1. bro pistol whipped her stole her vape and still talking shit to an unconscious man these niggas going straight to a meeting with satan for this

  2. Girl prob saved that dudes life fr, all that yelling n shit drawing attention dudes just hit her and leave instead of putting that dude in the dirt

  3. slapping a girl who is obviously no threat with a grip is absolutely insane ngl. do these people forget who conceived them and birthed them?

  4. I'm not for violence, regardless of what my search history on Twitter says, but nigga like me havin they whole block light up in the dark🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. Can we stop posting this shit, it's so unnecessary. Mods will take shit down for being "unfunny" but not this

  6. See dis why ion feel bad for “gang banging” niggas when they die not saying all of em but sum of em be outa pocket like dis shit bruh. Glad y’all same blood taking each other out. mfs deserve to die. Ngl the one guy that got knocked out shoulda kept a piece w him. Gang banging or not there’s always pussy niggas like this riding 5 deep sucking each other dick.

  7. It’s crazy bc they prlly real life pussy just hear me out deep I bet is 10 of us met them even the niggas who eat bloggers they wouldn’t want no problems and I’m not getting beat with no pistol either I’ll take my jumping before I let no man

  8. that shit is definitely uncalled for and weird asf like she didn’t do nothing and then it wasn’t even a regular slap it was a whole pistol whip. I hope none of you niggas in this Reddit end up doing stuff like this

  9. That’s sad. All she trying to do is protect her unconscious man. Do we know any of the details of what happened before this??

  10. Yeah nigga I blowin everybody brains out after that… idgaf. Lame ass niggas man. Them niggas need to get butt fucked Ong

  11. There’s plenty of good reasons for a nigga to get jumped. It’s different when you pistol whip a woman for trying to make sure her nigga good

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