1. This coaching staff also has loaded up the injury report since they have been here. This is on par for them.

  2. JOK did do individual drills and sounds on track to play. I am guessing we get him and Ward but Clowney and Myles are truly 50/50

  3. Why are half our starters always on the injury list?? Feels like that happens every year. Maybe we need to shuffle things up with the training staff

  4. Or the Browns just report more than other teams. In the end, if the guys play, that’s all that matters.

  5. I think we just give guys a lot of rest days and days to heal up minor stuff and we report it more than other teams.

  6. Really need one of Garrett/Clowney to play. That would help us a lot. But JOK and Ward practicing is a very encouraging sign already.

  7. If I've learned anything from last night's game, is that none of these guys should play on Sunday.

  8. Yeah, better safe than sorry. I’d rather have a healthy team down the line than rush everyone back in for a quick win

  9. None of these players have a concussion or had any concussion like symptoms, what happened with Tua was very unfortunate, but was a different situation.

  10. Makes other teams plan against our second string and get excited and then they shit their pants when they see 95 walk out for the coin toss.

  11. Or do the opposite if Myles is out, so they spend all week planning to have 3 blockers on the right side all game.

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