1. Even then it could be close. What you can't do on top of that would be a turnover on downs on the opponent's goal line.

  2. This game can very easily turn into a track meet. TCU is good. And Big XII teams are built to win Track Meets, we are built to wear you down and exploit a lack of depth on the O and D Lines.

  3. We can only do that if we can stop their passing offense. With Tennessee it worked really well, with LSU and OSU it didn't. Albeit the secondary played far better against OSU than LSU. The deep shots are whatever, it's those 10-12 yard dump passes that absolutely kill us, haven't been able to cover those all year.

  4. I think this used to be true, but as we showed against OSU, we are now also built to win track meets.

  5. Because one time my dog got scared of a frog that was in our backyard when it jumped. So naturally now I feel like the Bulldogs will be scared of the Horned Frogs in this match up.

  6. Is this a copy of the drunk Dawg’s post from a Frawg’s point of view? Indeed. Well, I’ll be honest. What you should watch for is the first quarter, which will define this game. If it’s 7-7 or 7-3 or 3-3 or 7-0 after one, this game can become a game. If it’s 14-0 or 17-0 or 21-0 Georgia, then it’s night night.

  7. I also feel like there's a possibility that UGA goes up early and lets off the gas. TCU has come back several times this year and they do that here. UGA steps on its own tail - possibly throws a pick? - and TCU wins

  8. What qualifies you to say we’re the poor man’s version? Before last week we were second only to you guys in record the past two seasons. Last years loss? Because this dawgs team and last year’s is drastically different. As is Michigan’s. Also our only common opponent almost beat you (probably should’ve beat you) and we beat them handily on the road. Y’all basically were playing a glorified home game.

  9. Teams playing for a second title tend to lose, even as big favorites ('02 Miami, '05 USC, '14 FSU, '18 Bama).

  10. I agree. This Georgia team doesn’t seem as scary as the Bama teams in the past decade. Those teams seemed truly unbeatable

  11. Duggan will have to escape contain on broken plays like Stroud did and rush for at least 60-70 yards. Only problem is we’re definitely going to have a spy on Duggan all night unlike Stroud. I don’t know if we just didn’t anticipate Stroud running the ball or if we needed every linebacker defending that deadly passing game, but Stroud had some big runs

  12. Or fumbles, but either way it’s turnovers. We’ve had a problem coughing up the ball this season. Mizzou and OSU both built the biggest leads we’ve faced all season after an untimely turnover. TCU winning the first half turnover margin likely means they head to halftime with a lead to maintain.

  13. College football is a game played by teenagers with a weirdly shaped ball that bounces weird. If any two teams play 1000 times, Team A might win 75% of them (maybe 30% in blowout fashion), but that's another 250 times that Team B wins. Based on the betting odds, TCU just needs one of those 250 times to pop up this one game.

  14. TCU can win by doing what they did to Michigan. Get two pick 6’s, Georgia fumbles at the 1 yard line and also runs a stupid gimmick play on 4th and goal from the 2. That should do it.

  15. Not saying we will win but our rushing defense has truly looked pretty good for the most part this season. Only Deuce really tore us up.

  16. You’re hearing that because it’s the truth. Georgia is better than TCU in almost every statistic and most by a wide margin. The roster talent difference is also significant. There’s a reason TCU has almost lost nearly every P5 game they’ve played and it’s from talent issues. Multiple 4th quarter/OT wins against bad teams like Baylor, Oklahoma St, Kansas, West Virginia, and SMU. They’ve also already lost to Kansas St. TCU needs a miracle. Feel free to revisit this post if I’m wrong, but the game won’t be very close. Second half blowout imo.

  17. There's a comment about TCU I saw here that's stuck with me; they just know how to win. This season they've won blowouts, comebacks, shootouts, rock fights, they've just got it in them.

  18. If they play like they did like against OSU, ya know like they didn't even care or bother to show up, then Frawg got a chance.

  19. Barely, and even then it was after beating them and playing 8 weeks in a row without a break. This team will be rested, and mostly healthy. The factors against us in the K-State game are pretty much all gone. And our total score against K-State between both games we still win.

  20. TCU doesn’t need a miracle, they just need Georgia to play like they did against Kent State, Missouri, or OSU. If you get that version of Georgia, there is a very good chance TCU can win.

  21. If UGA averages 8.8 yards per play like they did against OSU, they will blow TCU out of the water.

  22. Idk why you're getting downvotes. You literally have the Ohio State flair, so who's fighting you on your claim that our offense is better. Arguably, though, our conference championship game offense is much worse than yours has been, though.

  23. UGA has never played against the 3-2-6 that TCU plays on defense. It caused some issues against Michigan when they brought odd-angle rushers and coverages. I think that's the way it'll need to be - not just confuse or surprise Bennet, but the offensive line too. Bennett has been good, though.

  24. There’s a strong mental/psych component to football, it isn’t all strictly physical. TCU is a lightening quick team. They’re not bigger, stronger, or deeper on the depth chart than Georgia, but many of their skill guys are faster.

  25. Georgia barely beat a team Michigan manhandled. Tcu barely beat Michigan, even though they made every mistake possible. Tcu by 6.

  26. If TCU was Oklahoma they would be absolutely hated by everyone, just like OU was last year where they played down to their competition seemingly every game but wound up winning in spite of it all. TCU has done the same thing this year but because they aren’t a big brand they are seen as a good story.

  27. Their dog Uga X bites multiple players on the team and it turns out he has rabies and all those players have to sit out the game.

  28. Obviously Georgia is far more talented and better on paper. But TCU does have a matchup they can win, they’ve got one of the best receivers in the country and a really good QB which is what you need to score a lot of points on UGA. I think TCU will score some points but the big determining factor in my opinion is if they can stay away from the turnovers and create some of their own. Georgia is going to score a lot but from some of the games I’ve watched they have a tendency to give the ball away quite a bit which helps keep their opponents in the game. TCU has got to keep their foot on the gas the entire game. Ohio state did everything right except for the way they kinda let off their aggression towards the end.

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