1. It's not weapon durability but how low tuned they are. If you have a Knight's shield, that will get you some distance. But weapons? Good luck.

  2. Seriously. I got the Hylian Shield fairly early in the game and I STILL have the same one in the end game. I use it for basically everything except parrying Guardian blasts.

  3. This was my issue with it as well. I like weapon durability but what sword breaks after ~20 hits? When I replayed the game (maybe my 4th, 5th playthough) on an emulator I doubled weapon durability and it made the game SO much more enjoyable. Its just way to low in the default game.

  4. Yeah, this is my issue with the mechanic too. I would often find myself in situations where I had to kill a camp of enemies, and my "good" weapons were broken by the end of it. What did I get in return? Boko club. Boko spear.

  5. Right? Like just imagine how much The Lord of the Rings movies would have sucked if the heroes were having to scavenge and pick up new weapons every 2nd orc they slayed because their weapon broke. Or imagine writing a fun story but your pencil shatters after every paragraph. Or imagine playing basketball but the ball deflates after every 200 dribbles. Is any of that fun? Does that look fun? Does that feel fun? Even if weapon durability was represented technically more accurately than it is in some games where weapons basically never break, there is still something to be said about having a certain kind of flow.

  6. The problem is not that the weapons have low durability. It's that the game lazily buffs the enemies by making them damage sponges. No amount of durability will be more than a band-aid for that without addressing how enemies are handled.

  7. I've never been in a situation where I've run out of weapons, or run out of good weapons for that matter, other than maybe right at the very beginning on the great plateau. The more weapons you use, the more cooler ones you get :)

  8. After the first little bit of the game, my bigger problem is inventory for all my weapons. Running out of weapons quickly becomes a non-issue. And worst case you just run away.

  9. i think the low durability becomes especially jarring when doing the horseback archery drill. with a fresh, never used bow without any extra durability, unless you have like perfect aim (idak for certain since my aim is a bit bad) the bow will break before you finish the drill. like, if i can’t even finish one activity without my weapon breaking i think it’s not durable enough.

  10. This is how I feel also. It's not necessarily that weapons have durability which is the issue, it's that the durability is tuned way too low.

  11. Completely agree, I love weapon durability being a thing in BoTW, but they are all way too fragile! At higher levels/master mode I shouldn't need 4 or 5 weapons to take out ONE Boko camp

  12. Nah, I prefer that we'd be able to repair our weapons instead of losing them completely. There should also be a durability meter to see how close to breaking a weapon is or how durable it's compared to other weapons. Lastly the master sword and champions abilities should start recharging the moment you use a single charge. I don't want to feel compelled to completely use the master sword or revalies Gale at the earliest convenience just for it to recharge. They could easily split the timer so that each hit of the master sword adds 10 seconds to return to full power or something.

  13. Dark Soul made durability a lot better, if you wanted to play with a certain weapon you could just repair ir with money

  14. I get that take and i mostly agree but then I remember that on most playthroughs I never run out of weapons. Like ever. Even with no upgraded weapon slots. And its not like I go super out of my way to curb stomp every enemy camp. Only most of them... cause its fun and rewarding.

  15. If they were less fragile, you’d have to manually drop weapons too often. I think the fragile durability is perfect because you are also finding new weapons constantly. It would be incredibly annoying to never need new weapons but always have them drop.

  16. It's not low, you just need to use your good weapons more often. No you probably don't need them vs all those lizals but they'll last so long you'll get 30 weapons back before you break one.

  17. I also don't mind the weapon durability mechanic, to me it adds to the survivalist/craft element of the game. But I do wish there was a way to fix weapons. Like the guy in Zora's domain that will repair the lightscale trident for you. It'd be cool if there was a shop somewhere (like in hateno) that you could outright buy weapons/repair them/upgrade them.

  18. Agreed; I think that each weapon should belong to a regional grouping with each group producing a different type of weapon shards that can be forged into a new weapon if you have several of them.

  19. Or even someone that sells a selection of weapons. They don’t have to be special, I just want to be able to get a one handed sword without hunting around for the right kind of enemy. I only was annoyed at durability when I would run out of my preferred weapon type.

  20. My problem is there was weapons that were clearly special that would break like a stick. I think uniques should have more accessible repair mechanics

  21. Rasbuten did a video on BoTW's problems and fixing them and he proposed giving the player one of those blue particles when a weapon breaks, calling it an ancient shard and then being usable to fix other weapons as it would still incentivise people to use up weapon completely

  22. Or go to a great fairy to enchant a weapon so that it doesn’t break, but the enchantment needs to be recharged by going back to a fairy and having the necessary materials to restore the enchantment. But I honestly don’t know much about the lore so I don’t know if this would fit.

  23. I mean you could add that mechanic but they basically circumvented that by having any weapon reattainable. There's not a single weapon you can't get again that permanently breaks. So a repair function would just be a way to paying for something you could just get for free.

  24. Technically, you can "repair" every weapon by just going to a location where they are known to be held by the respawned monsters and getting another one. The exceptions being the few weapons/shields in the game that there are only limited quantities of such as the Forest Dweller's Sword. I have all of those hanging up in my house in Hateno lol.

  25. They should break and just remain in a broken state and could be repaired later. Let the player decide if the weapon is worth repairing or throwing away.

  26. I get a weird amount of satisfaction from going into a fight and clearing out like 4 weapons. I get distressed having to decide whether to drop a weapon or leave a weapon behind. Lol So I’m pro-weapon durability as well.

  27. Yeah, my reaction to seeing a bunch of empty slots after a fight is basically "Sweet! I'll be able to fit so much cool shit in here!" The fewer weapons I have to throw out for lack of space, the better.

  28. Yeah i think it’s a great mechanic. Never realized many people hated it so much until reading comments in the sub for a newer game I’ve been playing where people love to compare it to BOTW.

  29. My issue with weapon durability isn't that it exists, but that I think BotW's implementation isn't enjoyable compared to how other games deal with it. Other games have it and do it better, IMO.

  30. Ive spent the majority of my botw hours on master mode, and i would divide my gameplay in two phase, separated by completing the trial of the sword:

  31. you're absolutely right about master mode. resource management and stealth become way way more important than timing your dodge for a flurry or deflecting beams back into guardians. some of my fondest memories of the game are camping out on top of skull bases until all the mobs fall asleep so i can one hit them and actually gain some weapons and ammo in the early game. however, i'd disagree about the magnitude of effectiveness of elemental weapons in general. you mention the flame swords, but, even late in the game, all of them are great given how quickly they can kill mobs in many situations (i.e. arrow combos, shock traps, freeze/break combos, etc).

  32. You could've simply used those weapons and realized that the game constantly throws equal or better weapons at your feet at a faster rate than you lose them on average.

  33. i dont hate it but i wish it was more akin to a FALLOUT style of durability. Id rather hae to keep it sharpened to keep the damage at 100% than have it break on me in the mist of combat.

  34. Having played many top down zeldas an TWP I can say I hate the durability aspect. It can be fun buy I hate having to always manage my weapons for the fights I take on its just tedious I want a trusty reliable sword and shield that won't break after 5min

  35. I both like and dislike the feature. I like having to cycle through different weapons throughout the game rather than just finding a good one and using it forever. However, the unique weapons you get from the story, like Mipha's trident, or Daruk's stone breaker, or Urbosa's scimitar, I end up never using them because I don't want to break them, so for those I put them in Link's house in Hateno. The fact that I don't feel like I can enjoy those weapons is frustrating, there should be some kind of repair mechanic, or an easy way to get those weapons back at a later time.

  36. I love that they have durability but I too feel like the durability is set too low. I get ancient battle-axes ++ from guardians and use them for maybe 6 swings and then boom it breaks.

  37. It's a good mechanic, sure, but I think the general consensus is that it needs a bit of tuning. Because of the fear of your favorite weapon breaking, some weapons will sit in your inventory for the rest of your adventure and never get used, and the existence of a powerful weapon that regenerates after breaking is a bit of a copout. Some more lenience with the longevity of the weapons along with a means of repairing a weapon would go a long way.

  38. Or even if it would give you a weapon health bar or literally anything, I like to know if I’m about to break my badass sword more than two hits before

  39. My stance on it is that you're going to get more, better weapons as the game goes on and its the responsibility of the player to not be precious with their weapons and use them wisely. I think its an important part of item management and that adds to the experience for me.

  40. I modded the game to have unlimited durability, and still loved exploring everything! It gave me the freedom to do what I wanted with my weapons, without worrying about having back-ups beforehand. No more hoarding, which led to me having a wider variety of weapons in my inventory, which in turn led to me using a wider variety of weapons. I could do things like match my weapon to my outfit. It also saved me time because I no longer wanted, or mentally needed, to go out and gather copies of weapons I liked. Did it make some of the weapon rewards redundant? Sure, but aren't they kinda redundant anyway? Almost every weapon can be found somewhere else. In the end, it just made the game much more enjoyable for me. To others who have played both modded and vanilla, what do you think?

  41. Tried the same thing and I hated it. There’s literally no point to ever properly think about what weapon or tactic would be the most efficient way to deal with a camp. You can easily just keep using that 100+ damage lynel crusher and just keep using the same ground slam into spin attack combo on anything.

  42. I’d prefer the Fallout model where weapons lose durability over time but can be repaired using other weapons in its class or raw materials.

  43. Yep I completely agree. I've always thought it was an interesting way of forcing a bit of gameplay variety while simultaneously incentivizing exploring and clearing camps.

  44. Of course you'll die on that hill, all your weapons fucking broke while yoy were climbing it and now have to fight of a lynel with a stick. HATE weapon durability, especially when it's as low as it is. I'd rather it worked the way it does in Witcher where things can be repaired when damaged and do greatly reduced damage when at 0 durability

  45. I like the durability system too I just think it needs a few tweaks. For one, give weapons more durability. Give every weapon like 50-75% more durability. Also weapons should have a durability meter. Let me know exactly how much longer the weapon can be used for so I know which ones I can drop for newer weapons.

  46. I absolutely love it. Forces a small element of randomness and flexibility cause of the weapons breaking. Though it’s a bit difficult at the start. But late game, I’d purposely break my weapons to give myself more variability in playing. I find myself having an inventory of almost all royal swords at times

  47. Same OP. I like this mechanic for the ironic reason: It forced my hands. BOTW was my first ever open world game. I mostly played sim games and MMORPG so you can imagine, I’m not used to be on my own. I didn’t know where to go and I kept hiding and do small run in near the village, but then my weapons broke. I had to force myself to travel around and kill more enemies to get more weapons and arrows. This mechanic alone helped me to get over my own scare of the unknown and began to enjoy the exploration.

  48. Totally agree! Otherwise, people will just find one good weapon and keep using it the entire time, thereby defeating the entire purpose of having all kinds of different weapons.

  49. true, most of the challenges in this game is built around the durability mechanic. eventide island shows the player how much they can accomplish even with an empty inventory. Weapons are pretty much everywhere on that island just like in the entire hyrule.

  50. It’s how unbalanced the mechanic feels that is the issue. Weapons just degrade too quickly for it too feel fun.

  51. I think people somehow try to talk themselves into thinking weapons breaking is a good thing. It's not game breaking but it's definitely annoying and detracts from enjoyment. I play other games, Skyrim and stuff like that, and the thought that you wish your weapon would break so you can use something else never occurs to you.

  52. What shocked me about the BOTW approach is how it seemed so shallow. Item wear mechanics can add an extra layer of strategy if done well, and doing it well is not difficult. Even 15-20 year old open world RPGs like Morrowind and various Fallout games had weapon wear and repair mechanics that worked great (even if not everyone loved them), yet BOTW has this clunky mechanic where weapons break after like 10-20 swings and you can't repair them. As a result, you have to start cramming your inventory with 'good' weapons that you will never use because you don't want to waste them. That was a bad design choice when it was common for games back in the mid 90s, and it's super bad for a game from 2017.

  53. I don’t mind it, they just need to be more durable. Master mode is fucking impossible for me because of the durability bs the strength of the enemies. It’s basically a stealth game at that point.

  54. I just wish it scaled some when it Master Mode. I enjoy the more difficult content and tougher enemies, but feel like this mechanic makes me skips more fights.

  55. Only thing I don’t like about it is the weapons/shields that are limited supply. I like the look of the forest dweller’s sword but I broke 2/3 before learning that I’m on the last one possible in a non-master mode game. Forces me to hoard something when otherwise I’m happy to cycle through favourites knowing I’ll eventually find another

  56. As a resident evil fan, it's one of those love hate things. If there was a RE game with unlimited ammo in regular gameplay it would likely take away alot from the immersion factor

  57. I agree and you come across so many weapons everywhere anyway. And the master sword will replenish. I’ll be on that hill with you

  58. I'm with you on this one. Instead of just having the master sword or an Lynox super mega death crusher 9000 that o.e shots everything, I actually have to look for stuff.

  59. Agreed. If we didn't have weapon durability, we'd probably just have a couple go-to weapons like in a bunch of the other games, and acquiring enemies' weapons wouldn't be as much of a thing. Beating a moblin to death with his own wooden spoon is now one of life's simple pleasures, and I credit the durability concept for that.

  60. Hear hear. I also can’t get enough of the “climb everywhere but stamina is limited” mechanic. Can’t say how much that put the joy back in exploration for me, as opposed to your Assassin’s Creeds and your Horizons where you push up and wait

  61. People act like you can’t pick up weapons left and right, and if you keep finding Korok seeds you’ll have plenty of inventory space. I’ll usually have like 5 of the weapons I like, like royal broadswords, lizal tri boomerangs, and elemental weapons, and if they break I have back ups and it’s not hard to find replacements

  62. I got used to the durability mechanic. BUT the one change I would have wanted about it was seeing some sort of gauge or percentage of how much durability was left. I found it frustrating to have a bunch of weapons, go to fight a strong enemy, only to find out the hard way that every weapon I had only had like 2 hits left each. And I don't mean when it flashes red. I mean inventory shows it's fine and bam. One hit it's red. Next hit it explodes.

  63. It also makes you not be able to carry around the OP weapon for your entire game, it actually gives you a challenge when your weapon starts to break and you need to find something new. I also love how it doesn’t show how much durability it has left.

  64. Early game it really works well, finding a slightly more durable weapon is s big deal that could mean the difference between life and death.

  65. I like it, but I wish there were blacksmiths to repair those weapons you really love, you know. Like, have a blacksmith at stables and populations, pay some rupees, get it fixed, and off to adventuring again.

  66. I think the main "problem" with the mechanic, if you can call it that, is that it goes against people's instincts. There's so many commented saying it forces them to hoard weapons or waste good ones on pointless tasks, but that's the point. No weapon in the game is actually precious. It's counter intuitive but if you use the weapons whenever you need them and explore a reasonable amount you end up with more than you know what to do with. I'm not even that far through the game, but I already have map markers for places to go get some stronger weapons if I really want to. The same goes for meals. If you save all your useful meals you end up with loads of stat boosts you don't need for whatever you're doing that are wasting slots that could be used for the ones you do need.

  67. Hate it. Hate hate hate it so much that after my first playthrough I went through the enormous amount of effort to hack my switch and install a mod that disables it (plus a few other smaller visual changes like turning off the divine beasts lasers).

  68. I have this awesome weapon. Can't use it tho or I have to grind to replace it when it breaks like a POS. Why have cool weapons if you just junk them? It encourages using the master sword for everything and is broken junk.

  69. Any other game with weapon variety incetivizes using them by making them fun to use. Durability was a cheap cop out for filling chests.

  70. It's one of the most important parts of the game. I would absolutely never pick up a tree branch if i have better weapons, but I will, if only to throw it once, to save a little durability. Super fun mechanic.

  71. I think it's a great mechanic but weapons need a little bit more durability and finding Hestu should be a quest marker or something along those lines.

  72. The game would not be the same without the durability mechanic. I really don’t understand why people hate it so much. If anything I wish there were more survival mechanics like hunger.

  73. The problem is that it also punishes exploration, because if you're full up on weapons you're disincentivized from finding and opening chests. If they are going to keep the weapon durability then they should also add a way for you to store extra weapons you find. Or make it so if you open a weapon chest and are full on weapons, the weapon goes back on the chest so you can come back later

  74. I love weapon durability too and think it’s vital to the game. My one issue with it, is that I don’t think it scales appropriately.

  75. I am perfectly fine with it. No strong opinions or feelings in either direction towards this mechanic. Not my favorite aspect of BOTW- nor my least favorite. If I am complaining about something in BOTW, this would not be it.

  76. I’m on this hill with you. It teaches you to use different tools for different situations. You need to improvise sometimes. It’s great.

  77. I completely agree, searching around for new powerful weapons is one of my favorite parts of the game and you can go through your old weapons in the process.

  78. It’s not bad at all in my opinion. If I had a giant flaming sword or a wand that shot ice all the time I don’t think they’d be quite as fun or interesting. I’ve had weapons that would get low on durability and I’d save for a harder battle or just a different situation, but there’s no weapon I’ve found that I’ve thought, “I need to have this weapon on me 24/7.” Makes it a pleasant little thing when I find something cool from just wandering around.

  79. yes, I agree. A system where I'm encouraged to use a bunch of garbage swords so that I don't break my good weapons (because it can't be repaired) is an incredible system.

  80. You are absolutely correct. The problem is that weapon durability is a mechanic that caters to players who are better at the game. Zelda generally has a very casual audience, so most people never think to do proper inventory management.

  81. The problem is that the scarcity invokes my hoarding mentality. So I never enjoy the weapons because I refuse to use the good ones.

  82. Agreed, my only complaint is it really limits what you can do during certain portions of the game, like you can be super good like me and be able to kill a lynel without getting hit, but your weapons all break before it dies if you are too early into the game, other than that, I love the system

  83. I 800,000,000% agree with you. I've always felt that since the game came out. I think the people who really complained about the durability system either didn't play the game for more than 2 or 3 hours and never really got to see how you are constantly replenishing your broken weapons with new and different ones or they just refuse to accept the mechanic. Lots of people let it ruin the game for them. I don't think the durability system deserved anywhere near the backlash it got, though. People are just way to impatient.

  84. I join you on that hill! It's essential and I hope they keep it. I liked having to use a wide variety of weapons.

  85. I mean it’s annoying but the game would be really silly without it considering the amount of weapons. In past Zelda games you just had the sword and shield, maybe a bow later on. There’s so many different variations of weapons in the game so of course durability needs to be a thing

  86. It is a beautiful mechanic. My only issue is that they didn’t do more with it. There is so much resource gathering in the game, let me upgrade my weapons or at least do something cool with them.

  87. it's not really fun to go through 3 weapons in one fight. they need more durability, I ended up avoiding fights because of it, the exact opposite of incentivizing you

  88. I would agree, if there was a way to repair weapons, without having to break them and then refind them (maybe if like with the champion weapons, you have to have certain materials that scale with the weapon)

  89. I generally like the weapon durability system, but I do wish that we could enhance the champion weapons. Make it resource heavy, and the final enhancement makes them unbreakable, but not as strong as lynel/royal guard weapons and with no added effects so exploring is still rewarded. I just think it would be nice narratively to keep the champion weapons relevant, and also make it feel like there are more rewards to completing the sacred beasts. Also, I just feel like the weapons of the champions should be higher tier. Maybe they got damaged over 100 years and needed to be fixed up.

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