1. Be wary of searching for info about the shooting on Twitter. I just did and saw a still shot of him shooting someone in the head. Fuck, this is horrific. My heart hurts for the victims and their families.

  2. I'm not someone who searches out graphic images and just seeing this image has rocked the core of my being. I am angry, I am heartbroken When the name of who this beautiful soul comes out we need to pay every single cent of her funeral costs. It is the v least she deserves.

  3. I'm so fed up with the gun situation in the US. Yesterday I was upset about the Dallas shooting that has been connected to other drive by shootings in Dallas to the Asian community and now this. This country has so many issues with racism and gun violence and both combined plus the economic situation makes me worried that things will just continue. When there's this many hate crimes and mass shootings to the point when people are desensitized, there's something deeply sick about US society. I don't know what the solution is but my heart breaks for everybody.

  4. It may be too early for this, but does anyone know about anywhere we can send donations or perhaps even whether a vigil is being organized?

  5. There’s a community pantry called Buffalo Community Fridge on E Ferry. An insidious consequence of this attack is that Tops will be shut down for a while and it’s the ONLY grocery store on the east side, so the ability to get food will be shut down for thousands of people.

  6. Just wanna say, thank you for being a good person and thinking of this right away. This is the good spirit of Buffalo. Not to be hyperbolic, but people like you are why this city is worth living in.

  7. I’ve been listening to Wben since this horrific tragedy started, there’s no doubt they’ll be vigils and fundraisers, prayer services for all the victims and their families. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  8. And I know you were the first one here on Twitter condemning Frank James and his onviously racist motivations in the NYC subway attack. Thanks for your consistency on racial violence. It should all be condemned.

  9. Jesus Christ, the kid's "manifesto" is 180 pages long. Maybe if he put a tenth as much effort into learning and not being a shitbag we wouldn't have to deal with these way-too-regular tragedies.

  10. I went to his highschool took classes with him, trust me he paid attention in class he was an excelled student or whatever. Still bullshit that he did this. The worst part is no one from here expected this

  11. No. Strip him of everything and drop him on the east side with a notice beforehand. Let the community decide what should happen to him. An eye for eye. Jail is too light for something like this.

  12. Apparently, 18 year old white male , self proclaimed white supremest, at least 9 people shot, shooter live streamed on Twitch and posted an extremist manifesto. Unconfirmed report according to Agenda Free TV update - at least 8 dead

  13. This is horrifying seeing this in a city near my heart seeing this in a city called the city of good neighbors. I hope the perpetrator is going to h*ll and I hope the families of victims find some consolation and reparation for what has happened.

  14. No. Southern Tier. Knew it was some idiot from BFE as soon as I saw he was white. ST is a fucking ideological wasteland.

  15. that security guard and retired police officer who lost his life deserves an award for his courage. would have stopped the event had it not been for the fuckers tactical gear

  16. I turned on the TV to watch the news and this was the first thing that popped up. It makes me sick to my stomach. I've lived in Buffalo my entire live (minus 18 months when I lived in Northern NY) and I love this city. I graduated from Canisius so I spent a lot of time in that general area.

  17. Im over here in rochester and my fucking heart hurts for these people. They were just trying to get food and enjoy this beautiful weekend after months of cold and gray and snow. My uncle works in beverage distributing and i was freaking out because hes supposed to be doing a soda reset at that store soon. This is absolutely scary and heartbreaking and i never thought something like this would happen in out community.

  18. Honestly we need to start doing more to stamp out fascists and far-right hate in this country. It’s despicable. This is not a unique incident… online radicalization is becoming more and more commonplace. I personally feel that something needs to be done about this online right-wing circles that are connected to MULTIPLE terror attacks. Insanity.

  19. So a crazy white supremacist shot folks. These people need to be monitored and arrested before they get to this point

  20. Yea, witness said after he left the store he took off his guns and gloves and then knelt down and waited for the Police. Part of me is glad he didnt get into a shootout with the Police when they arrived because that would endanger more people, and the other part is disappointed cause now he gets to live to see his name and manifesto in the news.

  21. Because policy brutality is bad and executing surrendering criminals is also bad. We can hope for the death sentence, but lets not make exceptions regarding the law

  22. Another right wing whack job with delusions of replacement theory and low white birth rates. Just read his "manifesto". Another programmed rube from the Southern Tier. Ten bucks says he loves tucker carlson.

  23. Just reading this fucker's discord archive. He considered shooting up Bennett Park Montessori. I'm going to be sick.

  24. I mean if you want to be aggressive to people can’t people just stick to being passive-aggressive instead of aggressive-aggressive

  25. I'm so tired of this being normal for our country and I can't think of city that deserves it to happen to them less than Buffalo. Genuinely just sick and disgusted this is just accepted in this country but hey at least we've got our freedoms! /s

  26. He came from like 4 hours away to do this it seems. You are right, we aren’t this way. But some people are

  27. THIS is what Fox and OAN are doing to people's minds. This is the same shit that Hanity and Tucker yell about every day. It has to stop

  28. There's a lot of hateful people out there, period. As an Asian American, the last two years has totally jaded me in terms of how fucked up humanity can be to someone just because of the way they look. There was a three year old plus his family who got stabbed in the fucking face for being Asian and there's a shooter in Dallas who went around shooting a bunch of Asian people and is still not caught yet (and this story wasn't even given much press until like yesterday). People can suck sometimes and there are racist idiots everywhere, in every community. Unfortunately, I think the US media is toxic and US society intentionally also tries not to educate people so I don't see things getting better.

  29. I'm a little shook. I live on the East Side and went there to grab some groceries a few hours before this went down.

  30. He's from rural Binghamton or Broome County. To think he traveled hours to target Buffalo is appalling and had an anti black manifesto.

  31. It would be great if channel 2 or channel 4 were actually covering this live instead of airing sports. Especially Indy car and golf.

  32. Tens of thousands of 18 yo's operate Guns every day in this country without one single issue. It's the ones that do it illegally that are the issue. But unfortunately, it's ones like this that get 99% of the attention. The stuff that happens every weekend in large cities, get one percent of the attention.

  33. I live 3 minutes away from the TOPS. Apparently he drove about an hour or so to Buffalo and had some type of gear on to protect himself, not sure what kind of gun he had. The security guard who is actually a retired Buffalo police officer tried to stop him by shooting a few times but because of the gear none of the shots penetrated. The 18 year old then fatally shot the security guard. I’m not entirely sure but I think about 10 people were killed and 13 shot altogether.

  34. According to the manifesto, he left his house at 7:30 to get to Buffalo at noon I think? I read that part a few hours ago before it was taken down, I don't remember -- but it was definitely more like 3 or 4 hours, since he was coming from Conklin which is way near Binghamton. What an absolutely shitty thing to do all around.

  35. So sad, society is off the rails. My heart hurts for the victims and their families. Buffalo will always be my home and I feel violated by this sick sack of poop. Hold those you love, tell them every day how much you love them. You never know when someone will be taken way before they should go. Love your neighbors, stay strong. Can’t wait to see the perpetrator brought to justice. Thank God the police were able to stop him from killing himself so he can truly face justice am perhaps bring some small form of closure to the families who were victimized by him.

  36. reading through the to-do list had me fucked up. it’s always just a story on the news until it’s right at your doorstep.

  37. I have a friend who works at a different Tops. He said all the stores got massive deliveries the night before because of some corporate screw-up. Hopefully the backroom was not backed up with pallets of overstock that would prevent escape.

  38. Wikipedia lists the shooter as Payton Gendron from Conklin NY which is 3.5 hours from Buffalo and down by binghamton.

  39. I came across a screen grab on a different website and had to close it out for the rest of the day because just the one frame I saw hurt my heart so much.

  40. Hoping for the best for all. Exactly why I don’t leave the house without a pistol on my hip. Too many monsters out here.

  41. The former police officer turned security guard who had a pistol didn't fair too well, what makes you think your amateur skills would net better results?

  42. You think you can stand a chance, much less not shit yourself, against someone with an assault rifle? Or 100% sure you’re not going to shoot a ‘good guy’ with a gun?

  43. These videos are so terrible. Reminds me of the video of the 2 people drowning at the foot of ferry. I watched that one and i still to this day wish i hadnt.

  44. Hate Crime Killings make no sense, Why don’t the so called Supremacists on either side Black/White Target other supremacists rather than innocent people?? It doesn’t do anything but cause more payback violence. Just kill each other and be done with it.

  45. Very disturbing. I can’t undo what I saw. Those poor people had no chance. The one woman inside the store seemed to be playing dead or injured and he was headshotting to make sure. Sickening.

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