1. Should be noted - When I 1st joined them you needed to either reside in the city limits, work for the state / county or volunteer for some form of community service to become a member. I was volunteering once or twice a year for Friends of Night People at the time and qualified me.

  2. I had a great experience getting a vehicle loan from AFGM on Cayuga, loan is all paid off now but if i remember correctly i think my rate was 1.79%

  3. WNYFCU - I think their car loan is 1.25% right now but I do not know the stipulations. They;re off union rd in west seneca. They also have an ATM share with other credit unions in the area.

  4. Riverside FCU has always been very good to me. Took my vehicle loan down from 15% (had absolutely no credit) to 2%

  5. Summit federal credit Union is great and exception service as well. Check them out there 2-3 locations only but I’ve been member for years. Used to be for telephone company employee exclusively

  6. I got my first ever car loan through Buffalo Metro Federal Credit Union. They only have one location. It's across from city hall. Then we got my wife's first ever car loan from there too. You had to be a member, but with a minimum 25 dollars in an account. They have excellent customer service and great rates.

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