1. The West Side Bazaar has a wide variety of ethnic cuisines in one place. It's not Buffalo-centric, but pays homage to our welcoming new immigrants and refugees.

  2. Chicken finger(tender) subs are Buffalo's hidden gem. If you like wings you probably like them. I'd go to Jim's Steakout or Cafe 59 for one.

  3. Not to complicate things, but I've seen some places sometimes do a combo of a few wings, a beef-on-weck, and a mini fish fry. Get it with a loganberry and throw in some sponge candy for dessert, and you've got a pretty good introduction to several of the major local delicacies.

  4. Definitely! Don't let them leave without a bottle of Crystal Beach Loganberry Syrup and a jar of Weber's Horseradish mustard from Wegmans!

  5. Best wings in Buffalo but they’re going through some shit right now so call ahead and see what’s up. Even if it’s only takeout you need to eat these

  6. I'm not from Buffalo so you can tell me to fuck off but i have visited twice and I long for the garlic parm wings from Mister Pizza every time i leave. They might not be the best in the city but goddamn they are good (chicken pizza not so bad either!)

  7. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet, but Griffon Gastropub (there are a few around, but the one in Lewiston is the original, and just down the road from a beautiful riverfront park). The chicken and waffle sandwich is to die for.

  8. If the guy is going to multiple wing places I don't see a problem with going to Anchor Bar. The guy likes wings, may as well pay homage to the place where it all started. Share a single order and have a beer there.

  9. For sure, this. Bar Bill's wings are excellent. Though if I wanted to point someone to the best beef on weck in town, I would make the argument for Schwabel's in West Seneca. But for the best of both worlds in one stop, Bar Bill is where it's at!

  10. Anchor bar can be removed from the list. They're more a reminder of where the wing was invented than an actual good place to get wings, and they only get by based on name recognition.

  11. It's worth mentioning that Kelly's Corner (with a "C") is in Niagara Falls, and Kelly's Korner (with a "K") is in Buffalo. There's no affiliation between the two, but the one in the Falls has decent food, too, and a much larger menu.

  12. Sorry for bombing your post, but if you like to dine out, and like to try new and different places, you should be following

  13. Don't be! I'm looking for all the suggestions I can get! As for the instagram/twitter, I don't have an account for either. I also don't go out to eat a lot, but this is a special occasion, so we're going out a bunch! But I'll keep those places in mind if I need suggestions in the future!

  14. Those are hands down the best wings I've ever had, let alone the best wings in the Buffalo area. I never see it mentioned in this sub though, so it must not be too well know? Their garlic wings are too good. So crunchy.

  15. I do enjoy Buffalo Brew Pub for the wings, weck, and burgers. They also have a solid selection of beer including their own brews.

  16. Anchor bar you can take off the list. Duffs barely makes the list but is a more fun environment with people who never been.

  17. I agree that the E Aurora location is better but I've been to the Clarence location a bunch since it's closer to me and I've never had a bad meal there

  18. There are a lot of great places to eat that are not wings. Are you looking specifically for wings or just great restaurants?

  19. For breakfast, bring cash and go to Bertha's on Hertel Ave if you're in that area, Pano's on Elmwood, Smokin' Little Diner on Broadway in Depew/Lancaster, Break'n Eggs French Bistro on Main Street Williamsville or Amy's Place on Main Street near UB South Campus

  20. I’m a really big fan of Audubon North’s wings, although most of my friends prefer their chicken tenders

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