1. The fact that the tax levy, how much we are supposed to collect in taxes, has stayed the same despite the billions of dollars in development is unbelievable. That reads to me that the city treats all that development the same as if it hadn't happened. What is brown doing?

  2. And if any other mayor tries to increase taxes to make up for Byron's fuck-ups, all hell will break loose. Just the guy you'd want running your city for sixteen years. Just keep giving tax breaks to the wealthy developers and everyone else gets a tax hike, right?

  3. Yea lets vote for the racist who beats people up, cant hold a job, and cant obey the law by parking properly then wont pay the tickets lmao

  4. Yes this is gonna change when she decides to increase spending on all programs. The state of the city isn’t her fault but the only way out of this is severe austerity

  5. I love how you're upset at the post flair but not upset at the gross mismanagement done by our current mayor.

  6. Does it really matter if it's labelled "PSA" or "News"? It's just a flair and none of the other ones are really that fitting.

  7. Man, when I thought it couldn't get worse. It looks like Buffalo is screwed. The current guy has blown through the reserves. Pensions are the major component of the expenditures - those are a heavy anchor weighing down any future administration. Non-revenue financing is plugging the holes for now - eventually you run out of gimmicks.

  8. TOPA is in no way an attempt to "seize control of all private housing" and the drug war has proven to be an abject failure for everyone who isn't a private prison or a police department's budget.

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