1. Reminds me of Auburn last year. They just stopped giving Tank Bigsby the ball in the second half after he was gashing us all day. Kentucky did it this year too. I don't understand why teams with elite run games didn't just run on 90% of downs against us.

  2. Mafah, too. We benched him for a while after the kickoff fumble (which admittedly was costly), but he was a weapon that was sorely missing from the offense.

  3. This reminded me of how they finished the 2019 national championship game. If I remember correctly they were up at halftime. Travis Etienne was having a good game and they just abandoned the run game in the 2nd half. They should have done everything to keep that LSU offense off the field who had 3 NFL superstars on it. Some coaches are just so damn stubborn. They won’t try to win the easiest way, but try to win how they want to do it

  4. Dabo has already said they ain't going anywhere and went as far as blaming the wr's for DJ's struggles and DB's in coverage for the loss. I do agree the WR's minus Williams are ass but then that falls on Grisham for evals/development and on Streeter to scheme the TE's into the passing game and continue to run the football.

  5. It’s infuriating watching other teams play. Teams with much less talent figuring out how to get receivers open with quick passing. Instead we are still relying on 50/50 balls with receivers that can’t make the play and QBs that can’t make the throw.

  6. Oh man Dabo getting finger banged now? I would have figured auburn and Hugh freeze were the first ones lined up after yesterday

  7. Shipley had a great game - his second half TD should have been called back for illegal formation (which is why Dabo was sprinting down to call timeout before the play) but he’s just a tough guy to take down.

  8. Clemson WRs downfall has been insane to watch. Ngata Ej Williams etc have all regressed the longer they’ve stayed. each year freshman show out and then by the time they’re juniors we go what happened. Really prayin Antonio Williams and Randall avoid the Grisham curse.

  9. Yeah once DJ was no longer a running threat due to getting injured, SC stacked the box and forced him to have to throw.

  10. Half of Clemson’s plays should have been called, their right tackle lined up well behind the centers belt line.

  11. We need to just rehire Jeff Scott as the offensive coordinator and fire everybody that has to do with our passing offense, CJ Spiller and the O-line coach can stay.

  12. I dunno folks…you need at least two data points to draw a line. To really determine if limiting Shipley’s touches was a bad idea, I humbly suggest that Clemson test this again, say on Saturday. It’s pretty clear Clemson should bench Shipley so we can be confident in the analytics. It’s for science. So let it be written, so let it be done.

  13. Shipley is a baller and no doubt about it. Even my husband was wondering why the Tigers ever put the ball up in the air when Shipley was running all over our D.

  14. Man just wait until socal fans wake up on the west coast, I can hear them wadding their panties now. “BuT bUt wE’re THe rEAaLll UsCccc!!!” My god they are insufferable

  15. My guy until this there were 0 comments in this entire thread from “socal” flairs and you’re already complaining about us being insufferable.

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