1. I think it did, but it is just pooled together for all those teams. I think the Rose Bowl has a $35 million payout for the conferences. While some bowls are barely $1 million in payout.

  2. So you're telling me my first flair made 4 million bucks for the brokeasses who beat my second flair? This has not turned out how I wanted.

  3. Fantastic news for them. B1G trailblazing once again. They’re also the first conference to get two teams in and not have a team in the title game.

  4. If both B1G teams made it.. the sheer amount of money going to the B1G would be enough to install a statue of Ron Harper Junior in front of both Purdue and Indiana’s basketball arenas

  5. Awesome for the BIG10! But I just looked it up, why is there no additional payout for playing in the championship game? Every other big bowl has money attached but that one. Seems like some BS

  6. It might be a structural thing; the NCAA tournament is the same way. Teams earn units for every tournament game they participate in, except for the national title game.

  7. I keep getting calls from Wisconsin to give money to their athletic department because I've attended games there. Next time I'll just say that the $2 million dollar check courtesy of Michigan is on the way.

  8. This is the thought process that will get us the college football super league featuring Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Alabama, Georgia, Florida LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, USC, Clemson, FSU, Oregon, Washington, and Notre Dame.

  9. No fake conference unity here. Every man for himself. I’d sacrifice the Big 10 West to the football gods if it meant more Michigan losses.

  10. I don't mind them having it as long as we get a good amount of money. Now, expand our conference to more markets, new commissioner.

  11. Basically everything that comes from TV contracts had been agreed to be shared by the B1G in order to keep the lower budget schools competitive. For instance, this money alone could pay for Purdue’s new HC this year, so it keeps the conference strong.

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