1. Is there a way you can call the recruiter and say you had a personal emergency and would be appreciative if they would be understanding and can reschedule? You don't have to give details, don't fawn, just be apologetic and sincere. Recruiters and hiring managers are people too so they may give you another opportunity. If they do, great! Go take a run, cool off, then come back and prepare for your next shot If they don't, it's ok, shit happens. Go take a run, cool of, then come back and prepare for your next shot. Start applying at other places, prep yourself mentally.

  2. I needed this today. Struggling really hard with finishing Uni assignments or I'm going to fail. I am stuck. I don't want to be doing this but I am.

  3. i've been going down the IFS rabbit hole for the past couple of hours. it blew my mind. even shared it with my mom. thanks so much for recommending this.

  4. If you have no one you can get an ARMHs worker in your county. They come to your house ( or any public place) and assist anyone (who has any mental diagnosis) struggling with basic functionality and help support them to gain independence!

  5. Practical: Talk to yourself in a mirror for a few minutes. Keep eye contact. Ask yourself what the fuck are you doing? Answer yourself. If you make it past that one, ask who the fuck do you think you are? I dont self sabotage as hard as usual when I do this.

  6. Does your country have a program that helps people with a labordisadvantage? There are a few in mine, I reached out a couple years ago and am doing alot better now. You can PM me if you're from Belgium and need tips/advice.

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