1. I work in rescue. If you DM me I’ll give you a full list of all the local cat rescues to call. Please also try posting to the local Williamsville pages and the lost and found pages on Facebook

  2. Whatever you do, don’t bring him to West Side Cat Sanctuary. A woman named Jamie with mental health problems is hoarding 60+ cats in a filthy building with its ceiling caving in, she has more cats than she can care for or count. This handsome fellow will be safer somewhere like 10 Lives Club or Purrfect Pet Adoption.

  3. I know that cat. Name is Steve, total jerk. Gets loaded on gin and tonic at Sorrentinos then closes Creekview. Also eats chipmunks and sparrows. Stay away.

  4. What a beautiful lil dude. If I didn't already have 4 cats I'd take em. If you can't find the owner, maybe try reaching out to some people seeing if they want to adopt them? They're a beauty.

  5. That’s Don Flamenco. You have to wait till he throws a uppercut then go right and left back and forth to his head

  6. This cats awesome looking. Looks like some part Russian blue. Also if it’s big like 30 lbs big might be a little maincoon. Would name him beast, (xman)

  7. I will come get him if you can't figure something out. Just don't hurt him! Not sure how I'll manage with my dog, but I'll work it out- whether he stays with me or goes to a different home. At least at my spot (amherst on N Ellicott Creek) he can be relatively safe if he wants to be outside.

  8. Ha something tells me that cat can handle dogs. I had a cat for 15 years, I didn’t even want, that lived with 5 dogs over that time span and she was king of the house. Dogs don’t mess with cats like that/this. Dogs are man’s best friends, cats like this are cold blooded killers, dogs don’t know where to start with them.

  9. If you have a vet close enough to take him on a short car ride, they should be able to scan him for a chip to find the owner.

  10. Love how everyone here comments that OP should be happy that a cat is killing the wildlife on their property that they enjoy seeing. Keep your cats inside, I like the rabbits and other animals in my backyard and I don't like picking up the cat shit in my mulch.

  11. Since you haven’t had much luck here you should knock on doors in your neighborhood, and honestly if you can’t find the owner in a block radius I think it’s fair to call animal control to come pick it up. I get it - people love their cats to be “free range.” That’s great and all, until your unwitting neighbors have to deal with cat shit. Or a cat they don’t want. This response would be the most fair imho

  12. It would be most fair as long as the pickup is from a no-kill place. The cat is just being a happy cat, no reason to kill [him/her/them/whatever].

  13. I had an indoor/outdoor cat for 10 years, then some new neighbors didn’t recognize him and had the SPCA come get him. He was adopted out by the time I found out.

  14. Beautiful cat. Post on Nextdoor also WNY lost and found pets on Fb to see if anyone is missing this beauty.

  15. If it's a male, do you see testicles? if not, get it fixed at the bare minimum. operation pets will do this at low cost. vet clinics will check for a microchip for free (call first) which could be helpful if fixed (most non fixed cats don't have chips). if no chip and fixed you can call area shelters but unfortunately this is their busy season and they may not be able to accommodate him.

  16. I’ll remove him PLEASE don’t let any agency harm him because he’s being a cat and doing what he does in nature.

  17. Yes, it’s a Mancoon and they are worth thousands of dollars. Steal it and sell it to someone who won’t let it roam the streets like an irresponsible cat owner

  18. Did you ever find a amicable resolution? I'm not trying to steal anyone's pet, but if you are looking for a re-home, I'd love to have this tank as my mouser out here (Darien area).

  19. You can set up a have a heart trap with tuna and bring it to a shelter. Unfortunately it’s quite likely that they will put it down. Since it’s a mature cat and probably a male that sprays

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