1. I am interviewing for PTII worh DOJ. I’m bringing extra copies of resumes & references. What are the typical interview questions?

  2. Contemplating a change and I am confused about the eligibility process. The jobs I am looking at (education programs consultant) state they are education and experience exams. Does this mean I need to submit an application for a specific posting to establish eligibility? Is there a specific place on calcareers that I submit an education/experience exam?

  3. I was discharged early from the military under honorable conditions. Would that be considering fired? If so how in depth should I go to explain?

  4. I had an SSA interview last Friday and i was called yesterday and told they were checking references. The manager who called me said that they were checking everyone’s references but they had sent an email to one of mine but it came back due to a mistake on my part. They also informed me to fix my STD678 due to some missing information and send it back to them directly. Is this a good sign? I currently work for the same department in the same branch but in a lower position at a different field office. Thank you all!

  5. Question about references! If I had previously worked for the state, do I need to have my previous supervisors from there listed as a reference? I noticed from experience that my previous supervisor from the state have a hard time responding to reference checks and feel it can be a burden when trying to get a job. I have a others that I stay in touch with that feel could be a better reference check. I just don’t want it to seem like a red flag if I didn’t use my state references.

  6. So I have applied to a lot of positions in the last year, got 8 interviews with no offers. I'm thinking its not so much that I'm not qualified since I'm getting calls for interviews, but rather I'm doing poorly in the interview and being overlooked. So I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is a thing? Like "Hey here is $50 bucks for 30 minutes or an hour of your time to point out what I'm doing wrong, what you want to see in the interview based on what I have to offer, and how I should answer/improve" sort of thing. Any ideas? Maybe former hiring managers that opened up a service like this?

  7. Hiring manager here: biggest mistake I see people do is not follow-up with the hiring manager when they are turned down from a position.

  8. In my experience, many managers will discuss your interview with you once a selection is made. One caveat, most interviews I'm familiar with are internal and promotional, I'm not sure if hiring managers would be willing to talk to someone who's not already a state employee or someone who works in a different department.

  9. Honestly there's no need to ask any of those questions if you don't get the job. So keep them for when you get an offer and ask away if those questions are pertinent to you accepting or declining the position. I wouldn't ask during the interview process. Just my opinion and experience from being on panels.

  10. How targeted are Contact Letters? I get them for certain postings and I'll read them and think that this has almost no application to any of my previous job experience, so it feels silly trying to apply.

  11. I have an interview with the State Compensation Insurance Fund for a claims adjuster position. What are some common questions that are asked during the interview? Thank you!

  12. Is it acceptable to wear the uniform of my current state job to an interview? The interview is scheduled on the middle of my workday. I was not given a choice of when it is scheduled. I’m using ATO for it.

  13. I tactfully ask about turnover/open positions, any seasonality to how busy it gets, qualities that make a good/bad employee stand out, what makes them want to work at the dept, and the classic "when can I hear back?"

  14. From my experience of being on panels there's no points given for asking extra questions. One solid question that shows you did some research on the unit or directly related to the job is fine.

  15. I’m a little confused on ranks and how they effect the hiring process. I’m currently rank 5. How would this hurt my chances of being hired on with the state?

  16. Only top 3 ranks can be hired. Depending of the classification and how many people are in the higher ranks, sometimes they can be cleared which gives you a chance. It varies by each position you apply for and depends on if the people in the higher ranks received a contact letter and whether they applied or not.

  17. I applied to DOF for the Finance Budget Analyst series and just received an offer for Junior Staff Analyst. I believe that my education and experience (Bachelors & 2+ years of post-grad finance experience) qualified me for at minimum FBA series A. Is it possible that my minimum qualifications were incorrectly assessed? Has anyone had experience with a similar situation?

  18. It's definitely possible. Reach out to the recruiter/HR e-mail and ask whether you meet the FBA Range A minimum qualifications based on Cal HR's

  19. Anyone move from teaching to state work? How was the switch? How many sick days? Is work life balance better and can someone explain what this looks like.

  20. I did. Best decision for me so far since the work/life is sooooo much better because I don't have parents yelling at me and when I was in the classroom, I felt like I worked 24/7. Now, even at the busiest, I feel like I'm working about 30% compared to being in the classroom. And I'm at the CDE and they don't plan on returning to the office anytime soon. As for leave time, you can earn 11 hours of annual leave a month or 7 hours of vacation and 8 hours of sick leave for the first three years and then it will increase after that.

  21. ask the contact who the hiring manager is. My office has admin staff do the job postings for me, and they get listed as the hiring unit contact instead of me. so if you can reach out and just double check they are the hiring supervisor, that would be best, then you can use the name.

  22. I have an interview for a seasonal clerk position at the unemployment insurance appeals board. Can anyone who previously has had this position tell me a little bit more/offer any insight. Also, any tips for the interview is appreciated, thank you!

  23. Lots of filing. Dept is not electronic so they still handle manila folders. Big room to stores files, responsible for organizing by closure date in alpa order. Make bankers box so that files are rotated (old go to a warehouse) Put closure paperwork into folders, verifying folder has all closing papers before filing (1st part & filing in big room not done same day so while it is repetitive its for a reason). You do use computer for assisting in closing file in the computer program. Not required to answer phones or interact with public (if lobby is back open) Helping with phones if short staffed is helpful tho.

  24. Today I got an offer for SSA range A at DOT. But I have a masters degree and one and a years of job experience. Is it possible to negotiate with the HR for a higher range or is it pretty much fixed to accept whatever I have been offered?

  25. not sure about the SSA series, but since i come from the environmental scientist series, which also have 3 ranges, i know for a fact you can most certainly present a case for a higher range to HR for an ES, and it can be after you have already accepted the position. I had one staff go from a range A ES to a Range C ES after 6 months because he was able to demonstrate he met the requirements for a C, he was then back paid to the start date for range C pay.

  26. If you have a bachelor’s, my understanding is you start at range C. I’d contact HR and send over your transcripts. I just got hired as an SSA, range C because I have my BA.

  27. That doesn't seem typical. I couldn't find a requirement to have more than one person but I don't think I've ever seen only one person and the recommendation is to have three people.

  28. Had an interview with Caltrans three weeks ago Friday. References were checked but haven't heard anything back. At what point is it clear that you are not the father?

  29. I just got hired by Caltrans. They took 2-3 weeks after the reference check to send a job offer. I wouldn’t worry yet!

  30. Job closed in the first week of the month, got an interview a week and half later, received formal offer a week later, started three weeks later. It was approximately 6 weeks from when I applied to when I started. By far, the fastest I’ve experienced.

  31. For me, job application period closed last week of May, interview was in early August, tentative offer late August, and September has been a back and forth of paperwork with CalHR. I expect my first day in October. It's a long process...

  32. Is the salary determined by HR negotiable? For instance if the role has a range and HR offers the lowest pay, can I counter by asking for higher? Or is that a moot point with the State?

  33. its moot. you start at the bottom of the pay range and are given %5 salary increase for each 12 months of service until you are at the top of the pay range. everyone get to the top of the pay range once they put the time in.

  34. It’s very rare to start higher than what HR concludes to be the starting salary. Those are reserved for hard-to-recruit and/or very specialized positions and even then, it’s not guaranteed.

  35. About two weeks ago I interviewed for an SSA position and they said I'd hear back in about 2-3 weeks. They called my references late last week. Should I expect to hear back either way or only if I actually got the position?

  36. Say I did really bad on an interview for a position. If the same position opened up again, would i still be able to apply for it again after being rejected?? Would i be most likely passed over because of the bad interview??

  37. I plan on attending a hiring event on Monday for the Elk Grove OT positions. What should I expect? Do they offer interviews there? Am I just going to meet the hiring staff? Any advice on things I should look out for? I plan on bringing some resumes with me, is there anything else I should bring?

  38. I am attending as well and not sure what to expect. I applied for a few positions that required attendance as part of the process.

  39. No. Don’t bother because your not reachable. I scored 88% on the OT test. And that ranks a 4. I got offered a position back in May but they took it back after they found out I ranked a 4. I no longer apply to office tech positions.

  40. I have an upcoming interview with Parks & Rec as a Classification & Hiring Analyst. I’m beyond thrilled but I’m worried about my interview. I get so nervous during interviews I struggle to weave my relevant experience into my answers and elaborate as well. What questions should I expect to get so I can better prepare my answers? The last time I had a C&H Analyst interview a lot of the questions were customer service based which I struggled to connect to the analyst aspects of the duty statement. Any tips or insight is greatly appreciated.

  41. I have found that customer service questions are in every interview, and I'm an environmental scientist so very far from that field! I typically relate my "customer service" experience to how I work with people both in the department and in the public. Customer service is just your people skills. If you're getting nervous, excuse yourself to take a drink of water or something along those lines, just so you can get a breath and a moment to think about it. My last two interviews have been virtual and they gave me the questions ahead of time which has helped a lot to let me mentally prepare for each question.

  42. I submitted an application for a Graphic Designer Analyst and haven't heard anything. The same position came up today under a different JC number. Does that mean they didn't get the candidate that wanted or? Is it worth applying again?

  43. I have an Associates in Political Science (currently working on my BA at Sac State) and I’m trying to figure out what state jobs I can apply to. I don’t have clerical experience but am willing to learn!

  44. Had my first state interview. I was wondering if it's normal for the interviewer not to ask any questions after your interview responses.

  45. yes, this is done for many reasons. the first is that if you ask follow-up questions, you can inadvertently coach applicants into better answers. theres also a line of fairness - everyone has to be given the same interview, so if the hiring manager asks follow-up questions to you, the y then should be asking those same follow-up questions to everyone else they interview to keep the process fair.

  46. hi everyone! i interviewed for CDPH—CA Dept Public Health back at the end of June and I’ve reached out if they made a selection but they stated they are “still going through the recruitment process.” My question is, do they normally take this long or are they waiting for someone to be reachable ? This is for an AGPA Investigative position

  47. I work for CDPH. The entire hiring process (initial application, exam and nterviews) took 6 months. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

  48. i've seen answers on here saying that it can take well over a month after an interview to get an offer / move to the next step

  49. Hello! I am an out of state applicant who got a verbal offer conditional on passing a background check. I need to do a LiveScan fingerprinting but after some research it seems that digital fingerprints cannot be sent across state lines and the LiveScan CA DOJ service is not offered outside of CA.

  50. Yes, you have to send in a manual form. If you look up the live scan facts on the Attorney Generals website it gives you the information.

  51. You sound a lot more experienced than a lot of people in different accountant positions. Nothing wrong with getting your foot in the door as an AT. You can move pretty quickly from there, every year or two, if you're a good worker with good work ethics.

  52. As I’m actively searching for a state job, I see hundreds of Analyst positions available that require accounting skills such as Budget Analyst etc. Excellent Accountancy skills are a requirement for a lot of state jobs not just for Accountants. Just take an Associate Governmental Program Analyst or any other exam you prefer if you haven’t already and you will receive lots of jobs advertisements.

  53. I have a friend who interviewed for a Highway Maintenance Worker a couple weeks ago. He’s worried because he hasn’t heard back yet. Will they let him know one way or the other?

  54. They might. I haven't seen a lot of consistency and it depends on the supervisor and the hiring unit. A couple of weeks isn't that long I wouldn't worry yet.

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  56. I'd be happy to hear about what it is like to work for CDCR as the ADA AGPA/SSA. I have an interview coming up soon, and I'm wondering what the working conditions would be like.

  57. I tried to retake my expired SSA exam yesterday. It worked fine for the demographic details and the page that determines minimum qualifications. After finishing the minimum qualifications page, it displays a page with an error message. It has a big dark blue circle that says "Error" and then some text that states "An error occurred while executing the application. Please try again or contact the administrator."

  58. Is anyone here a Project Manager Assistant (AGPA) for Caltrans? I'm really wanting this job and my interview is coming up. I've been studying the duty statements and matching it with my private sector experience but I would LOVE any helpful hints or experience anyone has with this. It's my second time interviewing for this position and I really struggle trying to "sell" myself. Pretty please with sugar on top?

  59. Learn project development phases (PID PA&ED PS&E RW Construction) as you will likely be in PDT meetings. Learn the functional units of Caltrans and explain you may be working with them for project delivery. All of this is online public information.

  60. Yea that’s about the right timeline for the state. I wouldn’t worry for about another 3 weeks. Sending the email was a smart move. Sometimes they don’t want to respond because they don’t want to set any expectations but it shows you’re proactive. Just a waiting game now

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