1. Funny enough I'm in the opposite. I got that Brawl Pass, but I barely use that skin. I however love the Eyepatch Shelly as it shows her as a Badass Veteran of the Game.

  2. Panda nita and maybe bandita shelly Panda nita: i have whale watch Bandita shelly: she looks cool but doesn’t have anything else

  3. Street ninja tara. I was trying to save for the brawl pass but then i got tara and her skin popped up in the shop. It looked super cool so i couldnt resist buying it

  4. Can't agree, I think Tara has some of the best skins in the game, with the only others being Crow and Bo. I also use it with the random skin selection with the Misfortune Tara skin.

  5. I bought sleepy sandy thinking pressing the buy button would question me first whether I'd buy it or not like some other games

  6. I'll tell you several: Linebacker Bull, College Emz, Red Wizard Barley, Outlaw Colt, Pink Piper, the list can go on.

  7. My dumbass bought el rey primo for 150 gems before it was even remodeled to make it at least a bit more worth it lmao

  8. Zombibi, don't get me wrong, I love bibi and this skin but I should've saved the gems for future brawl passes

  9. I regret buying the Season 5 brawl pass in general - Ronin Ruffs just looks weird and I don't like it and Ruff's pins in general are just not good compared to other chromatic's pins

  10. College emz, pink piper. First one is literally so ugly, the second one is literally just a recolor

  11. I bought rockstar colt instead of golden rico before remodel and didn’t have gems to get both…OGs will know the pain of this choice

  12. I bought King Lou (by progressing with gems in the season pass) and probably phoenix crow on an account I didn't have Supercell ID on. That account is now lost to the shadow realm.

  13. True gold Emz. Idk why I have it, I don't even have super fan Emz. I shoulda saved up for true gold Nani because she doesn't have any skins, and Sally Nani sucks.

  14. sally leon. i could have bought trick or treat leon, literally anything but I bought that skin(i already had dino leon)

  15. Rouge mortis (i hate mortis, i hate rouge mortis even more) dark tide carl and shadow knight jessie (just a week after i bought both of these i got better skins, biker carl and cat burglar jessie, wasted my starpoints)

  16. I wanted to see if there was a question like "do you really want to buy it," so I got black bea without knowing there is no warning

  17. Vicious bibi. I tried to get the skin via the challenge when I first came out, not knowing she would just be in the shop after. After buying some extra lives and failing, the sunk-cost fallacy made me get her in the shop

  18. Sakura spike and loaded rico (before the remodel when it only costed 30 gems). There is nothing wrong with them, I just never use them because I don't use skins in general. I bought them because I was at the point where I was maxed and had enough boxes to instantly max out any new brawler. I didn't know about a brawlpass coming in the future, or the devs more than doubeling the amount of gold and powerpoints needed to max out a brawler at that point so I thought why not?

  19. Panda Nita (I think it was called like that?) I don't even know why I bought it in the first place + I don't use Nita that much tbh

  20. Yea i bought white crow before remodel and hated it so i bought mecha crow for 300 gems now i regret buying mecha crow and also bought that valentine poco for 149 gems ( I forgor name 💀 ) and i bought true silver Shelly and koala Nita, mascot Darryl ( bought before the futuristic Darryl skin ( I also forgor 💀 something like d4rryl or something )

  21. I bought rogue mortis back in season 3, I had enough gems to buy the brawl pass but my dumbass brain thought having (what at the time was the best mortis skin) will be cool, the worst part is I dont play mortis anymore, now I live in regret for buying it instead of trixie colette ;-;

  22. Bunny Penny. I bought it when it showed up on the menu screen. Back when Skins where on sale on first release :D I liked penny before and she was my main, but not so much now. and like the other comment said, a better version of that skin came out for star points. I'm hoping the remodel changes my feeling about the skin.

  23. Logmas spike cuz I could have bought virus 8-bit. Don't get me wrong, I like the skin but I'm pissed that I thought I had enough gems to buy virus 8-bit.

  24. Money Heist (Handsome) Colt until there wasn't random skin selection option I mean... I liked the show, and Colt-main at that time, but already had Corsair, the star-point one and True Silver, among the OG one. Still bought it, and now I don't regret it (although I haven't played the game for a while now)

  25. Hog rider carl. Liked it at first but eventually I just started to dislike it and Bought Captain Carl because I prefer that skin

  26. College emz, outlaw colt and superstar stu, those are just recolors for brawlers, that look ugly might I add, but I don't regret buying superstar stu as much, but it's the reason I lost the coc challenge

  27. I bought that lame green Jacky skin, besides that, the entire Colette pass was a waste since I don't like playing Colette and it came with the worst Poco skin. Colette skin is nice though, character just hasn't been great.

  28. Golden Barley, I liked it at first but after buying unicorn knight Barley I realized its way better and never used Golden Barley again

  29. That Leonard Carl Skin, I thought brawl stars had the option - " Do you want to purchase this skin?" but sadly it doesn't have that so... I spent alll my saved up gems which I could have used to buy brawl pass

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