1. This isn’t nearly as crazy as it sounds. As a legal defense it’s bonkers, but the jist of the article is the oath keepers will contend they believed trump would invoke the insurrection act and federalize them as a legitimate, legally valid, militia.

  2. Also, the night before the attack, Trump directed his Chief of Staff to meet Roger Stone. Roger Stone is on video taking the Proud Boys's Level 1 pledge, and is on video chilling with Oat Keepers the morning of 1/6.

  3. Don’t forget Hutchison’s testimony that trump commanded his COS Meadows to get in touch with Roger Stone and call in to the infamous “war room” meeting at the Willard Hotel on Jan. 5th with Stone and Gen. Flynn. The oath keepers were Stone’s “personal security” along with the proud boys and Stone and Steward Rhoades were known associates.

  4. Okay, so their defense against charges of seditious conspiracy is, “yes, it was seditious, and yes, it was a conspiracy, but we were told it would be legal, which it wasn’t, but please treat us as if it was anyway?”

  5. Jesus freaking Christ. This was an actual planned coup. I thought Trump was just going with the flow when he saw the rioters but he was actually doing everything in his power to occupy the capitol. It might’ve worked too Grimm

  6. Also - their alleged beliefs, are similar to some of Trumps crazy beliefs: believing that violently attacking the Capitol with weapons, and killing 5 people isn't a crime doesn't make it not criminal on their part.

  7. I don't see it as "were they really that crazy?" I see it more as "there's no fucking way these guys were antifa. They were literally in league with the president"

  8. I think it’s important to note that Canada is facing another “Freedom Convoy” and the Oath Keepers were/are major contributors there. eta: A DOJ employee “donated multiple times with their U.S. Department of Justice email address”.

  9. Rodger stone was the proud boys handlers and flynn was the oath keepers handler. That is how it read to me for this coup attempt

  10. i mean there images of them WITH Rudy( and them with Rudy and his Russian friends too btw) the days before...

  11. imagine believing you can overturn the most impressive army in the world with a militia of oath keepers lol

  12. Trump honestly believed he would go down in history marching* at the head of an armed revolutionary mob, and the world would gasp in awe.

  13. Or completely fucking rational if you’re led to believe that you’re operating with impunity. Dems not investing this juicy fucking capital, imho

  14. I really fail to understand why knuckleheads like these don't just join the military and be done with it. Bam! You're part of the largest standing "militia" on earth. Oh, wait, that would require lots of hard work and a major attitude change. Nemmine

  15. All of this is awful but im kind of shocked at how these guys legit thought a) the military wouldn't intervene and / or b) that they could actually win a showdown with the US military

  16. Crazy to think that the fate of our nation, the most powerful in the history of the world, was dependant on a single secret service agent doing his job instead of taking the leader of a coup to his troops.

  17. Seems like the real heroes were the Secret Service who just told him no and drove him away from the Capitol despite his futile tantrum.

  18. I really want to know more about all of the generals that resigned or retired in the months ahead of January. Does the j6 panel plan on hearing from them at all?

  19. Don’t worry! SCOTUS will seal the deal next year and make it perfectly legal to steal elections. No need for those pesky bad optics when the States will have ZERO oversight on election shenanigans.

  20. The proud boys and oath keepers expected to meet aNtIfA resistance that day so they could start a massacre and that would've allowed Trump to invoke the insurrection act.

  21. He literally ordered them to “stand by” on National television. They asked him to rebuke the proud boys and instead he said “proud boys stand back and stand by”. It was a call to arms in the open.

  22. I'm going to tell you all a secret. Trump caters to the far right. Fox News makes far right ideas more bland and palatable for the mainstream. And you're really gonna hate this one. Truth social is mostly old ladies getting indoctrinated by Qanon.

  23. This legal defense, and Trump's as well, boils down to, they thought they were right. That they had enough information to decide what they were doing was the right thing.

  24. Let's for the sake of argument say that happened. You were right. Then what? The Capitolium is only a symbol. It is not a physical place of power. That power resides with the representatives, who retreated. They retained their power and may have met anywhere to continue the legal ruling. An insurrection requires the people to support it. The rule of a democracy is not a place but a process. You can't invade or take the power by occupying a physical place.

  25. Holy hell, we keep learning things were closer and closer to the breaking point. We only have a country because Trump either didn't know to invoke the insurrection act, forgot he was supposed to as part of the plan, or is such a raging narc that he refused to if it couldn't be done in an iconic (if it succeeded) scene to go down in history books.

  26. I think a big part of what foiled the plan was the lack of counter-protestors and the shot that killed Ashlii Babbitt.

  27. Let’s not forget that if he’d been fit enough to walk 1.5 miles, Trump simply could have joined the crowd if he wanted to. But the secret service wasn’t willing to drive him.

  28. Maybe Afghanistan vets could be weaponized against Trump and Trumpism. I can't imagine they're too happy about how all that went down, though I guess FoxNews has successfully blamed Biden.

  29. Now talk about what happened to them all during the Night of the Long Knives (or Nacht der langen Messer…also known as the Röhm purge, Operation Hummingbird, and Unternehmen Kolibri)

  30. The Oafs read the Insurrection Act and analysed it to come up with these conclusions. All by themselves? And only now is this a thing?

  31. Need to RICO these turds and round them up state by state. Insurrectionists and traitors. Militias are how Hitler took Germany.

  32. This seems like a bank robber arguing that they thought the bank would make them official bank couriers, and give them all the money as their pay.

  33. Yeah, " Thought" great defense there, here''s another one " Shoulda, coulda, woulda " , Should have stayed home, could have stayed home & they would have not been in the situation they're now in.

  34. I mean… yes… isn't this obvious? But refreshingly good of them to admit. All the traitors were (are) committing treason in this country, confident (because promised and also stupid) they would be heroes in its replacement.

  35. Jesus Christ. I mean, the really did train so they could be like one, but the fact that they felt like it needed to happen is ridiculous

  36. These guys think of themselves as the successors of the Waffen SS, when they'd most likely be used and then discarded like the SA.

  37. " Treason is the crime of attacking a state authority to which one owes allegiance.[1] This typically includes acts such as participating in a war against one's native country, attempting to overthrow its government, spying on its military, its diplomats, or its secret services for a hostile and foreign power, or attempting to kill its head of state. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor."

  38. Sure, because nothing says “paramilitary excellence” like a cadre of unshaven drunks led by a guy who shot out his own eye playing with a gun.

  39. Can a lawyer or law student tell me if this is a good defense? Because I think they are all cuckoo for cocoa puffs. But legally...I have no clue

  40. I think I'll always wonder which of these chucklefucks honestly thought the election was stolen and which are actively pretending to believe it because the alternative is worse.

  41. They can say they thought whatever they want. Unless they have some sort of communication with someone in WH saying they would be federalized, they are just going to talk for a bit and make internet MEMES happen, but not much else.

  42. He was also going to get them a pony and make them Wild West Marshalls and call them John Wayne. Delusional and gullible is no way to go through life.

  43. The biggest losers. It's disgraceful that so many of these guys are ex-military that threw their oath right out the window. I wish nothing but the worst for every single one of them.

  44. Their defense is basically that they’re all brain damaged or dumber than dog shit popsicles. These people claim they honestly believed trump would look out for THEM, do they know him?

  45. Trump spent nearly 70 years of his life learning how to skate away from responsibility. This time he conned a bunch of idiot right wingers with dog whistles and then left them holding the bag. I hope they get him with RICO, but I doubt it. No one seems to ever want to do ANYTHING that limits or tarnishes the 'office of the president' no matter what situation - which is total BS because we were founded on resisting Executive authority.

  46. Oathkeepers are a private militia looking to get approval by trump after he stole the presidency. They didn't really react and bring weapons to the capitol and instead drove around with a truck full of small explosives and some other dude had a van with weapons ready to hand out to insurrectionists. They never moved in or attacked with their weapons. What ended up happening is they pussied out and a few of them walked in with the insurrectionists and did nothing.

  47. Claims like this are why I have repeatedly said that anyone that shows some form of GOP ideology never existed to me.

  48. Very interested in hearing what evidence they have of this. Something in writing? Something verifiable? Whomever it is from, if it exists, is super fucked.

  49. I thought they would too. I thought they had more of a concrete plan to utilize the police and military for a bigger crackdown...they did... they just suck at... planning?

  50. But the isurectors were thrown out by the police and would they not most likely be thrown out and arrested regardless? Had they killed or held the Congress representatives hostage, would the public support them or struck them down? It would seem highly unlikely that the people of the US A would accept a revolution like that.

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