1. Braymiller's - just tried it the other day. I like their subs and some pasta salad, plus I can do some grocery shopping while there.

  2. Was originally really excited for braymilers but their subs and sandwiches were a big let down for me. Sandwiches are all pre made early in the day and just reheated. Both them and the subs just seemed plain to me and didn’t have a lot of favor., and it’s not like I asked to have things not added.

  3. They also operate the “cafeteria” in the basement of city hall and it’s super good. I don’t work at city hall anymore but still go for breakfast and lunch sometimes.

  4. Their Gyro Greek Wrap is amazing, so much food for such good prices. Sue’s for lunch is the only thing I miss about going into the office

  5. I tried them for the first time recently and holy cow what a good sub. The roll was amazing too. Great mac salad also

  6. Fera's on Pearl St - game over. You want a really filling sub for $5.50? Done. You want a wonderful salad for $6? Done. John is a super nice guy and the place is an institution.

  7. This is the correct answer, also Pete's place in the lobby of 290 Pearl st is really good, but on the more expensive side for lunch.

  8. Just an FYI . There is also a Fera's in the electric tower , which is great but just a heads up so people don't get confused

  9. Feras is fine for 5 bucks but its like a grocery store sandwich. Why would anyone choose this over something like City Fare which is night and day in terms of quality.

  10. I came here to say this. Though I did like it better before the remodel when you would walk down the line and tell them what you wanted on your sandwich/ wrap. It’s operated by Sue’s NY Deli so the quality is always good.

  11. I'm limiting my contributions to places that are walkable for me on Main St. near the arena and where can order, pick up, return to work, and eat my lunch within an hour. [e] Cafe (two locations on Main St.), Sue's NY Deli, the Lunch Box, Healthy Scratch. I miss the Gourmet Store in Olympic Towers. Love Fera's, too. A longer walk: Natalie's on Genesee near Oak St.

  12. There use to be an olive oil store that had lunch - near Overwinter. Are they still there? Had great salads!!

  13. Only thing with Mon Ami is that they changed their business model from a walk up counter cafe kind of thing to a full sit down model with expanded lunch and dinner menu, so plan accordingly. They turned the order counter into a wine bar and you’ll have to sit for service.

  14. Is Emerson's culinary school on Chippewa still open? They always had a good variety and decent prices. Especially good breakfast items.

  15. I always enjoyed Emerson’s. I’ve worked from home since Covid, so I don’t know if they are still there. I hope they are.

  16. Chris’ Sandwich Co. has an amazing pear salad, strawberry pecan salad, and all of their subs are top notch! Large portions for both. Call early if you want delivery!! The spots fill up quickly.

  17. Main place mall food court still open? The food use to be so-so at some of the places but it was quick and the view over Main Street was cool.

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