1. Both probably. I suppose if I am speaking normally in conversation with someone, it will come out sounding more like Wessenica. When giving out my address, I enunciate.

  2. If you are from Wessenica you say crick. Ever notice people from Rah Chester say Roshster? I can't even say it like them. It is a different language.

  3. Yeah the "t" sound is lost in the "s" sounds. This isn't an accent or omission, it's just phonetic spelling.

  4. I know all the towns in this region... Wessenica, Langkasser, Ees Aroara, The Tahnatahnawahnda, Weetfeel, Ulkot, Rachacha, Chicktawoguh, Kenmur...

  5. It's pretty close to 100% for Wessenica. It's not a unique thing though, it is just how language evolves in real usage. It's similar how nobody fully pronounces the show Saturday Night Live. It's more Saturday nigh live. It's just a natural thing people do to smooth out words without losing their meaning.

  6. Somebody from Lawng GUYland once told me they had visited easT - AweRoarAh and I was like... "that sounds vaguely familiar...

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