1. I think Stetson Bennett deserved more love. Since when did the Heisman become "best player that is also a top NFL prospect?"

  2. Just need to steal ESPN’s thunder and start spreading it as a confirmed news story. Do stuff faster and you won’t get scooped ESPN

  3. It’s more “who got injured the least”. Hooker would’ve won if he didn’t tear his ACL. Corum would’ve at least gotten invited (I doubt he will now).

  4. That’s what happens when the award is only relevant for QBs. If a few of the top guys at the position group falter a bit, and we refuse to acknowledge the best player may not be a QB, then this will happen.

  5. I mean if you're talking about who was the best all year, it's definitely Caleb. It's just he finally started getting the attention he deserved all year and then he got hurt/shat the bed (if 300+ yards and 3 TDs can be considered shitting the bed). But he was absolutely AMAZING this season

  6. He has those beefy Heisman numbers. I don't hate it. I've seen plenty of winners not win a national title so can't punish the kid for getting hurt in the conference game.

  7. Corum would have been real competition if he hadn’t missed the final two games, but his candidacy was significantly damaged by (1) missing two games worth of stats, (2) missing the two most important games of the season, and (3) his backup going wild for 400 yards, making his previous achievements less notable.

  8. I still think corrum would’ve hit some holes better in the OSU game but our line is the real heisman winner if I’m being honest here. I’d be curious to see what corrum does on a team with a worse line. He would still be an absolute animal but heisman contender?? Idkkkkk

  9. I think Marvin Harrison Jr should get a little more consideration. His ability to create space and make insane grabs is really impressive. He reminds me a little of Justin Jefferson. One dropped pass all season iirc.

  10. I truly believe he is the best player in college football, but his stats are not there for a heisman receiver. Next year he will start as one of the possible candidates, which will make it easier to get than this year.

  11. Give it to Bill O’Brian. He gave both Tennessee and LSU their best wins of the season and single-handedly kept Alabama out of the playoffs. Elite play all around.

  12. Once again, his team's defense ranks outside of the Top 70 in SP+, which once again leads to calls to fire and replace the Defensive Coordinator and pray that Lincoln will one day be able to luck into hiring somebody that can be "Head Coach of the Defense" while he continues to focus on only one side of the ball.

  13. Honestly I think the Heisman shouldn't even exist. It's too difficult to pick the best player in college football regardless of position, and most of the time, it's a QB anyway. Other positions, unless they have just an ungodly season, won't even get a sniff. Just stick to position awards (i.e. best QB, best WR, best RB, best OL, etc.). At least that's more fair for other positions.

  14. The Heisman hasn’t been “the best player in college football” for a long time and that was set in stone after Suh didn’t win.

  15. I agree with this. It you want to keep the name just put it on the QB award or something. As we saw with Suh, no pure defensive player is going to win it all, and the only defensive player to win it was also taking snaps on offense.

  16. The Heisman is for the most outstanding player. Not the best player with the best stats. " Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. "

  17. He earned it. He brought USC back to relevance and nobody was as electric as him all season. Guys had their runs but Caleb was money pretty much every week. He also played his heart out in the pac 12 championship game, dude was broken and still gave it more than anyone could have asked.

  18. Duggan also brought TCU back to relevance, landing them in the playoffs but without the five stars surrounding him, without the fancy coach, and with an overall class rank of more than 20 rankings behind USCs. He did way more with way less. He played his heart out, was so injured he couldn’t even celebrate his comeback in the championship game, and did it all without insulting his competition. He deserves it more imo.

  19. If I had a Heisman vote there's no way I'd give the trophy to someone who painted Fuck Utah on his fingernails and then proceeded to get his ass handed to him.

  20. Lmao. "Well I thought Caleb Williams was the best player, but then by God he painted his fingernails and got hurt."

  21. He did it all season and we won nearly every game. To me, the fact that no one other than diehard USC fans found out about this until the end of the year shows why it’s not a big deal- it’s a motivational thing for him and only him, and not something he’s broadcasting online or something for everyone to see.

  22. Honestly if there was any heisman moment this year, it was Duggan’s 4th Quarter on Saturday. Literally was dead in the endzone just to tie the game. Had they snuck him on 4th down in OT and they won I think he’d very much be in the discussion, if not the front runner.

  23. Hate USC, but well deserved. USC would have a losing record if they didn’t have Caleb Williams, he singlehandedly willed them to so many wins.

  24. If you'd told me preseason that we'd be going to the going to our conference championship game with a single loss, a shot at the playoff, and a Heisman frontrunner, I'd have said you were dreaming. This year has exceeded any reasonable expectations, regardless of the losses to Utah and whatever may happen in the Cotton Bowl.

  25. I don’t miss Lincoln Riley, but when I watch CW scramble for 50 I hear those “Baby come back” lyrics playing in my brain. Same goes for you Mario Williams you highly skilled bitch

  26. Sucks that they penalize him for being on a 4 loss team. He has better stats than pre-injury Corum, he should be in New York.

  27. I think Hooker and Corum should be there instead of Bennett and Stroud, but wow do people hate Caleb Williams for absolutely no reason. The fact that people are suggesting he’s not a good Heisman candidate and wouldn’t be mentioned in a different year is absurd.

  28. Stetson should be there, if nothing else than for the inevitable movie about him. I doubt he wins, but he deserves to be there.

  29. Yup. Also the Heisman, to quote their own organization, “is annually awarded to the outstanding football player in the United States whose performance epitomizes great ability combined with diligence, perseverance and hard work."

  30. His name wasn’t even in the conversation until both Stroud and Hooker lost/got injured. Heisman is actually just a boring trophy now that defaults to “best QB in the final top 4”. Only reason it didn’t default to Duggan (even though the conversation predictably did after USC dropped out of top 4) is because voting had already been going on that week

  31. Max Duggan is the true embodiment of the Heisman. A backup that had heart surgery and was told he may never play again and still finds his way to the field and took over after the starter went down. Duggan has literally carried that team to an undefeated regular season and left his heart and soul on the field after that OT loss in the championship game. He literally ran an entire drive and collapsed in the end zone after the touchdown. He also helped push TCU to its 1st playoff appearance. That to me says he EARNED the Heisman.

  32. This is probably the worst heisman season in recent memory. They really need to reset and think of something new to bring some prestige back to this award bc the current system is broken.

  33. This doesn't have to do with the trophy, it has to do with the players. When we had Burrow/Hurts/Fields or Baker/Deshaun/Lamar things were interesting because there was top talent, big personality and plenty of controversy. This season there weren't really any interesting storylines when it came to top players so the trophy race was meh. You could argue something in college football is changing, but I don't think rethinking the trophy itself will somehow make it more exciting.

  34. Wait, how is this year's Heisman race the award's fault? I agree the Heisman hasn't seemed as meaningful lately but this year specifically there just haven't been any players wowing everybody. Same was true last year to a slightly lesser extent.

  35. 4000+ passing yards, 4450 combined, 47 combined TDs against 5 turnovers (2 of which were late final game, clearly injured and 3/5ths of his OL out) is pretty damn Heisman'y numbers, historically speaking. Add in the team relied heavily on him while moving from 4-8 to 11-2 and I don't see the choice as a subpar winner.

  36. Idk I think Caleb is more deserving than Bryce just last year. He had that one clutch game and that really was all it took. He's a great QB but wasn't doing all too much crazy stuff considering who all he was playing with. Should've went to a defender last year.

  37. If the trophy lived up to its description of “Outstanding performance which best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work.” it’d go to Duggan. Small school player who started the season on the bench, got his job back, and went on carry his team to 12 wins with multiple game winning drives and earning the first playoff berth in school history. That’s the kind of story the Heisman is supposed to embody, it just sucks it turned into a “which big name QB put up the best stats” award.

  38. And I’m not just saying it because Caleb won or Stroud lost. Stroud would have been every bit as uninspiring a winner as Caleb Williams. It shouldn’t matter if the heisman is on a contender , I think that’s the first step in improving the race. Make it for the best player no matter if they play for a playoff contender or not

  39. Duggan maybe could have taken it with an absolute monster game vs K state. Like 4-5 TDs and 500 yards.

  40. Lots of people didn't really watch SC until the CC saw Williams put up good numbers but not look like the amazing CW13 that people who watched all the games saw, and they think that's how it's been all year. That's the only explanation that makes sense to me

  41. One of the worst Heisman years I can remember. Truly no single player stood out as "he is the guy". Several players had flashes of brilliance, but nobody has lit up the sky on a consistent basis.

  42. It was a bit of a weird year in that any time someone emerged as the frontrunner, they got knocked off. By the time it got to Conference Championship week, it belonged to Williams almost by default and despite going 12-0 and being Big XII Offensive Player of the Year, Max Duggan was so far down the radar most of the season that it was probably too late for him.

  43. Honestly this was the most underwhelming and boring Heisman race that I can remember. It is too bad that everyone competing for it didn’t stay healthy. A healthy Hooker and Corum would have made this likely a much more interesting award ceremony.

  44. I’m obviously a little biased, but he was the best player in the country this season. The fact that he missed one game shouldn’t erase everything he did.

  45. Absolutely hilarious. Heisman was quite the joke this year. It's really just not a great depiction sometimes when you stat pad on weak teams but who am I but a fan.

  46. Not a Georgia fan, but Stetson Bennett not winning would be a slap in the face. Walk-on quarterback on the verge of getting his second national championship or a kid who has yet to make the playoffs?

  47. I honestly think if voters look at the whole season, Hooker has a good argument for 1. Maybe it’s just because he torched us, but in a few years when I think back on the “outstanding college football player” in 2022, I’ll probably think of Hooker. To me that’s what the award is about.

  48. He is the most deserving for sure. It wasn’t a year with a super obvious standout but Williams checks more boxes than any other QB and of the 4 guys is the most personally electric player when he’s on.

  49. Call me old fashioned but a guy that paints his nails with fuck utah, then proceeds to get the shit beat out of him, doesn’t deserve the heisman.

  50. That chunk of brass is as useless as it’s ever been if Williams wins it. Shat the bed to drop out of the playoff. Meanwhile Duggan quite literally plays his heart out to keep his team in the playoff.

  51. Has there been a more underwhelming race? Granted I didn’t watch a single USC game so I’m sure he’s great, but I feel like the narrative going into the last couple weeks for Hooker, Stroud, Corum and then 2 got injured, the UNC came and went and Stroud was kind of meh to end the season. So we end here with a guy who didn’t get hurt or play too bad down the stretch.

  52. Brother is confident and paints his nails and people think it’s the end of the world. He’s painted his nails like that for every single game this year and suddenly now everybody thinks it’s classless? Who cares man

  53. Saw a ton of voters that hadn't submitted their vote post on the socials that Caleb's display for "off the field" things swung their vote another way (painted nails and such).

  54. I like how he painted fuck Utah on his nails and then cried when he lost to them.... both times.

  55. It's pretty funny that he's winning the Heisman after playing like moldy feces in the biggest game of his career. It's literally the perfect year for a defensive player to win it. Except i can't think of anyone worthy.

  56. Dude was injured halfway thru the 1st quarter and still threw 2 more TDs and ~200 yards afterwards with 1 leg.

  57. Most Outstanding player my ass, Caleb Williams has done jack shit to make his name the most notable. all year it was Hooker, Stroud, and Corum. MAYBE Duggan.

  58. It should be Stetson Bennett. Unfortunately he had a stretch of about 4 games where he barely had any touchdowns(didn’t need to) and that’s going to cost him in the end.

  59. The guy is 11-2 while Duggans only loss came in the championship game where he beasted and earned a Heisman moment. Lame.

  60. I guess I absolutely disagree with the notion that record should be factored into the Heisman. If a guy is playing best in the league good and isn't why they lost then he should be it. It shouldn't be the best player on an undefeated team. That would get boring most years.

  61. I bet $10 on him to win the Heisman earlier this year. I cashed out at $15 when Hendon Hooker was looking like he was gonna run away with it.

  62. And yet he’s never won a playoff game despite coaching Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts, and now Caleb Williams. All those points scored but can’t handle any physicality type teams. I don’t think you should be able to win a Heisman without at least winning your own conference.

  63. See I think it should go to Stetson, based on the heisman trophy’s own statement. I’m a homer, sure but no one exemplifies those values like the mailman.

  64. None of you fuckers stayed up to watch USC play this year and it shows. Williams had 4000 passing yards 37 passing touchdowns and only 4 interceptions and if he has any fewer yards or touchdowns or has any more interceptions, USC loses like 5 games. He needed every bit of his stats to keep USC's putrid defense in games. 700 more total yards than Duggan, fucking 11 more touchdowns than Duggan (10 more than Stroud). The player I honestly thought would have beaten Williams was Corum until he got hurt. Other than that, Penix was a godsend for UW this year, maybe he could have been in the conversation. We're trying to make arguments for Stetson Bennett and I get it, he was taken out of a bunch of games early because Georgia is just so otherworldly ahead of other teams. But Williams had nearly 1000 more yards and did have 20 more touchdowns than Bennett. I mean what are we doing here? Is it because we had to play after 10 pm eastern? Is it because we were on the Pac12 network twice and nobody even has it?

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