1. With a change of scenery and a new place will hopefully allow DJ to play at the highest level we all know he is capable of.

  2. I hope so because the venom I read on Twitter was disgusting. He's a kid. People need to chill the fuck out.

  3. If he would have played that bad under Saban you better believe he wouldn’t have gotten more than two games.

  4. What do yall think the market is for ole DJ after this year? I didnt get a chance to watch him a ton, but he was pretty dreadful in the couple games I did watch.

  5. I’ve convinced myself that it was a scheme problem, here. It seemed like once the switch to Cade happened, we opened up the playbook for the first time all season. Maybe not the best offense for what we like to do but could be great with the right scheme. That’s my speculation anyway

  6. He needs someplace with a stronger Oline, I think. Give him protection and he can throw dimes all day. A weak line that lets a defense pressure him is deadly.

  7. hope he can find somewhere where they can tailor their offense to him and develop up his mental side so he can shine

  8. If DJ goes to Oregon, I can see his brother following, but that's about it, USC and Ohio State, the two other big contenders, have qbs set up (Caleb Williams is back, at OSU two top 40 qbs who have been learning for 1-2 years).

  9. I think this is like Jalen Hurts 2.0. Most of the Clemson fans will be rooting for him, and if in the right spot, he’ll do pretty well.

  10. I don't even think the similar is that similar to Jalen Hurts, considering Jalen was a stud at Bama (26-2 record), but got jumped on the depth chart by a guy who was even more of a stud. DJ was never really that good at Clemson.

  11. Shit we’ll take him. Don’t think it will affect Chiles commitment at all and we don’t even need him to be good because we’ll just stop throwing it if he sucks.

  12. I think Oregon State would be the best place for him. Solid team. Good offensive scheme for a slinger like DJ. He would likely be the favorite for QB1. Great place to showcase his skills against other big teams.

  13. I have to agree with you on this one. Dj will be a project. A team would have to be willing to invest a massive amount of time and resources in dj. I'm sure many coaching staffs will be hesitant to make an offer based on the lack of progress clemson has been able to make with him.

  14. Sorry, y’all have to compete with Duke/App State, Northwestern, Last Chance U, and Jacksonville State for our transfer quarterbacks

  15. I’ll never forget this guy saving our 2020 season when we were down bad against BC and almost pulled it out against ND the following week. A 21-6 record at Clemson as a starter. Not horrible by any means but he clearly wasn’t the guy we need to win national championships. I wish him the very best of luck wherever he goes.

  16. I hope it works out for him. I want to see any kid that came to Clemson for 1 day, 1 year, or 6 years to succeed in life. Generally it looks better on us if they go other places and make an impact.

  17. Well at least there’s a chance I can still support him next year. For better or worse. Thank you DJ, and welcome DJ (maybe).

  18. Cam seems like a player who would really benefit from another year of college. Considering how many players Utah is returning they could well be a playoff team next year and with only a little statistical improvement Rising could shoot way up draft boards. Reminds me a bit of the situation Aidan Hutchinson was in when he returned for his senior year (Hutchinson was rated as a late second round pick before going #2 the following year)

  19. One of the great mysteries of College football for me. How can a guy go from top 5* recruit, show so much promise initially and then have the awful games that he had. I know. I know. Sometimes it gets too big for a kid. But they claimed his practices were great. Really sad actually. Did something happen in his personal life? Wish him the best.

  20. He still has a lot of potential as a player but just didn’t quite fit right in our system. Hard to change a PP into a dual threat who isn’t a natural runner. Hopefully wherever he lands he’ll be able to succeed. A new environment and headspace should help him a lot.

  21. DJ transfers to Oregon to fill the Bo Nix vacancy and be closer to home. Oregon becomes rehabQBU. DJ will improve so much under a new offense. He will be focused. He will be having fun. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a dark horse for the Heisman.

  22. FWIW, Kentucky insiders were saying he was gonna transfer way back in like week 5 or 6 of the season and that depending on who we bring in as OC, is a legit possibility we bring in.

  23. I thought I remember hearing a connection with Scangerello. Hopefully UK is still an option. I'd love to watch him play.

  24. Talented player, but badly in need of a coach who can fix his mechanics. And also he needs to calm the fuck down. Once things stated going wrong they snowballed to hell.

  25. Good luck Tiger brother. Kick ass and follow your dreams. Thanks for all the hard work and time you've given Clemson. You got your degree, always stayed humble and classy despite the criticism and drama. Respect the hell out of you kid.

  26. I wish him the best wherever he lands. That said, if he is successful somewhere else, I'd be curious to find out what the change was that allowed him to be so.

  27. Good luck DJ! Thank you for everything you did for Clemson. 2 10 win seasons is nothing to sneeze at. Hopefully that next school has a offense that your talent fits better with.

  28. Someone in another thread brought up what might have been for DJ if he didn't throw the pick six against UGA in that season opener last year, which probably made him scared of the big mistake.

  29. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out no matter how hard you tried or how talented you are. DJ has the talent, but just looks rattled every time he makes a mistake. I hope he gets help, and hopefully balls out somewhere else.

  30. Came here to read comments becuase I heard a rumor UK might be a destination. Little did I know: every college fan in America outside of Clemson has heard the same rumor.

  31. Based on rumors and knowns. My bet is probably 70% usc 20% Ohio state and 10% others. It’s thought him and matayo will end up at the same school and matayo wants to pursue music and you can’t really do better than LA.

  32. I hope he goes elsewhere. I'd rather just roll with McCord, who will have a couple years in the system, and who played with Marvin Harrison Jr. in high school, where they won a state championship together. Might be some rust there, but there could be some foundational chemistry to build off of.

  33. Going to give my actual opinions instead of the love speeches a lot of Clemson fans are putting out: Worst Clemson QB in a decade. Not even sad to lose him as a backup. Wish this transfer happened after the Syracuse game like it should have.

  34. Dude got broken mentally. He went from “is he better than Trevor” “hi DJ, we are Dr Pepper and want to pay you millions” “heisman favorite” to just being broken on the system with Dabo. I blame coaching.

  35. Sad the circumstances ended up this way. He seems like a genuinely good guy, and he does have talent. Just didn’t fit with all the other pieces we had. It didn’t help he only seemed to have chemistry with one receiver (Collins) who was out for some big games this season.

  36. I really hope DJ is able to have success wherever he ends up. He did everything right while he was here and showed flashes of his talent, but for whatever reason wasn't able to put it together for a full season. A team with a better O line and more imaginative offensive coaches would probably be great for him

  37. He’s got all the tools but hasn’t been good under pressure, if he can work that out he’ll be solid somewhere

  38. Clemson hit their breaking point when he couldn't complete easy throws against our awful defense. He's done there.

  39. His career at Clemson kinda reminds me of Hank Bachmeier's at Boise State. Some real highs... Probably as many inexplicable lows.

  40. He's probably trying to start somewhere. Coach Prime didn't bring his son to Colorado, and basically announce he's their new QB, all for him to sit on the bench.

  41. Perhaps this is in the realm of “fat chance” but if he wants to come back to California what about Fresno State? I think Coach Teddy would prepare him nicely for the NFL

  42. I wonder if the school his little brother goes to will effect him at any point. I know the younger Ukalele was looking hard at Ohio State, and DJ ain't going to Ohio State, but maybe that changes things for both.

  43. Ya know is there like a template online for transfer announcements. They all are the same shit with some saying shit like “I’ll always be a skin flute player, go skin!”

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