1. I'm so tired of both the people who say the CFL is bush league over every little thing, and also the league for giving them so many occasions to do so

  2. Terrible terrible news. I have no idea what the players are thinking here. It was what appeared to be a good CBA or unemployment. Baffling to say the least as this could be the end of the CFL

  3. Ok. So, pardon my ignorance, but this means strike back on ? Pre season is supposed to be starting this week. This means no go ?

  4. I really can’t see the PA being in a strike position anymore. There’s got to be a significant portion of the union who’ll cross any picket line

  5. Looks like the players were going to get some revenue sharing. Who knows the number but it’s a start on something that was needed that wasn’t there before for the players and they still rejected it….. season starts very soon and even if they get this sorted out. Who knows the how the Quality of play will be first couple weeks as training camp and practice is being interrupted.

  6. Farhan and Naylor are implying Canadian players voted it down over the ratio + nationalized American rules

  7. They’ll iron something out. Remain optimistic folks. Let’s get real, the needs of the few (Canadian players) outweigh the needs of the many.. (American players and the fucking fans)

  8. Almost 50% of the rosters are Canadians (21 Canadians, 22 Americans including the 2 QBs and 2 Global players). The Canadian players aren't just the "few".

  9. I think they just have to adjust the ratio stuff. I’m happy to implement the nationalized Americans but the 49% stuff is just too hard to keep track of and could be easily abused. 7 Canadians 1 nationalized American, make it easy

  10. I’m almost always pro labour especially in sports but the CFL is the only league where the owners aren’t automatically the villains. Some of the teams don’t even make a profit and it’s a wonder this league even exists a lot of the time. I think the players have really screwed everyone this time especially the fans. They’ve even endangered the continued existence of the league itself.

  11. Are they the ones who voted it down? I would assume the players needed 50%+1 to ratify or reject the CBA. That means 4.5 teams had to reject it.

  12. The hell?! Very unusual for a union to go against the recommendation of its own bargaining unit and union reps. This sounds like a mistake to me.

  13. Having a harder and harder time keeping interest in the league. Hate to say it but this might be the final nail.

  14. The players just look fuckin stupid here. What do they want that they didn't have? The people they has in place to make these decisions said it was a good deal so who is at the table now of they need to go back?

  15. I just want my much loved CFL games back. I am really disappointed in the PA on this one. I'm never pro management but knowing what I know about the CFL I genuinely have no idea what the players association are doing here. I'm totally disappointed and a little bit disgusted.

  16. I have no idea where this even goes from here. How do the players even negotiate at this point if there's nobody to represent them? Who are you negotiating for if the union is divided? If half the players who voted want this (plus a ton of the rookies who don't vote), would an attempted strike even work? Either the CFLPA or the players themselves made a HUGE miscalculation here.

  17. Read the room Canadian players. You have massively overplayed your hand, and in doing so squandered the goodwill of the fans, the League, and your American teammates.

  18. Good! Tired of seeing the owners sh*t all over these players and make a joke of our league. A 7 year deal with no increases was ridiculous. The players deserve better.

  19. Wtf are you talking about. This was a good deal for the players that's why it was originally agreed on. Also how the fuck are the owners shitting on the players, people make it out like the owners are actually making money off the CFL, they aren't...

  20. I picked the right year to bandwagon on the NHL playoffs (Oilers) so that might have to tide me over until this shit gets wrinkled out.

  21. Negotiations wise, I honestly like this move by the players. While we all want football, the players deserve more. Big ball, chad move by the players. I respect the fuck out of it. It may not pay off and may end up costing them short term but it sends a message that they won't be bullied by owners.

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