1. I was hospitalized with COVID (first and only time I had it) in May and never had a fever, definitely possible. Feel better!

  2. I haven’t had a temperature yet - always 36-ish when I check because I’m warm & feeling crap but never in the fever zone .. day 11/12 now

  3. That's good to know. I'm wondering if this is normal for the Omicron strain as I have been told it presents more like a cold with less severe symptoms but is much more contagious. My stepmother trains nurses for a living and was able to help me identify that I had the delta strain in January. I would assume that when health agencies and medical professionals warn people about possible Covid symptoms that they are lumping them all into one group as different strains will have different varying symptoms. Although it's still strange to think that it's possible to have any sort of infection without a fever though, as with most infections it's the body's natural way of fighting it off.

  4. I went through it with 37.2 max. It is possible. It felt like i had fever though, because of the body aches, but no matter how many times I've measured it, it was between 36.8 and 37.2. Although idk if it is a light fever for someone who has a low body temperature overall. Mine is always 35.8 or 36.2 max

  5. I didn't have a fever the first day I tested positive (Wednesday). Thursday I had a fever. Today it's just a persistent headache and I'm very congested. Basically feels like a nasty head cold.

  6. When I had covid in January, I didn't have a high fever either. My normal temperature is something like 36,6 and it only increased about one degree, so 37-something.

  7. My daughters currently have it, 16 year old has been 102+ and 12 year old 100+. This is their first infection and both are vaxed/boosted. It has been almost a year since 16 year old was boosted though.

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