1. Home Taste on Delaware ave is a small hole in the wall place and has some of the best (actual) Chinese food in the city.

  2. Al Qimma halal grill and butchery next to airport plaza jewelers on Union. Their lamb or chicken shawarma can’t be beat. And the falafel is some of the best I’ve ever had. They just recently opened, but the food is great and the staff is super friendly.

  3. their arepas are hands down the best I’ve had outside of the carolinas/southwest. cannot recommend enough.

  4. Kelly's corner. Best beef on weck, wings and fingers. The crowd is a bit weird there but if you cam get past that ur good.

  5. As a somewhat regular at Kelly's can confirm. We are pretty weird. Better than the Wilbur's crowd for whatever that's worth though lol.

  6. Try Chin Hills on elmwood in Kenmore. The menu is Korean and Burmese which is an odd combination but the food has been excellent every time I’ve had it. The jaeyok kimchi is can’t miss.

  7. Violas is somehow controversial with a lot of people I know. They can’t seem to get their heads around a sandwich wrapped in Saran Wrap. Hell with them though, that’s my favorite steak sammitch in town. I hear good things about Steaksters on NFB too but have yet to try them out.

  8. if you like Indian food, Alibaba Kabab and Tandoori Hut are easily the 2 best in Buffalo and surrounding areas IMO.

  9. Alibabas Indian food sucks IMO, but their Halal on the other hand is some of the best in the city.

  10. When they heck are they open? I have been there three times now and they were closed. I could smell the faint echo of barbecue smoke, too.

  11. Hell yeah they crush it. Weird layout as they're located inside a bar, but it's all good

  12. There are several great restaurants in Allentown, but I don't think Allen Hardware ever gets its due. The menu is small, but they change it regularly and I've never had a bad meal. I would even argue that they have the best chicken sandwich in Buffalo.

  13. Last time I went the chicken didn’t even have seasoning on it… and I don’t like how they cook the chicken in water I assume

  14. That hot sauce is something else isn’t it? Only thing I don’t like about Kelly’s is the FOMO. if I get the wings, I’m missing out on the beef on weck. IMO theirs is the best you can get without trekking out to Bar Bill

  15. Pinoy Boi in the broadway market. And haven’t been in a while but Home Taste on Delaware has some really good dumplings

  16. There used to be an authentic Chinese spot in Tonawanda named House of Gourmet but they closed :( anybody know what happened to them?

  17. They are still there, they changed their name to Lees Family Restaurant— it’s still the same owners but they have more of an American Chinese restaurant menu now. We used to go there all the time and we were bummed out when they closed, and then 6 mos later my sister was raving about this new Chinese restaurant she found that was great. Turns out it’s the same restaurant, in the same location, but with a new name

  18. Not really a hidden gem when they consistently sell out of wings. They’re very popular. It’s been months since the Pardon My Take guys were there and they still bring it up regularly.

  19. Wings are good sometimes, had really good and really terrible wings here also. When I tried to bring it up to the manager, I was called a liar. Wasn't even asking for a refund/replacement just wanted to let him know they were off that day. After being treated like that I won't be back.

  20. They are out dated. You have to order through Facebook messenger… Twice now I’ve had my order “confirmed” only to go there and be told they don’t have anything for me.

  21. I don't know how unknown it is because of it's location near UB South, but if you like NY style pizza the best I've found here is at Gino's. Nothing super fancy but just some solid food.

  22. Chinese food —eastern pearl ; get peaking duck, xo fried rice, Shrimp with walnut, & sea bass —miss hot cafe

  23. Just tried the mango salad from Saigon Bangkok. Super delicious, and refreshing on a hot day like today. Thanks for the recommendation!

  24. I stopped in there for a drink on a long walk the other day, but had no money for breakfast sandwiches. I wanna go back soon though. What all is good from there?

  25. I think Tortuga Sandwich Shop has a strong reputation, but since it’s in the middle of nowhere (Sanborn) it’s definitely hidden. I went a couple weeks ago and was blown away. Expensive but great.

  26. I'm not sure if it's a hidden gem but I'm gonna shout them out anyway thanks to a recommendation I saw on here last year.

  27. La Casa de Sabores near Buff St. Invisible unless you drive past it, its off a side street, but great Dominican food,prices, and portions.

  28. Mineo's South in S Buffalo. Literally a take out joint with a tiny hole in the wall dining room.

  29. New Jewel of India is the best deal on Thursday nights because that is when they have a buffet. Consistently good.

  30. Al Alsqa Supermarket on Fillmore Ave - a Bangladeshi grocer that has a restaurant/catering bar and small seating area at the back. The food there is delicious.

  31. Family Tree in Amherst is my go-to. They make their own Greek dressing and they have specials every day. Their takeout is not as good at eating in for some reason, but service is always super fast compared to other restaurants. My favorite menu item is the open chicken souvlaki but you can’t go wrong with anything. Top tier breakfast too, though lots of places in the region have killer breakfast as well.

  32. The Wellington Pub on Hertel is my favorite casual spot. Great examples of all the Buffalo standards, and amazing French Onion Soup, only $5 for a huge cheesy bowl.

  33. Garage Cafe on Hertel. Their Fleetwood sandwich is the best steak sandwich I’ve ever had. Their sweet and spicy Sicilian sauce on fingers or wings also doesn’t mess around.

  34. Duffs for wings for sure. There's a place called the Chophouse on franklin that has great Steaks. I stumbled on a place called Hutch's a few weeks ago and the food was incredible.

  35. Cozy thai I’m Hamburg. Still the best Most consistent. Was a hole in the wall. Going thru large renovation because the word is out. Was only take out last year but still worth it

  36. Good Guys in NT and Violas in the Falls, either location. Grandma D’s Pizzeria(used to be called Destino’s) in Lewiston next to Lew-Port

  37. not sure if it’s a hidden gem but i really enjoy sue’s deli. sue’s salad is my fave. the miso dressing is out of this world.

  38. Pretty funny that most of the places being mentioned aren't even in Buffalo. Tonawanda, Hamburg. This just sounds like places people enjoy in their town.

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