1. Forgetting all the stuff about the parents and what responsibility they have in all this how fuckin tragic is it that a little girl just disappeared and we will never find out what happened to her. Poor kid

  2. I feel bad for her, but realistically this case had to end. It's been fifteen years and we're still no closer to finding out the truth than we were on day one

  3. If that makes your heart cry then you should check out how many people go missing in China. It's really disgusting how many people just "disappear" never to be seen again. Horrible truth is it ends up being sex trafficking, organ harvesting and other unpleasant end roads.

  4. No that was a misunderstanding when they said it was Gerry they meant McCann along with his wife ams everyone just assumed they were using slang for a German

  5. It's a success in that the media can stop waving the case around any time the government need a distraction from some real news.

  6. No, it's a success because this case has been onoging for 15 years while millions of other missing kids have gotten nothing, and they're finally putting an end to it

  7. The law for upper-middle class doctors is not the same for others. If that was any other family the other kids would have been taken off them for leaving them alone while they went out on the piss. Lessons learnt. Also given the ages I find the allegation of drugs which they had easy access to very plausible. This has stank from the very beginning.

  8. Literally no amount of tapas and wine would make me leave my child unattended in an unlocked room in a foreign country. Doctors are supposed to be smart. The saddest thing of all was the fact that there was a night crèche at the resort for parents who wanted to socialize. They are lucky to not have their other children taken away for doing that. A lower class family would have their kids removed.

  9. I feel horrible for what happened to her, but this case had to end. It's been fifteen years and we are still no closer to finding out the truth than we were on the day it happened. Thousands of kids go missing every year, this one case shouldn't have gotten so much attention compared to all of them.

  10. If you haven't seen it, I recommend watching the documentary about it on Netflix. It totally changed my views on the case and the McCanns themselves.

  11. Does that mean the parents are getting charged with reckless endangerment for leaving the children unsupervised whilst going out for a meal?

  12. I can't tell how sarcastic this sub is sometimes. It would be nice if it was just actual successes. This is in no way a success. A young girl is abducted, the parents go through the worst possible experience and the case is not ever solved.

  13. It’s a success that they stop spending money on a case that was unsolvable from the end of the first 15 weeks never mind 15 years. If it was any of us that were the parents we’d have been charged for neglect and had our other kids taken from us. People are tired of hearing about it because it’s a sterling example of “them and us”. Rich parents with a photogenic white kid get millions of quid funnelled into a dead end investigation whilst HOW MANY poor kids go missing each year that maybe those funds and police manpower could have actually helped? It’s a success because maybe the McSponges who needed to spend this last 15 years learning how to be halfway decent parents might actually go back to work and stop shilling for public donations to cover their costs in the face of what is assuredly a tragedy but is also ABSOLUTELY on them too. You don’t fucking leave your kids alone in this country never mind a foreign one.

  14. If it was my child I wouldn't have f*cking left her alone in the first place. Sweet Jesus leaving a 3yo alone in bed with a couple of 2yo's, checking in on them or not, wtf is wrong with some people.

  15. What? It's a fucking joke that this one child has had 15 years and millions in government funding dedicated to her when there are SO MANY missing kids every year. It sucks, but I don't think we're ever solving this until someone confesses

  16. You're bang on that this is not a success. The child is missing or worse. But I also understand why people are bitter towards the treatment of this case compared to many others worthy of such high expenditure. Hypocrisy hits home hard (partygate) but I would still never consider this any form of success.

  17. Or the alternative allegation that they drugged her, she accidentally overdosed and then they got rid of her body. Allegedly.

  18. Her parents should have got jail time for child neglect at best. They got tons of money and tv exposure instead. F’ed up world we live in.

  19. Finally we can start funding more important things, other than a case that wouldn’t have happened if parents didn’t leave their kids alone in a hotel room in a foreign country whilst they went and dined and 69’d each other. If their IVF babies were so important to them, they wouldn’t leave them alone at all on the holiday.

  20. Should've been closed years ago, they just wanted to keep holidaying in Portugal. Remember when they starting talking up that German suspect, it always sounds like a stretch and simply an attempt to keep the case open.

  21. Good, now maybe the Foreign Office can get cracking on some other cases of murder where foreign police forces have done bugger all. I’m looking at you, Aachen police. Why is it that you think Louise Kerton ran off without a trace, whereas the rest of us know who murdered her, and know that his mother is protecting him? Hello? Wake the fuck up and do your job.

  22. They finally realised it was the parents then? I'm pretty sure I could sit and tell the facts to my 8 year old and he'd know it was them.

  23. They should never have been involved and certainly not for this long, it didn't happen in London, it didn't happen in the UK they would have had no authority to arrest anyone Portugal should have paid for the investigation. I feel sad for her family, whatever happened but it's not a cost that public money should have been spent on.

  24. It's horrible what happened to her, but when you consider the fact this case has been going on for 15 years and we still don't have an answer, I think it's safe to say we're never going to learn the truth at this point, unless someone randomly confesses to it. And there is absolutely no chance she's still alive

  25. Maybe they can support child Q and but there resources into a current case awful experiences with police and they have 0 care for anyones wellbeing where it a child, teen, adult or elderly there fake lying manipulations with mayy to much ego in the head

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