1. I like to think of it as The universes way of adjusting the scales. She is stunningly beautiful so she can’t also be a good dresser.

  2. She looks like she walked off the set of the finale in the Lizzie McGuire movie, and I say that as a compliment because my 7yo self would be so into this lol

  3. Please so true I fell out of my chair when someone tweeted “So Gizelle can hire a bodyguard but not a good stylist”😂

  4. I mean… I wouldn’t even rank this in the top 5 of Gizelle’s worst confessional hair. It’s making me nostalgic. 😂

  5. Right, like I KNOW Karen isn’t speaking after she had Fizgig from The Dark Crystal on her head. And let’s not forget the white, balloon sleeved monstrosity that made her boobs look painfully awkward.

  6. Also, unrelated to my previous comment but I just want to say I'm so happy to see the uptick in Potomac posts because it means the new season is almost here!

  7. I like to think she’s playing us all by leaning into the “worst dressed” trope. I love it for us and I love it for her 💕 always my RHOP fave 🌸

  8. Karen Huger isn't gonna understand that trashy 2000's fashion, even the chunky highlights, are super in with TikTok teens. Honestly all this dragging when this hair would not look out of place on TikTok

  9. Same. I rocked a red, blonde and brown chunky highlight look for my early ‘00s high school senior pic. No regrets.

  10. I just want her to do an all platinum blonde look so bad, we were so close. She looked STUNNING in the s6 finale when like half of her hair was platinum blond? Like the look was weird but the platinum hair color looked so good on her.

  11. I just don’t understand how they landed here with this hair. Is it Cal? At this point just be his friend and let this styling relationship go.

  12. Ya I think Cal is stil her stylist but it’s so true the lines between those relationship get so blurred😂

  13. The fact that she has her own taste is FUN. If she just became another Erika or dorit (like many seem to want), it’d be so disappointing and utterly boring. She entertains us with her quips AND her looks, a truly iconic HW!!

  14. Exactly. So many people have talked crap about her style and she still stays true what she likes and owns it 👑

  15. Gizelle is so beautiful, and her fashions kinda match her humor. But why she decides to sport a zebra's ass on her head I don't know.

  16. They are in dire need Candiace would elevate their shade so much. “No we don’t” what a gem i’m deceased.

  17. Forget the hair, is anyone talking about this interior "design?" Look at that one tall, fluffy pillow in the middle, I think it's trying to escape

  18. They hate the fact that Gizelle is drop dead fucking gorgeous naturally and can outshine every single one of them, “tacky” and all. Now check that!!

  19. Gizelle is very pretty and no one can refute that but she does have horrible fashion choices i’m sorry😫

  20. I can feel the down votes already but I think what Gizelle wears has been the only thing I’ve consistently like about her. I don’t get it. This look? It’s cool! I like the red, I like the material. The hair isn’t necessarily my favorite but I’m not offended by it. Does Candiace have room to talk? Her pfp looks like she’s trying to escape a stalk of purple celery.

  21. This look is fire. Idk what Candiace is on about with those edge ripping, reaching ass, stiff ass ponytails she keeps wearing. Don’t get Nicki to make you sing again guuuurl.

  22. Well her skunk hair matches Robyn’s disastrous cheetah print hair from the Season 5 reunion. She’s joining good company.

  23. I feel like Giselle, and Robyn to a certain extent, lived their heyday in the late 90s and early 00s and have therefore never been able to fully shake that aesthetic.

  24. "The network has a responsibility" is a stroke of genius. Leads you down this serious route before you turn the corner and get mugged by shade

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