1. Showing their age too. Batshit crazy skins are a return to the first era of FPS when they were all on PC. People made their own ridiculous skins for MP and nobody cared.

  2. Why? I'm pretty young, grew up with the relatively newer cods, and even then its weird seeing cartoony operators and anime waifus. Personally I'm a fan of how the bo3 operators looked

  3. This is certainly a bold take, may I ask why? This is not to hate btw, Cold War is like one of my most played games period and I have been having a fun time with Vanguard this year. I am just genuinely curious as to why that it is, especially since I never grew up with games like WaW or MW2, moreso later 360/PS3 - early One/PS4 era COD games like BO1, BO2, BO3, AW, you get it.

  4. Modern Warfare 2019 got me with nostalgia with the Classic Ghost operator, and the Task Force M4. If those two items weren’t in the game I wouldn’t play MW.

  5. I got bigger problem that Sledgehammer games didn't went balls deep into idea of alternate WW2 and make it unique AF than those skins.

  6. I think what you're looking for is Wolfenstein, and that's fine, but I personally am not a fan of over the top sci-fi post WWII. I just don't find it very believable, especially in regards to the advancements made within Wolfenstein.

  7. poor boys dont know how good we had it. World at war was a fucking gem of an experience as a 6 year old. Beautiful game.

  8. The future is now old man. I remember when mfs used to say Black ops 2 was ass and compared it to mw2. I remember when mfs used to say bo3 was the worst cod and now reminisce about it. Bro just shut the hell up. I didn’t like COD WW2 so guess what I did. I didn’t play it and let the people who liked it enjoy it.

  9. I grew up with COD4, WaW, MW2, BO1, MW3, BO2 etc and I honestly don't mind these new stuff. Not tryna hate anyone tho. Everyone has their own tastes. I think the customization is nice these days.

  10. I mean they have free weekends pretty frequently because...yknow. Game hasn’t really generated a lot of buzz. Give it a shot!

  11. People say this every year, yet will buy the most expensive edition and buy the battle pass whenever the first season drops. Stop complaining loool

  12. They didnt go by "operators" back then. From COD 2 all the way to BO2 they were just soldiers on factions based off the games lore. Then after that is when Ghosts introduced all these stupid "operator" skins as DLC that werent bound to any faction lore.

  13. People really fucking salty about this post. If you think this is a bs post your part of the problem why cod is such a pile of shit now. The fact people care so much about operators speaks volumes. True fans of cod want the realism back and you being another solider on the battlefield style. I remember when cod multiplayer was pretty much a seamless experience from campaign to multiplayer with how it played and the soldiers you played as were just basic skins. Modern warfare was an exception when it was new and there wasn’t dumb ass skins and now everyone plays that all black skin because they suck ass at the game so they need some advantage ( because it blends into dark places). Shitty community.

  14. Could you imagine trying to deepthroat a game like morrowind like this? We get it. You're a boomer and out of touch with reality. Shut the fuck up.

  15. People are already bitch about people being "blinded by nostaglia" with Morrowind, you clearly don't keep up with ES fanbase. (Because heaven forbid we admit how Bethesda have fallen off in recent years.)

  16. It’s was so simple back then. You bought ACTUAL DLC not this skins shit. You get a few maps for each purchase and that was what made us happy. Too many options nowadays

  17. So glad I grew up with MW2, BO1, MW3 and BO2. But I wouldn’t have mind seeing King Kong in the map when I was growing up as well. Looks fun. 👍🏻

  18. Fuck Vanguard garbage. Watch Act Man’s new video, he explains incredibly how World at War is a masterpiece compared to Vanguard

  19. Who the fuck even cares? If you don't like the operator skins don't buy them. No one is forcing it upon you

  20. For real, haven't played cod since bo4 and before was cod ww2. Hated bo4 so much I haven't bought cod since.. thank goodness for the servers and shit on PC or I wouldn't be able to play these old school titles. Cod WW2 was alright after the overhaul but I hated the campaign and the zombies was okay. Bo4 I hated outside the zombies. It was a gift so I tried bo4 but I wouldn't have bought it after ww2

  21. Agreed. I don't usually buy operator skins. Though if I do, I'm looking for something that will be less seen, blend in, harder to spot, etc.

  22. Let‘s be honest, 10-15 years ago we would be so hyped for such content like skins, weapons etc. we get today.

  23. I remember when whole playable characters with different variants costed like 3 bucks … and included weapon skins, reticles, emblems, calling cards …… Ghosts did it right

  24. So did I but I don’t really give a fuck, it’s just a skin. Some people just like to bitch about something.

  25. We GOT ww2 og looking operators and the game was called bland and boring so they added skins now we hating ? Just enjoy the damn game and don’t but shit it’s worked great for me.

  26. With all the crazy stuff they should have just gone all in and made a completely crazy alternate WW2. Something in the style of Wolfenstein

  27. Ok this “meme”if that’s what you want to call it is now just a karma farm like yeah the old games were good but all these wacky operators just give the games a kind of thrill like I love these games and wouldn’t change a thing. So here’s what you need to do you need to put on your big boy pants and stop crying about something that you can’t change just face the fact that if we didn’t have these skins the games would be a lot more boring

  28. I hate having operators in call of duty, take me back to Black Ops and Black Ops 2 when we didn’t have operators and no special powers or anything attached to it

  29. I mean, it’s pretty much been Cold War and vanguard with the crappy operators. MW had good ones that fit well with the setting. Sure it had the bright coloured ones to, but rather than being an entire operator it was an optional skin for an operator.

  30. I am a huge COD fan, I have been playing from the first COD game ever. I liker basically every single game, some more and some less. I like the way the game is improving and I especially like the operators, since COD still have so many operators to chose from, its up to you.

  31. The whole idea of oPeRaToRs is shit i wanna play as a small soldier part of a larger conflict not some "supersoldier" with abilities and shit. Look at WaW: your character doesn't even talk

  32. Hell even the expansion games(Big Red One) and less famous(WW Western Fronts & Roads to Victory) were better than whatever this is. I will always prefer the old ones.

  33. If that were the case, then how come people aren’t playing the old games as much as the new? They can play the old but they don’t. Why? The consumers demand the goofy skins, that’s why they exist.

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