1. i hadn’t researched long covid very much prior to your comment, but it looks like you’re right haha

  2. oh man, it’s been rough. i can’t even walk through a store without feeling it…. glad you’re feeling better though!! 💗

  3. I’ve been debilitated by long covid for over a year now. Was in the best shape of my life when I caught covid, now I can’t do much of anything. Hope it gets better for you. If not, I recommend checking out

  4. oh wow… i’m so sorry you have had to deal with that. i hope it’ll improve. thank you for leaving the link though

  5. Yes! Got sick May 15 and just this week I'm getting close to normal. My initial sickness was only three days but it's been 6 weeks of exhaustion. 42F, zero medical history pre-covid.

  6. I tested positive on May 15th and was sick for about a week, but the fatigue popped up later! I didn’t take note at first, but it’s really affecting my life now. I’ve hardly gone outside this summer, or even left my room for that matter… Luckily, I’m fresh out of college and my parents are letting my spend the summer with them for now, but hopefully I’ll be back to normal this fall when I start working. Not sure if this falls into the scope of fatigue, but I notice when I have to walk for a bit (usually in grocery stores) I get this heaviness in my chest and it’s really difficult to catch my breath. This has for sure been the hardest aspect of post covid for me

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