1. No man truly knows his future, except for all of us who know we will do this same thing again every season for every NFL job that opens.

  2. Couple years ago reports were that Michigan administrators and donors wanted him fired. Many fans did as well. He took a 50% salary cut and a substantially reduced buyout shortly afterwards. Now that he's having success, he's supposed to express undying loyalty to the program? It goes both ways, and that shouldn't be a surprise.

  3. If he keeps raising B1G trophies and having the NFL salivate over him, I'm down for that ride. Every. Single. Year.

  4. I expect to coach Michi...what's that, 20 million per year from the Walton's...to coach the Denver Broncos in 2023.

  5. I have no doubt he is eventually going to go to the NFL. I hope that he wins some national championships in the next couple years before he does so. I also hope they have a plan for his successor in the next couple years as well.

  6. If you’re asking me, he was hired and paid a butt load, after a few disappointing seasons (3x 10 win seasons 1x9 and 1x8 which is really not that disappointing if you ask me) UM fans are just too impatient to win another natty, which I am waiting for it too but I won’t be upset with 10 wins. Also let’s forget about the Covid season. But then after that season they seriously cut his pay, and then he comes back with 2 big ten championships and 2 trips to the CFP, I would make some things seem a little vague too if I wanted a pay bump.

  7. Yeah, "I expect to be coaching Michigan." This isn't a guarantee he's staying. It sounds like a throwaway statement designed to give him wiggle-room to speak with NFL teams while still holding on to the recruiting class just in-case he returns.

  8. I was listening to Cover 3 this morning and they seem pretty convinced he staying, but wants to use the threat of leaving for the NFL for leverage. He makes less than Tucker or Day and obviously isn't going to another school, so he needs to use the NFL to make sure the school pays him up to standard.

  9. This is basically a joint statement with the AD given the Twitter account it was announced on is the AD football account. I read this as long as we don't screw him he's back

  10. Contract negotiations going on. I feel much better this is coming from the official football account, and will feel MUCH better when the extension is finalized

  11. Harbaugh is exactly weird enough to say that just in case he has an accident or a heart attack. He was 100% honest with everyone in the past (when he was staying and considering leaving), I don’t know why people keep expecting him to change.

  12. You "expect" to wake up alive tomorrow. It will probably happen, but no one can guarantee it. He's just being honest.

  13. Official team account tweeting something like this would make you think 100% it’s a lock he’s staying but this is still phrased so awkwardly.

  14. I feel like it's phrased weird only because it's Jim. He can't commit 100% because he knows there's always the chance he may be abducted by aliens or something weird.

  15. I think everything points to him staying and the weird phrasing is a recommendation from his agent but this being posted by the official account and still containing “I expect” is pretty funny

  16. I know the verbage is slightly non-committal but he's renegotiating his contract guys. Plus he has an agent for the first time, but look at the source of the statement.

  17. I actually think the most damning line is "while no one knows what the future holds" because that leaves a lot of wiggle room. He's basically saying:

  18. This reads like I expect to be coaching Michigan in 23' unless an NFL team that doesn't currently suck offers me a HCing job.

  19. The University of Michigan’s refusal to disavow Bo Schembechler, and instead keep using him as this great moral example, is fucking sickening

  20. finally someone actually brought this up. it’s truly disgraceful how no one is calling him or the university out

  21. Not only is Bo a gigantic asshole, but also this quote is so stupid to me because he literally never won a National Championship.

  22. He’s staying. A lot of y’all think he’s just up and gone because of the vague language and what’s happened with Riley and Kelly, but that’s not Harbaugh unless the contract negotiations completely fall apart. Not that Harbaugh is the absolute most wholesome and loyal person in the world, but because he’s a weird guy, and I’m his mind it’s not leaving the door open so he can leave, it’s just saying he doesn’t know the future because he literally doesn’t.

  23. So many words to say absolutely nothing. Pure holding pattern word salad to either get a raise or more likely wait out an NFL team getting through their Rooney rule requirements.

  24. There has never been a time that made more sense for a college coach to make the move to the NFL than now. So much bullshit without the same payout

  25. Feldman said he's gone if he gets a decent offer. Feldman doesn't just say unsubstantiated shit or listen to agents. If he's reporting it, it's true. It obviously takes two to tango, but he's gone if there's interest. Maybe not Denver because Harbaugh probably doesn't need to take a bottom tier situation if he's willing to be a bit patient, but his NFL interest is very real, and honestly, Michigan deserves it. If you want to keep your coach that the NFL wants, maybe don't force him to take a big salary cut and try to run him out of town because he only wins 10 games a year?

  26. Funny that he’s probably going to have to do another press release next week when this actually all heats up after Black Monday, but LFG!!!!

  27. Announcements like this are pointless. If you stay, great. You’re already here. If you don’t, it makes you look bad. There’s just not much to gain here from a PR perspective when you say you “expect” to stay.

  28. The Bo quote is pretty gross. It's honestly wild he still looks up to that guy. Imagine Franklin closing a statement with a Paterno quote?

  29. Not even sure why he's that big a deal on the football side. How many national championships did he win? What was his record in the Rose Bowl?

  30. Bold of him to quote the great Bo Schembechler.....great at knowly let his players and even his own kid get sexually assaulted

  31. Hahahaha "michigan man" who quotes Bo? The same Bo that enabled the assault of his players? I hope that is not what a "michigan man" is.

  32. Has Santa Ono been president at every damn school in the country??? I remember when he was tweeting #hottestcollegeinAmerica for Cincinnati lol

  33. You read the actual fine print of the statement and it still doesn't sound definite. But I suppose they could not say "a Michigan man through and through" if there was any actual chance he left before next season because that would be too much of a shock to the program's credibility to ever risk.

  34. I’m aware of the rumors that Jennifer Lawrence has been seeking a relationship with me. However, I enthusiastically expect to be single in 2023.

  35. I have no dog in the fight, but as someone who loves CFB far more than I do the NFL, I hope Harbaugh stays, reaches the mountaintop some season soon, and has a statue built of him in Ann Arbor. Him chipping away for one of the truly special CFB programs excites me so much than him going to some middling NFL team.

  36. Weird phrasing lol. I guess it's not a bad sign, but I feel like doing nothing would have been better than putting out a statement that still says "no man knows the future" and "I expect."

  37. the worst part about all of this is everyone overlooking the fact he keeps quoting bo. rumors of him leaving aside, that should be the real story. this guy does not care at all that his hero was literally hiding one of the worst sexual assaults in college sports

  38. I honestly don’t understand, for a top tier guy like Harbaugh what’s the appeal of leaving for the NFL? Would he really even make any more money?

  39. This almost sounds like religious phrasing. A lot of the Christians I grew up around would always say, "if the Lord wills" after saying they were going to the grocery store.

  40. This is the same quirky man that called everyone on Twitter hater-tots and this thread is surprised by his wording? C’mon, the man is a talented, grade A goofball.

  41. I actually believe that Jim Harbaugh views a pinky promise as amongst the most solemn of vows. If you really want him to stick around don't get a contract with a big buyout, make him do a pinky promise.

  42. It’s hard to see him leaving given his success. But, wow, that’s a pretty pathetic statement if they were hoping to shut down rumors of his departure.

  43. I "expect". Which means there's basically a real possibility that he leaves. Just none of the teams with current openings have made him feel like he's got a shot at their opening.

  44. I mean, it's 2023, and he's coaching Michigan, so that part is fulfilled already. He is preparing for the 2023 season..and the rest of it is non-committal.

  45. I actually think he was so committed that they were going to beat TCU that he would have been coaching the natty in 2023. Which is why he said he will be enthusiastically coaching Michigan in 2023

  46. this has to be exhausting for Michigan fans, but I find his candor pretty refreshing. there are a lot of ways to go about this and i think he’s found the best one, although it is kind of a shit-or-get-off-the-pot situation. that said, fuck Harbaugh. intensely anti-woman dickhead. hate that dude

  47. Someone in PR saw the Juwan Howard tweet from a couple years ago and said “we should probably do this” except this looks nothing reassuring lol

  48. When you haven’t signed on the dotted line, you’ll lose every negotiation if you 100% confirm your decision beforehand. I’m assuming 99% of the details are ironed out. This is about as concrete of an answer without the finalization. Thank the Lord, because I don’t think I could’ve handled an offseason of flight tracker rumors

  49. The media punching air for the 8th straight year now 😭my take on the phrasing is for contract negotiations and nothing else, plus it’s Jim, he loves his phrases and metaphors and thats why I love him so much. So glad a squashed this so quick, it shouldn’t have any affect on recruiting. So excited for next season for sure!!

  50. Phrasing means everything, as does context. This is still not a very firm comment, and it took him what, a week once news hit to give it?

  51. I hope he leaves Michigan. A bunch of fans called for his head for not being OSU in his what, 1st or 2nd year there?

  52. What’s the point of including “expect” in that statement? Just say you’re absolutely staying and get it over with. That’s just fishing for attention to leave it open ended.

  53. He would probably be very selective of what NFL team he'd accept. I'm not sure how many attractive NFL jobs are there for him this year.

  54. Lots of us stayed with someone or went back to an ex when we found out our crush doesn't want us. Doesn't make you loyal. Just makes you comfortable going back to what you know after failing to get what you actually wanted.

  55. I think he’s re-signing with Michigan. But for a 3-4 year contract that’s essentially a predicated succession plan

  56. The biggest thing I take from this is the University would be taking an insanely huge L if he leaves now. How many “a Michigan man through and through” Gameday signs will be there next year if he’s at the panthers? Hell, some buckeyes will get it tattooed

  57. I, personally, would be deeply and devastatingly owned if a buckeye tattooed “a Michigan man through and through” on their body

  58. Okay, yawn. Bummer though, I didn't see Andrel Anthony was transferring. That's a potential big loss, kid had a lot of promise.

  59. I’m starting to think he just wants more money. To be fair he took a pay cut after a bad season. If he’s had back to back great seasons go ahead and open the checkbook

  60. Not sure how many of y’all are parents but then one thing in the world I want now is for my children to be setup financially. I don’t make a sliver of what St. Jimothy makes but hey.. he’s got like 20 kids one was in the nicu a few years ago … and he’s gotta make sure they’re taken care of. He should get what he deserves monetarily and he’ll maybe he’s trying to negotiate a larger salary for assistants and not himself… that would truly be a St. James thing to do.

  61. I doubt he wants to leave with a losing record to Ohio State, even with consecutive wins, or without a national championship. Dude only has two conference titles and two CFP appearances in 8 seasons at Michigan, and he's won a single Bowl Game in that span. Do you really think he'll want to leave just as he has two good seasons? Especially for the jobs he's being linked to in the NFL...

  62. Well it was real fun this time around guys. Back to preparing for the season. On the road to 3 peat B1G champs and owning ohio state once again

  63. He’s black balled from the NFL. No owner wants a head coach to treat them the way Harbaugh treated Jed York. He’s too immature to get another gig.

  64. All has been a money move. Too much green being thrown around in the B1G for a back to back CFP coach to not be getting a bigger bag.

  65. I just want someone to sit down ask him what conditions would have to be in place for him to coach in the NFL again, just to see the crazy shit he'd say yes to. I imagine one is the ability to choke the life out of the general manager.

  66. Depending on how dicey things get, dude pulls a Carroll and goes back to the NFL while a 2023 version of young Lane Kiffin eats the bowl of shit with a serving spoon for the next 5 2 years?

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