1. I don't care about where the game is related to the NFL, I care about the game not being at a weird time like a Monday night when college football is almost never played on a Monday night.

  2. Jesus this is perfect. The best excuse to be parked on my couch all damn saturday for one last hurrah

  3. Just put it on Saturday. It is dumb to have it on a Monday when people have to work the next day. The entire season is basically played on Saturdays. The championship should be too

  4. I disagree. The CFP title game should be on a Saturday night. They play 2 NFL games that day. There is ZERO reason why we don’t get a 1:00 and 4:30 NFL game and then the title game at 8:00. Ratings would be through the roof and bars/restaurants would make a killing. Win-win for literally almost everyone involved in any capacity.

  5. Sunday for the Super Bowl does kinda suck but at least it makes some sense with the NFL primarily playing on Sundays, plus it’s still a weekend that a lot of people have off work so you can host parties if you want.

  6. Nobody wants to believe this but it’s so true. TCU’s casual fanbase doesn’t even really extend beyond Fort Worth. Even Baylor might have had a bigger audience

  7. I think Friday Night would be great for those that work Monday-Friday. I'm saying that because I'm not a huge fan going to work with a hangover and no, I will not put down a drink when watching college football.

  8. This game was such a blowout I stopped drinking after maybe 7 beers....probably my lowest rating since 1999 as well.

  9. I dunno, people are much more likely to turn off non-competitive games if they have work the next day.

  10. It makes sense to have the college championship on the Monday night the week after the final NFL Monday Night Football game of the season from a broadcasting perspective. But less sense from a ‘fan bases traveling to the game’ perspective.

  11. The game will have worse ratings on those days. Monday is the best day for ratings. The game is on Mondays for a reason. Do you honestly think ESPN hasn't thought about this?

  12. Fuck the NFL. CFB needs to take Saturdays back. The only reason the NFL does Saturday games is because the CFB regular season is over. If CFB announces that all playoff games will be on Saturdays then they will schedule around it.

  13. No they won't. CFB takes a much bigger hit from the NFL than vice versa. The NFL has all the power, the only reason they don't play every Saturday all season is because they aren't allowed to.

  14. The NFL takes Saturdays off because they have to by law. The law states that this stops after the second Saturday in December. If they could air on Saturday earlier, they would as College Football shrinks into a shell of itself.

  15. The nfl is king and cfb is their little bitch. The nfl doesn’t need to a give shit about cfb because 90% of people would rather watch the nfl then cfb playoffs.

  16. No offense but this is a make believe world. The NFL is king and will always beat out CFB or really any competition for viewership for that matter regardless of how CFB fans feel about it. Regular season games do as well as the CFP games ratings wise

  17. the CFP final will never be on a day that competes with NFL games. It would be an absolutely horrible financial decision, and no one scheduling these games cares that you want it on Saturday. Stop crying about it! (Not directed at OP but everyone else begging for it to be on a Saturday)

  18. Terrible idea. Under this, the best case scenario would be you have a fantastic Peach Bowl-like championship game that gets completely swallowed by the NFL and the media completely forgets about college ball by Monday. To me, this is the only good thing about the Monday night game, CFB gets the coverage all to itself after the title game

  19. The past few seasons, NFL has dominated coverage after the national title game. Don’t think it makes a different. If it was a more compelling product it might

  20. "But ratings history" - old school media types who don't understand the viewing dynamic has changed to live event-driven from show-driven as it was in the pre-streaming/pre-smartphone era.

  21. Yeah I got an idea…maybe. And just hear me out, maybe, they could play the game on a Saturday because that’s the same day that 95% of CFB are played. I watch the NFL and CFB, as do millions of other fans…believe it or not we have the ability to multitask and watch multiple sporting events in the same day. Ratings would be no worse. Set the game for noon Saturday or something and it would do solid numbers.

  22. Maybe with the expanded playoff they could play the Saturday before the Super Bowl or maybe the weekend of the AFC/NFC championships

  23. Athens was a zoo Monday night, but winter classes just started that day. A huge percentage of kids didn’t get back from Christmas break until Sunday. I’m guessing it’s the same for many schools. A Saturday night game, while preferable to Monday, still might not be ideal for students if it falls within the break.

  24. disagree. as a former student, i’d rather have it during break so i could actually go to the game (if i could afford or) without being worried about missing classes with new professors that i don’t know yet. also not a huge inconvenience to head back to campus early, i was probably ready to get back anyways.

  25. Hot take: I really like it on a Monday night. It gives a whole businesslike air to it that is completely appropriate for a game which feels nothing like 99.9% of the games played during the season.

  26. I don't know why they can't have an agreement with the NFL to not put on a night game on Saturday night. Why do they get to own the whole weekend? Let CFB have the game on Saturday night. Then no one has to take a day off work if they want to drink during the game. People can be more relaxed and enjoy the night.

  27. Agreed. Monday is pretty universally the worst day of the week. Put it on a Thursday or Friday and it would make it so much better. I live in CO so I can’t even imagine how tough it would be on the east coast after a long hard Monday

  28. I agree that having games at 3pm on New Years Eve when people are at work is dumb but people who care about CFB will watch it any time anywhere, those who don’t care won’t.

  29. With expanded playoffs it just needs moved the week before the Superbowl and be the only football worth a damn that day

  30. I could care less about pro football. My beef is it should be on a Friday night or Saturday so more working people could enjoy without having to work the next morning. ( not meaning to offend those who work shift work or regularly work week ends)

  31. I can tell you when not to have the game. On a Thursday. The 2009 Florida vs Oklahoma BCS title game was on Thursday, January 8th 2009 and the next day there was almost zero media coverage because the 2nd round of NFL playoffs were that weekend and that's all the talking heads covered.

  32. Play it on a Saturday. Week 18 means the NFL isn’t on playoff schedule anymore and NFL legally has to defer to CFB for Saturday football to not get antitrust issues. Friday would work too, but CFB’s championship should be on the same day of the week the sport owns.

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