1. TSG bbq is the best I’ve had in this area. I particularly like the pulled pork. The sauce is not great unfortunately but the meat is the most important part.

  2. Roaming Bison on Hertel Ave. Best brisket I've ever been served in a restaurant, and a fantastic whisky list with generous pours

  3. Kentucky Greg’s. I know he closed, but every now and again he did a pop up. Man everything he did was awesome.

  4. My first job was there when I was 15 haha. Definitely some good food, they've taken a lot of the good shit I used to love off their menu though.

  5. I just ate there the first time last week, as I bit into my pulled pork I wondered why I’ve been missing this my whole life!? It was huge and very very good 😊 yummy

  6. As someone who's been to Austin several times, the barbecue scene in WNY is a bit lacking to be honest.

  7. Yanke BBQ uses Terry Blacks guide for cooking their brisket. Pretty solid texas style but obviously its hard to beat the OG Austin great bbq places

  8. This place is ass. If you are in that area, Bill has moved the Wild Bills BBQ from County Rd into the Angry Buffalo on Wehrle as of June. It's faaar better.

  9. Go to the Angry Buffalo on Wehrle - Wild Bills BBQ has merged into their location and that is far better than anything Aleoops does.

  10. My next question toast or a roll? I haven't had a great Texas toast pork sandwich yet in Buffalo. Any place have grilled buttered sliced bread on the menu? I'm sick of soggy rolls.

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