1. Does anyone else think it's slightly odd that we (and other places that have a local team) have so much spirit for a team that is a business first that recruits players from all over the country and have no emotional investment in Buffalo at all? Dude's from Cali.

  2. I think the point of this article is that, in theory, the write-in votes could have been for anyone, and the count now confirms that the vast majority were cast in Brown's name.

  3. If there was a Democratic Socialist on the ballot in the future I would consider voting for them. I support a lot of their ideas. But India Walton was a mess of a candidate. She is inexperienced and carried a lot of baggage. Get a better candidate and you might have a shot at winning.

  4. I get this take and I think that she left a lot to be desired in terms of professional experience. The personal stuff was a non-issue IMO.

  5. India was a bad choice. The fact that she was obviously better than Brown was not all that good a platform, and beyond that she had pretty much nothing going for her. Putting her foot in her mouth every other week in the months leading into the election certainly didn’t help much.

  6. I'm not a fan of Brown AT ALL but I can't be the only one who would vote for India if it weren't for her complete lack of experience and immaturity.

  7. Garcia only came close to losing because of horrible organization by the "right" by having Healy-Case on there conservative line and Di Noto as independent (saw a lot of Di Noto lawn signs paired with other republican signs - so he was taking Garcia votes).

  8. I realise that this is bait, but when you have all the republicans in the city and the democrats that didn't want Walton voting for you the result is really not very surprising.

  9. Genuinely wondering cause I was always casually supportive of her, but what are the actual India Walton “red flags”?

  10. The land trust she was in charge of (and lists as her major accomplishment) floundered under her. She repeatedly displayed an inability to manage her own life, through custody battles and city repossession of her vehicle. She displayed a remarkable inability to work with city existing council members after she berated more than one of them on Twitter for relatively minor statements when she could have made a stand on much more important issues.

  11. "Socialism bad" thats about it. All her policies plans were light-years ahead of what Brown was offering, which was next to nothing. I know this comment might not be popular lol but policy for policy there was no reasonable argument for brown

  12. Only Democrats and Republicans could come together to elect such an uninspiring piece of crap. Truly, well done.

  13. maybe the dems should have brought out a better candidate than an unstable, inexperienced, not fit for public office socialist!

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