1. They issued that denial because that rumor has been rampant among administrators and teachers in the district the past couple days- to the point where my own administrator, who is very clued in to the inner workings of the district, has us reteaching our students how to use Microsoft Teams, making sure ALL iPads go home nightly with chargers, setting up Schoology pages, etc. We’re not the only school that’s gotten similar directives to get kids ready for home instruction, either.

  2. BPS teacher here. The rumor mill is swirling that we might go remote as early as next week. There has been huge jump in case in the last 2 weeks- about more than the whole school combined prior( SEPTEMBEr and OCt). Protocols are difficult to enforce - especially amongst SPED and ELementary ed- students are crowded on buses, and cafeterias. it s indoor holiday/ party season. Staff shortages are prevalent everywhere. It s a mess- Some of us are already setting up our students devices just in case. It is real likely and real likely soon.

  3. I’ve heard the first two weeks of December to get things under control and then I’ve heard the whole month of December and come back after the holidays. It literally sounds like March 2020 all over again.

  4. Hey yo! Sorry to hear about your struggles there. Any word on if you all will still have to report to the buildings? I feel so badly for all the kids that need to be there in person, but our economic model and our public school model are not working well together.

  5. Everyone seemed convinced they'd close and go remote when classes opened for the year, and they didn't. Then with the bus driver shortage, even folks that work in the district seemed very convinced they'd close. They didn't.

  6. My mother works in a school system I used to teach in not horribly far from Buffalo and we had a long talk about what’s going on there. She’s terrified to be at work honestly.

  7. Because keeping kids home for 2 weeks at a time isn't an option anymore. We saw what the damage was due to remote learning.

  8. I work for BPS in a non educational role and have several friends who are teachers. Teachers are all saying they expect to spend Monday and Tuesday of next week setting students up for remote learning and then go full remote after the holiday. From an operations perspective we haven’t heard anything and are operating as if we are full time in person for the foreseeable future.

  9. I’ve heard the same through similar channels. I’m sure that you guys will have to struggle with the rest of them and take the brunt of the public’s scorn if it does indeed happen. Best of luck to y’all and stay safe

  10. I know it’s a ways from Buffalo, but Dansville (Livingston County) is going 100% remote for all grade levels.

  11. the CDC now says that even if we theoretically reached 100% vaccination, covid would continue. The vaccines do not prevent transmission or spread, therefore making them symptom mitigators at best

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