1. It was toss up between Kevin and Sheldon for me. They're both crazy good. And Doug and Dale definitely deserve a lot of credit. Dale went out too early both seasons IMO and Doug just had the misfortune of going up against some strong competitors. Would love to see him again

  2. I’d give Angelo a shout out, he would have demolished Kevin if he wasn’t sick and if the sous chefs had been fair. Getting Michael Voltaggio fresh off his season win…whew.

  3. I think people just forget Kevin exists. Kevin wasn't a particularly memorable character in a fairly unmemorable season. And in this unmemorable season, Kevin never once affected the plot of anything. Other contestants who are often mentioned as undeserving winners were main characters in their seasons, but Kevin spends the first half of the season as Kenny's sidekick and then fades more into the background after Kenny's elimination (and I don't think that's an edit, I think that was just the reality of the situation).

  4. I almost put Angelo as well. Kevin definitely didn't deserve the win over him. Same with Hosea. Angelo and Stefan should be top chef

  5. Dang OP- I opened this to basically type your list. I feel like Tiffany Faison got super screwed in her season, but she’s so successful now I don’t mind.

  6. I think your list is pretty spot-on. I might add Carrie Baird from season 15 — I was convinced she was going to win the season when she went on that tear towards the end, and she went out on a great dish that was only slightly less good than the others that week

  7. Antonia, by far. Especially after Mike being her long lost cousin. The worst possible happy/sad ending.

  8. Always thought about the ones I'd love to taste their food and strangely most of them weren't winners. Here's my list

  9. If I could eat the finale meals of 5 non-winners, they would be Bryan V., Nina, Gregory, Shirley, and Evelyn. Honorable mentions to Antonia, Stefan, Sheldon, and Doug

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