1. It’s a high property crime area with gang activity. I work in the area a lot. The last ladies house I worked at over there had bullet holes in her attic window from a shootout the week before. If you don’t actually live in that neighborhood you will stick out badly and get unwanted attention. Everybody knows everybody over there. Seriously, look for somewhere else to stay.

  2. For a tourist I would recommend avoiding the fruit belt. Especially if you’ll be in and out of the home a lot, coming back late at night etc. It is a pretty sketchy neighborhood.

  3. Yeah if you can switch your Airbnb to a house between Richmond and delaware and Allen to forest you’re going to a LOT better of an actual vacation in buffalo

  4. It certainly isn't the worst neighborhood in the city but it isn't the greatest either. It used to be a lot worse.

  5. I would definitely stay somewhere else. It's not the invader part of the city, but it's not great, and it's just not convenient if you want to walk anywhere. Like other people said check out Elmwood village.

  6. Thank you all for the sobering but helpful comments! Now I'm spooked. If we did change, do you think the West Side would be better? Unfortunately there aren't Airbnb's in Elmwood village during the time of our stay. We do see some in Allentown, the historic west village, and the lower west side!

  7. I lived in the lower west side for years. The closer to Allen St./Elmwood Ave. the better. Allentown adjacent LWS is lovely.

  8. I have worked on/near the medical campus (next to the fruit belt) for many years now and I think you'll be fine. As recent as 10 years ago, you could almost expect your car to be vandalized in some form if you parked in the fruit belt, even during the day time (this was mostly a response to health care workers taking up all the neighborhood's street parking spots). As the medical campus continued to develop in the past decade, the area has gotten much safer. There are still issues, but travel in a group, secure the house when you leave, be skeptical of stop signs/red lights meaning anything to drivers in that area, and I think you'll be completely fine.

  9. Ehhh. The Fruit Belt is one neighborhood over from me so I don't think the area is a hell hole or anything. Depends on how safety smart you are. I have dumbass friends that like to drink and I wouldn't want them to stay there because having your guard down might make you at risk of a crime of opportunity. Wouldn't think twice about safety conscious friends staying there, though. But honestly, it really depends on the block. Looks like several of the ABNBs in the Fruit Belt are on Lemon, which is a nice enough street. There don't appear to be any places on the sketchier blocks.

  10. It's called that because the street names are named after fruit. The Lakawanna police station is close and Curly's is a great Caribbean restaurant. You will be fine. Also don't forget to visit the Basillica

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