1. Why are restaurants fighting it so much anyway? The only time anyone wears one is the 15 foot walk to the table, it's barely a thing for them

  2. There was a mandate implemented ONE DAY before THE BIGGEST PARTY NIGHT OF THE YEAR, also the most profitable for bars and restaurants. Bars and restaurants have been hit extremely hard during the pandemic and were just starting to recover and this was an absolutely GIANT slap in the face to them as if Erie county just wants every bar and restaurant to just magically close their doors and never reopen again.

  3. Neat sucks. I tried to go there pre-pandemic and my party was seated and then ignored for 40 minutes while waitstaff buzzed around at other tables and studiously avoided eye contact with us. So we left, I left a bad review, and the owner contacted me and offered to send a $100 gift card. Guess what never arrived, and the manager or owner or whomever stopped responding to email.

  4. Someone needs to compile a list of all area businesses that defied mask mandates (at any point) and/or put up "nobody wants to work" signs, so I can make sure I never patronize them.

  5. Heard a rumour that some places are [edit: voluntarily] going to the "vaccines required" stage anyway now - and if they do customers will not be required to wear masks. Specifically, this was with respect to several bars on Elmwood.

  6. It’s not a rumor, it’s what’s happening. If a place requires vaccination proof, they can allow people to go maskless. There was a post about what places are doing this the other day.

  7. Just went to Misuta Chows last night and they have a vaccine requirement. Hoping this actually does help curb the spread a little

  8. I saw someone else had a list going on Facebook but I can't find it. These wonderful ladies are keeping track of what they can

  9. Most places aren't being too transparent on what they are doing, in reality masks don't work for bars, restaurants, nightclubs so vaccine mandate is basically the only way. These establishments won't be able to sell as much food and drink as they used to if everyone has to stay masked and that eats into profit big time. If they go vaccine mandate they might piss off a few customers but they can at least sell food and drink to the people in the place properly. It would be nice if every place put a statement on their facebook or other social media so we would know what the policy is before we go.

  10. So Hogan Willig is representing any business that defies mask mandates. This isn't surprising. I work in building owned by Hogan Willig (under a different LLC). They didn't shut down their offices at all during the shutdown and didn't require masks. My company shut down, we're just their tenant.

  11. If I am going to a business and see one of these signs, I will immediately turn around and take my business elsewhere.

  12. While I don’t smoke cigarettes , if that’s their stance. I’m sure they would have no problems with me lighting up a few inside while there.

  13. I'd love to go in there in blatant violation of their racist dress code, then throw back their "we don't discriminate" bullshit when they try to say something about it

  14. Saw one of these signs at Duff's on Transit as well. I wonder if their employees also have the right to choose not to wash their hands after going to the bathroom or properly cleaning the kitchen? You know, since public health is something they think is negotiable.

  15. Seems par for the course for Santora's. I remember they were one of the businesses that got their liquor license pulled earlier this year, due to violating covid protocols at the time.

  16. I was in NYC for ComicCon 21. The entire city requires you to have a proof of vaccination or a PCR test that is less than 72 hrs old, or no entry to ANYWHERE. It worked fine. It has been a month and there was no news of a super spreader event, ergo, it worked.

  17. If businesses like this continue to defy mask mandates we're gonna be at mandatory vaccines quicker than they think. And then we'll see how their business really fares. I'm all for it

  18. This was my experience as well at Anime NYC last weekend. If you were dining in you had to be vaxed. Most people seemed to be used to it and I didn't see complaints. A few people on the trains we're not compliant, but the vast majority were good.

  19. The sense of false superiority that these people feel over championing "freedom" and refusing to support the "discrimination" of mask mandates or vaccinations.

  20. "We're giving you the right to choose how sick or dead you'd like to be. And if either of those things happen to you as a result of our policy, you accept the risk and can't sue us."

  21. Nope, you are pushing misinformation. Stop downplaying the truth. Here are the facts:

  22. I’m just saying if you are that scared of getting sick maybe…just maybe you should not be going out to bars. Let people decide for themselves. It’s not selfish to not want to mask. If you believe you are still at risk stay home.

  23. I'm vaccinated, I'm young and healthy, I'm not overly concerned with getting sick. What I am concerned about is that our numbers are higher than they've ever been and hospitals are at capacity. It's actually ok to do selfless things sometimes, especially when it's as easy as putting on a piece of fabric and getting a few shots.

  24. Maybe you could head to a local ICU after and tell the COVID patients how free you are by not wearing a mask

  25. Omg you called him BRANDON! Hahaha you got him that’s so funny, I almost didn’t know you were talking about President Biden cause you said BRANDON like let’s go BRANDON omg lolololol yes own the libs

  26. Doesn't matter if you just refuse to wear a mask everywhere. Nobody says shit, it's great. If they do, the original statement from Poloncarz states "who are able to medically tolerate" so there's that. I haven't had to bust that out yet but I'm sure it'll happen sooner rather than later. I'm also sure you're all the same types of geniuses that will go out to eat and think you're just as protected when you remove your masks once you're seated amirite

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