1. Somebody cussed me out becuase I played the objective and won. He was like, "we are trying to get kills not play the objective!!!".

  2. Also, it literally wasn’t the same game mode. Me and you both clearly didn’t read it. Grab and hold the radio until the end wtf is that?

  3. I think the issue is more they've got rid of normal rebirth and replaced it with the exfill crap.

  4. If they get rid of rebrith island completely they game is done imo. They’re slowly and painfully killing this game lmao

  5. Rebirth is gone in 2 days isn't it? I'm sure they will bring it back but there's a new map replacing it probably for a while.

  6. As someone who prefers caldera I find it dumb to remove rebirth resurgence for caldera resurgence. It seems a lot of people on rebirth just don’t like the caldera map and didn’t switch simply because of resurgence so this just shows how dumb the developers are.

  7. I have a shrewd theory that they do this do intentionally drop the player base prior to a patch or major update such as a new map as a way to justify their work and show the increase in player base upon patch release.

  8. My gripe was with caldera resurgence was the same as verdansk resurgence. I want a dedicated zone that's for rebirth. How frustrating would it be to play and the starting zone is in buttfuck nowhere with no good POIs

  9. These people are fuckin idiots. It’s a banking holiday and they force the worst LTM onto the players in a trio format. My god.

  10. Yeah it’s stupid. Just had my first game. Had the radio for 1:50 had half a dozen kills. Lost in the last few seconds and came 6th? Honestly don’t get what the hell this game is about.

  11. i mean kind of would be against the whole objective.. though they do on occassion have solos buy back resurgence

  12. Since verdansk the game has had little improvement and alot of crap. Quit placing squads of 400+ ranking in the same room with people who have lives and dont live on there game system.

  13. Just say you’re bad. Normally wouldn’t say that but your comment has nothing to do with the post.

  14. Apparently you aren't the only one feeling this way -- they just added rebirth resurgence back to the regular playlist!

  15. They also did a huge update on it, clearly knowing it was much more popular than Caldera (which is an awful map, Verdansk for the win), so removing it is as idiotic as putting a snooze button on a smoke alarm.

  16. They just updated the playlist to include all Rebirth Resurgence modes until Wednesday replacing Caldera Resurgence

  17. Because this is the reality of live service games. it's not about your enjoyment, it's about filling up player metrics in order to maximize people's playtime in order to generate as much revenue as possible

  18. I'm in the UK and on EU... We have the new LTM and Rebirth Resurgence? We don't have caldera resurgence? Did they change their mind or something?

  19. Caldera resurgence is just as fun. And its a very small circle and non stop engagements. 15 min max per game.

  20. I was wondering the same thing… was enjoying an extra day off playing rebirth resurgence and got booted back to the menu after my third or fourth game. Caldera resurgence isn’t the worst by removing rebirth a few days before it leaves the rotation for a bit kinda stinks. Not enjoying the trios mode they added…

  21. now you guys know how plunder players feel when they remove the game mode every week for some other shit one no one cares about

  22. I have no problem with any of the maps. But I’m sick of playing full BR with a random squad, no comms, and then team mates just dropping off, you then lose 30 mins for nothing, that’s why I only play Rebirth, so I only lose 5-10 mins at most.

  23. Why does the preview of Fortune's Keep look like a smaller version of crap Caldera that everyone hates? If that's all they have, I'm done.

  24. It’s Tuesday so the playlists change and the end of the season is upon us so they have another event planned

  25. At least Rebirth will come back sooner after Fortune's Keep than how Verdansk will come back after Caldera.

  26. Me and mates been playing Rebirth since day 1 and throughout that time, this sub and all thr twitch streamers were posting Verdansk stuff. We play exclusively Rebirth and at this point, we are sick of it and cant wait for the new map to finally have a good change!

  27. Hahahahahaha so glad I stopped playing this dumpster fire of a game. Such an amazing game at launch and could have taken over BR’s. Ohh well here’s looking forward to October 28th

  28. They got make they money an they know as long as rebirth mode is there no one care for the others or new ones sad but this what we gotta deal with

  29. Same rebirth was the only mode i was playing with my friends, but i just stop after april's fool update cuz it was so much fun and getting back to normal would be boring. Loadout at the start with specialist and faster respawn time damn that was fun. So much action in so little time.

  30. When did they do this? I was literally playing Resurgence on Rebirth with my boy earlier at like 3pm (technically yesterday now)

  31. Im surprised they got rid of verdanksi since it was such a good big map. I quit warzone when ffar and cmax was the meta along with mac10. Sucks they got rid of verdanks /:

  32. If they are concerned about not being able to fill lobbies with all the choices then just get rid of trios and duos on all the modes and keep everything there. No sense in alienating your player base by removing the stuff a large population plays exclusively. I really don’t get why they keep changing stuff when everyone who plays typically plays the same mode consistently.

  33. They decided that Rebirth is boring and too many try-hards play it exclusively so they're trying to get those people to play something different. Different Mode, Different games. They don't care.

  34. They are trying to ween you all off it while we sit for the new map in 4 days. Don't worry poor baby. Maybe try playing something different and having some fun with your mates rather than dripping in sweat all night. Have you every just played a few chilled plunders and see who can get 50+ kills and a win or something. There is more to warzone than just rebirth. This is coming from me someone 720 wins deep into Rebirth. Caldera resurgence is fun. These new modes & maps looks pretty interesting and its only for a few weeks. ;)

  35. Rebirth is a map, not a game mode. You'll need to clarify as I can't tell if you are talking about the mode or the map. Either way the rebirth map is still in the game and the resurgence mode is also still in the game.

  36. Every week someone complains something has been removed. Every week someone just shows they didn’t bother to look at the patch notes detailing how the playlist is changing each week. It even gets posted here. Can we just ban those posts? They add nothing.

  37. Because they don’t need to bow down to your personal needs I guess. This game is for everyone who plays it, and not all players are rebirth players

  38. They ain’t removing it lol, rebirth island is gonna be gone for two weeks when the new map is released, then rebirth island will be back and both rebirth and the new map will be available to play, and as for resurgence mode no it is not leaving, as for the point, it is pretty clear, it is to advertise the new map by forcing people who play resurgence to play it

  39. Oh I’m looking forward to the new map I have high hopes for it. I was just hoping they weren’t gonna take away rebirth until the new map dropped haha

  40. For the same reason they bundled shoot house and shitment. One is good, one is bad and COD developers make shitty decisions. They'll bring something back later and claim it's all new.

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