined it. Eventually finding the way for your creation to alive, must feel great. Btw, I was surprised to see a writer because you guys are rare (or I'm just not looking for)

  16. Omg I’ve always wanted a cat, I’m very jealous! I’ve had terrible anxiety my whole life so I’m very happy to hear you have a comfort to help you through it. I wish you and your little guy the most positively possible 💕

  17. I had severe anxiety and panic attacks until my wife gave birth. Now I don’t have time to be in my head and have anxiety. My focus isn’t on me any more. My son is absolutely more important that I am and it’s made the anxiety go away.

  18. I'm having a difficult day, and we're all in this together and feel free to hit my DMs if you need a sympathetic ear. I'm a woman btw if that matters, I just recently found out that my avatar doesn't show.

  19. My dog had cancer surgery this morning and the vet just told us she will be fine and that they got it all before it spread. AND, it was five hundred dollars less than they quoted. Hope your day gets better.

  20. There’s a neighborhood cat we named Buttered Toast because she’s white on her underside and light brown towards the top with splotches of yellow. Buttered Toast found her forever home after she made a tiny batch of fuzzy biscuits in a neighbor’s outdoor shoe cubby.

  21. I made it past week 1 of working as a custodian. And I’m hoping today I get below 270 pounds by the end of today

  22. I just found out I was awarded a massive grant that I’m honestly not allowed to give out details about, yet, but it’s gonna let me make and run a really great program for low/no income individuals in my area. I know, not super clear, but I’m literally bouncing off the walls with how excited I am.

  23. That’s amazing, you’re really doing something amazing that would help so many people. As someone who is in a low income area/family I want you to know how much I appreciate what you’re doing and I wish I had someone like you looking out for my area. Good luck with everything and thank you! 💕

  24. My parents are retiring. Both of my parents put up with dead-end jobs earning less than they deserved to make sure my sister and I were able to be educated in the best way possible, while also ensuring we were healthy and happy.

  25. My partner and I are surprising our daughter with a trip to one of the best space centers in our country so she can see real rockets and spaceships. She wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.

  26. I found out my bf is actually married and I texted his wife. She thanked me and we are friends now. And I should say EX boyfriend 😂. Tell us something happy about you! Or talk to us about what happened? We've all been there

  27. I don’t have much good news right now lol but thank you for asking. I’m sorry your boyfriend was a cheater but I’m glad to hear you’re making the best of the situation. I hope you meet someone perfect for you and not trash 💕

  28. Sort of happy news, I did like 30 minutes of going up/down stairs. For context, I've had a foot injury for a few months, so my regular routine of waking up early and walking 6-8 miles hasn't been possible (still isn't)

  29. I’m very happy for you! I messed up my wrists recently so I’ve not been able to do pilates for a while so I can definitely relate. I’m sure you can’t wait to be able to run again and I’m sending you so much positive energy to hopefully make the process as quick and as permanent as possible. Good luck 💕

  30. The good news is you are human! You made a mistake that you have a wonderful opportunity to learn from. I recently read in a book that we have the power to shift how we relate to our mistakes. By celebrating them, and congratulating ourselves in a funny way. This can transform the way you relate to your faults. Instead of slamming yourself, you deal compassionately with yourself and shift the way you relate.

  31. Thank you so much, I really needed to hear this! I definitely need to work on thinking positively about myself as it’s something I always struggle with. But thank you so much for these words they mean a lot 🤍🤍🤍

  32. I got my final year results, and i cleared all my subjects. I graduated after failing a year and other personal issues. Kinda planning to threw a party for myself.

  33. It's human to make mistakes OP, give it some time. Maybe try and figure out what made you make that decision to understand yourself better. It might be a teaching moment and also help you heal and move on ❤️

  34. I have really bad anxiety so it’s great to hear you’re working through it. Good luck with the move and thank you for your advice!!!

  35. I genuinely hope everything goes well for you and your kids, and I hope you guys can rebuild everything together ❤️

  36. I got quitfired, and landed a new job in about a week. So much better, and they pay kinda decent.

  37. i start (community) college tomorrow - i'm almost 18 and i dropped out of my freshman year of high school a few years ago, and this is a big step in my life even if i'm scared as hell

  38. I start uni late September and I’m very nervous too so we’re in the same position. Good luck with school 💕💕

  39. That’s really beautiful, I love this so much. Do you have any advice in manifesting because I’ve always very interested in it but I don’t know where to start. I’m desperate for a change in life and I need to think more positively

  40. That’s amazing 😊😊 I’m so happy you’ve found a job that’s meant for you, I hope everything works out exactly in the way that’s best for you

  41. In the last few months, I've worked really hard to lose weight. Today I got to see my doctor in person for the first time in two years. He said right away, "Wow, you've lost like 50 lbs, hey? You can really tell!" and I said "45 lbs, but thank you!"

  42. Love that! Work life balance is everything so I’m really happy you’ve prioritised that. It’s definitely going to bring you so much happiness and I love that for you 💕

  43. I'm old and have serious health problems. I scheduled my COVID booster, and then went to the wrong place without my vaccine card. I had to go home, get my card and get to the right location... And they were super nice about me being an hour late. I got my booster. My sister is coming to visit me in a few weeks and I'm so glad I got it done!

  44. I just got a nephew! He lives far away so it will be a while before I can see him in person, but I'm so thrilled. I cried of happiness when I heard, so exciting! And I think the parents will do an absolutely amazing job, they have so much love to give.

  45. After making a mistake and thinking I ruined my life. I was able to be paid by the city to paint my first art mural and it's been a dream since I was little to do it. 122 feel across and about 8 feet high.

  46. I've been struggling to work on my dissertation all summer because things at my job have been nuts. Woke up at 5:45am and worked for 30 minutes before getting ready for work. Feels like I'm back on the horse.

  47. I screwed up working yesterday. Not a big deal but it bothered me. I told the customer whose grocery store I was working at. She was a little tiny old lady about 80 years old and her response is my new mantra. “Shit happens” she said.

  48. Was in trouble at work because I wouldn't tolerate micromanagement by a colleague. I was in the doghouse because I told my boss that staff would leave if this continued. He thinks I am insubordinate. Last Friday, he called me into the office and gave me a substantial raised because three of my peers quit due to the micromanagement, and he cannot afford to lose me.

  49. I just started my dream job! Even though I’m in 20k debt for college and ended up dropping out because I realized I didn’t want to do it anymore.. I was applying at some jobs and got a call for the perfect one I didn’t even remember applying to. This is my 3rd week and I’m loving it and my patients 🥺

  50. Might not be exciting news but I got a new bed, and it's so high, I as a grown woman, will have to jump into it. Being vertically challenged is hilarious at times.

  51. I finally got out of my marriage of 15 years, she was a Narcissist, and I recently met a woman who is understanding, kind and treats me right!

  52. I went to my first ever concert on Saturday. And holy crap, it was AMAZING! Every single song was perfect, the singers were so kind, the crowd was respectful, and everyone had an amazing time!

  53. My dog’s last ultrasound shows the mass he had on his spleen has completely disappeared, and we couldn’t be happier :)

  54. My 21mo old boy counted to 5 yesterday without prompts and I’m just so proud. 🥰 Granted, he calls 5 “thumb”. Still proud.

  55. Happy birthday 🥳 I always get the birthday blues so I can relate, mines coming up soon so hopefully I take it better than I usually do. I’ve always been jealous of people who can sew but it’s so hard lol, so I know you’ve made something beautiful ❤️

  56. That I'm preparing for my PhD from October, I've got enrolled in the best university btw :) it's my biggest wish, I've been dreaming to to finish my college fully after my master's

  57. How was it? My wisdom teeth are growing in but I don’t think they’re bad enough to be removed. I’ve always been afraid of the pain.

  58. I have savage back pain, awaiting more injections. Usually painkillers don’t work but I got a new one and I does. Now I can go and do my own shopping again. For now anyway.

  59. In a few weeks I’m starting my senior year of College! It’s been rough, with Covid and frustrating professors, but somehow I’m slated to graduate in May!

  60. I finally completed the Standardization documents my department needed. Having something to reference instead of trying to memorize will make things so much easier now.

  61. I just finished a 32 mile climb in two days and came back home to see my sweet boyfriend asleep in my bed. He drove across the border just to see me and my family, which was super sweet :)

  62. Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about whatever happened. I wish you Internet hugs (if you want them) and hope things look up for you soon!

  63. I passed up my dream job in my dream location on the other side of the world because of many different circumstances.

  64. I'm finally getting more comfortable with my new classmates in school. I basically haven't connected with any of them for the first year I've known them but now I finally opened up a bit and found a friend

  65. Thank you so much! I actually forgot I made that post it was a heat of the moment thing lol but thank you for your words, it really means a lot. Enjoy time with your dad! ❤️

  66. I'm pretty new to this app, but I thought I would give it a try by commenting here. I'm 18, still in High school. The last year of school, I got an opportunity to work as an intern in Malta. It was an Erasmus+ program. At first, I was pretty hesitant about it, considering that English is not my first language, and it would be a totally different life style and way of living. I put all my worries behind me, saying to myself that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So I said yes!!!! In the begging of July, our flight took of, and it all begun.

  67. I have a 16 month old son, which is happy news in itself. He loves to sit on the rocking animals at the park. Lately he’s started giving them hugs and kisses when he’s done. 🥰

  68. Just finished my BA degree at the age of 26 with zero school debt. I never thought I’d go to college.

  69. That’s amazing!!! I’m soo happy for you, your husband and your family and I’m wishing you all the best health ❤️

  70. I beat my call record at work today. It doesn’t make me any extra money, nor does it impact the world Really at all. It was just a small, personal victory to do with my little office job. Nothing big, but I feel good about it.

  71. If everything goes well next month I’ll be able to go to my first concert in 2 years and I’ll get to see my favorite football team live for the first time ever

  72. I finally got a new, better paying job so I was able to leave the horrible one I was at. My mental health has improved significantly.

  73. my roommate is moving so i have to find a new place and its been so hard to find a spot..but i got one! it'll be my first apartment in a long time; i havent lived alone in like 6 or 7 years. i'm really looking forward to a space being truly mine.

  74. Donated Sydney the kidney to my sister 8 years ago. Her kidney function results today are ……. 95%. We are bloody amazed and happy.

  75. My 2 year anniversary was in July and my boyfriend proposed to me! Then, two days before my birthday (last week) I received a job offer that is AMAZING for a company that I’m super excited about! I had worked contracting jobs for the past year because the previous company I worked for went out of business due to Covid. It’s been a rough time and things are turning around. I have so much to celebrate after such a long time of feeling stressed out. Im thankful for this season in my life.

  76. I am kinda n introvert, for the first time I went to a nightclub and danced my heart out. It was so much fun. Also, the other night I went to a stand-up comedy show all by myself, it was damn fun! I just wanted to share this, I am kinda proud of myself and that is it. Thank you for listening!

  77. My dog might be on the cusp of understanding her right vs left paws when giving a handshake. I've been working on it daily for a year or so, and I think she almost has it.

  78. Met my younger cousin today, we spoke quite a bit and when I had to go she instantly gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, after a moment she said oh I really just do this with the people I'm most close with, sorry if you were uncomfortable. It was so sweet and idk if I'll see her anytime soon but made me feel good.

  79. I was in a toxic work environment but I pulled it together and interviewed at the speed of light over the last couple weeks. I just put in my 2 weeks at my job and DAMN did that feel good

  80. My wife was visiting her wheelchair bound sister for two weeks. She went to take care of her after surgery, surgery went well and they went to a concert together. She's back home now and I get to see her beautiful smile again. She makes me feel like the luckiest man on earth.

  81. I've been talking to someone, and meeting up. And we've just decided to call it dating from now on. That makes me super happy.

  82. I just booked for everything for trip to Gold Coast for my family when my sister whom I haven’t see for years visit us next month. 😎

  83. My mom's been in the hospital for the last couple days for breathing issues and it looks like she's going to be alright for now.

  84. I got diagnosed with MS last year. Had my first MRI's on Monday since November of last year. Was told today that my condition hasn't gotten worse!

  85. On paper my life is pretty amazing and I usually enjoy my days. I’m still struggling with fixing myself but I’m doing well overall! Not really news but it is an update. Also it was my birthday recently

  86. I’m a Financial Advisor and I just had my first face to face client meeting! I was so nervous, but I made it through!

  87. At work they finally stopped giving me English classes and now my schedule is all art classes. I am very happy because I generally do not enjoy teaching English.

  88. Ive been making more effort to spend time with my friends lately and it’s helped me feel more like myself again :) I promise the pain won’t last forever. Wishing you the best in whatever you’re going through 💕

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